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  1. I burned the ISO image to a CD but it won't boot from the CD (yes I set it in the BIOS ). Im using Roxio CD/DVD editor.
  2. 2.8, ballistix will catch on fire at 2.9 lol. they get really hot even with active cooling (which I am using)
  3. Ok, and now were back to 312x9 1.475v lol
  4. its relaxed to its max, 3-4-4-10. Any more and it will not post. And also note it is on a 166 divider so it is running below spec.
  5. Ok, update. I'm having the exact same problem at 300x9 now. I've got no idea what is going on now. Maybe a memory issue? They are stable in memtest but obviously stability tests mean nothing atm.
  6. I'm using 6/23 -3. But 311 wasnt stable either so i brought back down to 300 at 1.475v. Stable again, played EQ2 for about 2 hours with no problems. Just can't understand why it would go sour after a long time of stability.
  7. Ok, I have this strange thing happening. I have been running 312x9 on 1.475 v, 166 divider, 3-4-4-10, rock solid, 18hrs Prime stable. Now, the part I can't make sense of: it runs without a hiccup for a week, but today when I boot up EQ2 or BF2, it crashes. I bump the volts up to 1.5v. Work perfectly again. Few hours later, crash. Bump up to 1.525 and so on till 1.55v. At this point instability (when I say instability, I mean it won't do the verify DMI pool data thing, just sits there for a few seconds then reboots) I'm really scratching my head. So, I go back to the BIOS change the setting 311x9 and 1.475 v again. And here I am at Windows Now, I havent tried a game yet so I don't know what will happen yet, I'll keep this updated. But can anyone make sense of this?
  8. Nah, not my board, another guys board that he just got. Do need to update that sig tho, the poor 148 is dead now :sad:
  9. For Dual Cores, I know a BIOS upgrade is needed for support. My question is the will I just be able to boot and flash a new BIOS or will a BIOS that supports DC need to be installed in order to boot?
  10. Nah still doesnt work. The only two things that could relate to this problem is that I sanded down the raised part of the socket and some dust got into the socket holes. Another thing that could have caused it is that I booted up with closing the lever arm on the socket :eek: But I don't know whether or not those have caused the problems. I removed the IHS off my Opteron and the proc seems to be working fine, runs benches and games without a hiccup, but something else is causing the problem.
  11. Ok my computer started getting wierd today. I turned it on, power came but no POST. So, I reset my CMOS and it worked again, I edited the BIOS and it rebooted, no POST. I reset the CMOS again and didnt edit the BIOS and made it into windows. I then rebooted to see if I could get into BIOS, but it didnt POST. It seems locked in an endless cycle of CMOS reset. I've tried mem modules in every slot to see if they will work and it is the same result each time. Any thoughts?
  12. Does the Storm or Apogee sit flat on a IHS-less core?
  13. BIM2 wont be enough but you can do it with a BIX or BIP2.
  14. Tatts: Im using everything auto except 3-4-4-8 and its on a 180 divider.
  15. I got mine to 3ghz with ease Waiting on a new pump tho to push it higher. Why is it that these optys like dividers? my ballistixs wouldnt go at 1:1 but at 9:10 it worked fine. Any they will do way over 300mhz.
  16. K i think I will do that. Does AMD or Newegg do swaps?
  17. Yea, no gains on 6/23 -2. Hmmmm wonder if its worth not having a comp for a week to RMA to get a different proc.
  18. Hmmm ill give the 623 -2 BIOS a shot, mayb that one will OC better than than the 704
  19. This 3500+ clawwy doesnt seem to want to OC very well. I have volts cranked way up to 1.550x113% and even as high as 1.5x126% but it won't do anything higher than 2.6ghz stable. Any ideas what I could do to hit at least 2700? Dividers didnt do anything.
  20. Im down to 2750 at 1.75v but its not SuperPi, OCCT, or Prime stable, but it is 3DMark and video game stable.
  21. yay! made it into windows at 280x10 with 1.475x123% volts. gonna run Prime 95 over night
  22. Yea passed stable at 166 with 1.75v, gonna bring it back to 200 and try again.
  23. No go on the 180 divider :/ Anymore ideas?
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