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    Best Bios for DFI NF3 Lanparty Ultra-d?

    To to the taiwan website not the US one to get the latest bios. Honestly the 7/11 seems to be the only stable bios i have found. I really wish i could get cool n quiet working on my system but the december 2005 bios keeps my system from booting to windows unless all the settings are reset to the lowest settings.
  2. I moved back to 7/11 because my machine would not even post if i changed bios setting with the newest bios. I hate playing the change lock up, remove battery cycle.
  3. z3razerviper

    dfi nf3 ultra-d problems!!!

    mine does this when I set timing to T1 or auto(on some older bios revs)
  4. z3razerviper

    I am getting random reboots in Games

    I downgraded the bios to the previous rev and things seem to be working now. I will update you with more info next week after I have more time to test.
  5. z3razerviper

    I am getting random reboots in Games

    I am doing no overclocking and Cool 'n' quiet is disabled already.
  6. This is happening in HL2 and Doom 3 can anyone tell me where I sould start?
  7. I did not have time to read every post but have you truned off fast writes in the bios that solved my stuttering problems.
  8. z3razerviper

    Very slow posting

    My LANPARTY UT nF3 ULTRA-D takes almost 40 seconds from the time I hit power till it even starts to post. I have no idea why and had not had time to investigate yet.
  9. What Jumper. I dont see one on that mainboard.
  10. I did know now a jumper existed for that but I have disabled that option in the bios.
  11. I have a a couple of PS2 keyboards that are acting strange when hooked to this board. Basically when I shut down all the keyboard lights light up and stay lit. However when I turn on the computer again the lights stay lit and the keyboard still does not work. To fix it I have to remove all power from the pc. Its wierd because right before this happens the PC powers down then the lights blink for a few seconds and then just light up and stay lit. I have tried 2 of these boards and it happens on both.