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  1. oh forgot to mention, it's 512 x 2 sticks, make any difference u reckon? And you used the yellow slots yeah? (not that it matters, same errors in orange or yellow d'oh!) TY madwelsh
  2. cheers bud, guess it's a few more dvd's to watch while I try these out, reckon it's worth getting latest bios? Also If I get latest bios, that means all my cmos reloaded settings are history right? TY mate Madwelsh
  3. Right I'm having my nut done in by this stuff. I've tried all possible combinations and can't for the life of me get them stable in dual channel. I can get both running @ 250+ 2-2-2-6 when they are single sticks.. as soon as I stick them in together, always errors on test 7 of memtest.. not convergent in round on superpi too :/ They are at 3.5, volts both have same number on them, but one is purple heatspreader, other is silver.. Does this mean they are not a matched pair? I spoke to eldonko (the mushkin rep), he pmed me the correct settings for this ram, it works as I say if i just stick one stick in np, for hrs and hrs, yet in dual channel, test 5 about 95% errors or test 7 loads.. it always the same spot on the memory too, if that helps.. I've been sat testing this while watching tele etc for a good 20hrs, anyone can post their settings if they are using this ram with this motherboard? TY Madwelsh
  4. Hi there, I have a dfi sli-d mboard, I also have the gskill 4800 ram, I'm having all sorts of problems with random crashes.. I'm trying to run at 2.5-4-4-8 @ 1T with 300mhz.. I'm sure there was a section on here relating to the timings for this ram and board, alas the search function on this forum thinks that the words i put in are too plentiful!!! Someone post a link to a site where i can get this info??? TY in advance
  5. I bought one of these: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_Akasa.html I then used the original screws with the new blue fan, voila, works like a charm, looks nice, and best of all is quiet!!! A travesty that dfi can get away with selling the motherboard in this condition, lets be honest, this problem has been well documented from the start. You'd think DFI would have done something, even if it was providing a better quality fan in a seperate pack sealed in the box with the motherboard. As it is, it's one of them no-brainers which just makes you want to scream
  6. Hi there, getting rid of this board finally, just wondering a small thing, how in the hell do you get a divider on this board? I go to dram options and then it has an option 2nd from the top ummm 'max ram frequency' with 100, 133, 166, and 200, or auto. If I set the fsb to 300 and then set the max ram frequency to 200, system still hangs.. I've never enjoyed using this board tbh, way too finnicky, glad I took the jump to the sli-d, loads better clocking options in the bios, also the fan on the motherboard is universally accepted by every owner to be the shoddiest motherboard component in pc history. Needing to be able to use the divider so I can finally sell this and never have to think about it again TY
  7. Hi there, just got a dfi nf4 sli-D off a mate at work, I'm using gskill 4800 2x 512, an opty 146, x1800xt and I'm stuck I have the board on my testing bench, (learnt too many times about sticking it straight into the case lol) basically after I power on, lights count down to the last light, but it never goes out, all fans spin, including the g card, but once the red lights reach one left, all the fans appear to go to idle (like 2% power). I get no picture on screen, so obviously can't check bios All components work 100% as they have been tested in an alternative system. The psu is an enermax liberty, and all 4 power connectors are connected up. I've tried resetting cmos, for upto an hr lol, removing battery, tried safe boot etc.. Running out of ideas fast.. anyone got some suggestions? I've had a look at the threads on here for an hr or two and tried most things, eg 1 stick of ram in dimm 2.. HEEELLLPPPPP TY
  8. question for all you nf3 ultra geezers.. right I got my system at 3.1 ghz give or take a few mhz, thing is, in winxp, in the systray I have an icon for 'safely removing device' this is normal if u use a flash pen etc, what's getting me is it shows up all the time, and when I click it, there's my two raided raptors lol.. It doesn't really bother me, but my missus uses a flash pen for her uni work, if she accidently 'safely removed hardware', ie one of the raptors, I think it could cause a major problem!!! Any ideas how to stop my raptors showing up under this in systray? Still can't get over 260 ish with 1t, just waiting on x fire myself, already got a buyer for my rig, have to say, this is my first foray with dfi, not all that pleasing tbh.. Ho hum
  9. Hmmm, been away on hols for near a month and no real update Still 280 x 11 running at 3089mhz (but at 2t ) can't be bad, 27 sec delta pi anyone?
  10. ok, I'm up at 285 x 11 trouble is only 2T 2.5-4-4-8 this is superpi 32meg passable.. 3160mhz ain't bad I guess, and 1meg superpi = 27secs stable through all the 3dmark at this too, evap head never drops below -35 at max load only 1.72 volts I'll stick at this til I can be arsed tweaking a lil, machine will give me a screenie at 3.3 ghz, 11 x 300 with ram at 2.5-4-4-8 so there's a lil more to be gleaned, but i think i'll wait til the new bios hits the streets TY all who helped specially OG peace and chicken grease bro
  11. right I'm on the 711 bios, seems to be working woot! I can get my corsair up to 280 with 2.5-4-4-8 at 1t, this is with multi set to 8x. The problem is when I switch it to 11x it will only post at 230 with 1t, can manage 250 x 11 at 2t. I currently have the cpu volt at 1.4 with +.4 , I've never seen a more rediculous way of changing something as simple as a cpu voltage before.. why oh why did they make it this way? Surely it's so much easier just to have a list that goes up in 0.05 volt increments? I have a vapochill LS, can anyone advise me what a safe voltage setting is for a diego 3700? Remember heat isn't an issue here, bios reporting -28C as processor temp. I 'm thinking if the ram will run at 8x 280, but won't at 11x 280 it's down to insufficent voltage through the processor. Like I said before, if I can get 3 ghz I'll be content for now, and I'll wait on the next official bios. So main question is what is the max voltage that's safe for a 3700, and how in the hell do I go about getting that voltage, considering the difference between what the bios says is cpu voltage and what cpuz says hehe. Cheers in advance
  12. Lo OG Reflashed to 602, then flashed back to 711, seems to have sorted it currently at 8x up to 275mhz .. starting to get to where I was hoping I would be
  13. Bah @ work!!! Damn overtime stopping me testing Right I shoved the 711 bios on, complete waste of time, won't boot to windows with defaults, won't save any settings (just goes into constant reset). I think I'll try 705, find highest stable clock then bother when the new official bios is released, if I bother too much now, I'll just be back to square one when the good bios arrives. Anyone got anything for me to try before I flash to 705? I got corsair 4400XMS 1 gig.
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