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  1. Wow, I've got the same processor. The max voltage I use is 1.5, but I've read somewhere that for AMD64, recommend max voltage would be 1.6/1.65 on air cooling. If you use water you can go higher, though. As for temperatures, below 50C is recommended.
  2. Well, my new PSU is installed, and nothing much really changed regarding the Vcore. Now only the cooler left. On the good side, I was able to get prime stable 10x250 with lower vcore, hopefully I'll be able to go further. One thing I notice is that 2600mhz always goes past 50 C when running Prime, no matter what the settings are. Maybe it's just a temperature issue, so I hope.. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  3. OMG, but seems like your 3000+ Venice can reach heights my 3500+ can't think of. IS that just bad luck, or just OCZ golds?
  4. Hi guys, I OC'ed my 3500+ to 10x250, it's pretty much stable right now, after running Prime95 for like 8 hours. Vcore is 1.5 and Dram is 2.8 But I wanted more, I tried 11x250 but even after raising vcore to 1.55 it wouldn't pass Prime, sometimes not even boot properly, giving me BSOD. I tried two 3500+ I had here, but it's the same story with both. Should I just wait for my Thermaltake Big Typhoon and then raise the Vcore as much as this baby wants, or it's not a wise thing to do? What's the recommended max vcore value when Aircooling?
  5. I use Ballistix PC3200 2x512. My settings are 2-2-2-8, maybe even 6 or 5. The voltages can range from 2.6 to 2.8. I suggest you try lower, then raise it if needed.
  6. Thanks angry games, I shall try these tonight. I've got a stable 250x10 using 1.45+110% vcore @ 2.5-4-4-10. Anyway, when I raise it to 260x10 or even 250x10.5 or 250x11, I can't go past Prime95. I even raised vcore a bit to see how it went, I confess I went up to 1.67v, which i really don't know if is safe, 1.35+123% or something like that. I have another 3500+ here, still sealed. I'm also waiting for my Thermaltake Big Typhoon to arrive. Maybe I have a processor bad for OCing? Should I try this other processor?
  7. Tried 10x260 @ 3-3-3-6 using 2.8v for DRAM, 1.7v for CPU and failed Prime, altough I made it thru SuperPI... Followed your advice and used auto on most settings. Maybe a cooler botteneck?
  8. Hi, Thanks for the imput, I'll try this. Are your ballistix 400mhz? And do you leave all other dram settings on auto?
  9. Hi, I'm overclocking my computer, things will get better when I get my new cooler and PSU though. I was wondering if those who has the Ballistix+DFI Ultra-D combo could give me tips on configuring DRAM settings in the BIOS, including voltages... I saw a review once, in Techgage, and here's what the reviewer came up with: 2-2-2-6 @ 2.5v / 200MHz, DDR400, 2.0GHz 1.5-2-2-6 @ 2.5v / 200MHz, DDR400, 2.0GHz 2-2-2-6 @ 2.8v / 218MHz, DDR436, 2.4GHz 1.5-2-2-6 @ 2.8v / 218MHz, DDR436, 2.4GHz 2.5-3-3-6 @ 2.8v / 229MHz, DDR458, 2.521GHz 2.5-2-3-6 @ 2.9v / 270MHz, DDR540, 2.7GHz 2.5-4-4-10 @ 3.2v / 260MHz, DDR520, 2.85GHz (CPU Bottleneck) 2.5-4-4-10 @ 3.2v / 280MHz, DDR561, 2.80GHz (Possibly not-so-stable, CPU Bottleneck) Also, should I just change these settings and leave the rest at the optimized defaults? Or should I set them to auto or something? BTW, I tried some of the settings recommend by the reviewer and they didn't work.
  10. Hi, Are you sure about that? Because I was using Crucial Ballistix 2x512mb @ 400mhz. Since I have 4 sticks, I replaced those causing the crash for new units. The same settings are being used in the BIOS, but only the first pair causes the aforementioned errors. I even tried to relax the settings for the first pair, with no positive results whatsoever. Thanks for the imput, help is apreciated. ANyway, I will RMA the sticks.
  11. Hi, Remember I oc'ed my 3500 to 2640mhz? Using 11x240 and 10x264... Anyway, my system was stable before, and when I resetted the OC settings, 2200mhz, my system kept crashing while playing Counter Strike SOurce. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. So, I replaced my memory sticks and realized they were the problem. But they were fine before! Now I can't even run the bad modules in the system default. Can my OC have damaged my memory sticks? Excuse me for my bad english =D
  12. OMG, I was using the bottom slot, since the top one blocks the chipset fan... ROFL, I'll try to change it now, see if it works. The damn manual lists both as 16x PCI-E. I've been getting lots of BSOD while playing Counter Strike Source, IRQL error to be more specific. Thanks for the imput, will help me alot, I guess.
  13. Hi folks, I'm having some video problems here, memory error during Counter Strike Source. I tried lots of things, and when browsing the Display setup under control panel, I found out in the GEForce 6800 tab under Advanced that my BUS is reported as Pci Express x2. I'm using the x16 slot in the DFI Lanparty nf4 Ultra-D. What can I do to correct this, is there something on the Bios? Or should I go for the other x16 slot? Thanks
  14. hmm, I tested 260 x 10 stable, but 250 x 11 is still giving me problems. I get windows error right after posting, so I guess this is not a memory issue since I run it at 260 with stability. What could it be?
  15. hmm, that's exactly what I'm getting... memory problem may be solved by raising the voltages? I haven't gotten to 3.2 yet memory wise... omg, i gotta wait my new psu and cooler =D
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