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  1. Thanks again for everybodys help. Really appreciate it..
  2. k I used the link RGone sent me, and I also used my non-USB Floppy Drive and it's working now. Not sure what fixed it, if it's the new Driver or the Non-USB Floppy Drive..
  3. Not sure what you mean. Do I need a Windows XP Sp2 CD? Cause that's what I have
  4. Yes Im using the same Floppy Disk
  5. I'm trying to install Windows on this Raid 0 setup, so I press F6 I specify the driver (I've tried multiple version from the one you get from the dfi website to the one you get from nvidia) format the drive, and right after I format the drive. I get prompted to "Insert the Disk Labeled: NVIDIA RAID DRIVER (SCSI) into drive A: Press Enter when Ready. Ofcourse I've done this multiple times and Im running out of ideas. Can someone please help? Thanks, Adee
  6. Oh and I get this in my Event Viewer a lot when OCed, An error was detected on device DeviceHarddisk1D during a paging operation.
  7. My SATA Controller or Hard Drive tends to hang when overclocked, and Windows takes 2 minutes to boot up.. I'm using the 1st 2 SATA, is there a fix for this? Or I just can't OC when using SATA..
  8. You have 2 PCI-E slot... Put your Video Card in PCI-E Slot #3
  9. I've run it with memtest and passed it at 15 hours doing all the tests.
  10. That's what Im saying though... You shouldnt have to reinstall OS just cause you went to Dual Channel... You shouldn't have to clear CMOS and setup RAM again just cause your SURGE PROTECTOR went bad... Seems like a lil wind blows on the motherboard and you gotta change everything... Reset CMOS, for 15 seconds.. 30 seconds..... 8 minutes... 15.... 8 hours... How ridiculous is that?
  11. I betcha if you put it on the 2nd slot it'll work without a problem.
  12. Sure the motherboard can overclock like no other, but it seems like a simple reboot a week or 2 from now will render your system useless. Atleast that's what Im reading from most of you guys. Did I buy a fast motherboard that's as unreliable as an ECS motherboard?
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