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  1. Ok I am desiginng a computer for a friend I was wondeirng if this ram will like the DFI-NF4 UT mobo http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231027 Thank you.
  2. The same thing happens with my 120mm case fan in my cooler master centurion 5, I dremeled about a fourth of an inch outa the case fan and ti works fine
  3. I get a similar problem sometimes on a Hyundai L90D+ I lose the video signal after the Lanparty screen and get it back when I get to my windows accoutn screen. But my res doesnt change..
  4. Ok, sorry I ripped on the 600w OCZ, I did not know that THG had gone down the craphole THAT much. I addition I have read on another site tho about how most PSU companies will overrate the wattage of thier PSU OCZ being one of them. And the PCP&P being one of the few "SLI approved" PSUs by NVidia says a lot. Plus how much better the amps are on the PCP&P I would just reccomend going with the 510w PCP&P. Now with that said and me apologizing for my attack on OCZ,(I dont usually do . like that I guess I was irratible) what do you Angry or Rgone think of the PCP&P510w vs the OCZ 600w, since they are the same price. And thanks I wont read THG for truth anymore
  5. Dont even look at that OCZ PSU when you can get this for the same price. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817703001 OCZ overrates there PSUs and the OCZ psu didnt do to good in the tomshardware test, Where as PCP&C underrates there PSUs. Heres the article here http://www.tomshardware.com/howto/200507111/index.html
  6. Sharp man thanks, my firend came over who has the same comp, we booted up mine with his ram(the muskin ram I have too) and mine booted up fine I use the values you gave me and I have been running prime for about 15 minutes I will see how it goes but I think you fixed it. But now I have to RMA my stick that doesnt work, stupid me RMAed a stick that did work but needed tweaking to get a stick that doesnt work. Oh well. Thanks a ton man.
  7. ok well the whole floppy thing was messed up so I have to use a CD, I am still confused on what to do. I dont know what files to put on the CD-R disc and such, I know what to do after tho. COuld somone post that instead of a link so I can comment on what I dont understand from your post? thanks.
  8. Act like you are explaining it to a retard and tell me how to flash from a floppy, please, I know nothing you make me feel dumb.
  9. I guess I could rip a floppy drive outa an old P3 I got sitting around if it will make it easier.
  10. Can you just give me a step by step of this, god help me I am not very bright and that confused me to no end.
  11. Allright the question in my sig. Step by step please including the burner program needed to do it. Thanks
  12. I put the DDR333 512 2.5-3-3-7 in the 2nd slot and the mushkin DDR400 1gig 3-3-3-8 in the 4th slot and turned the computer on and I thing it only "saw" the DDR333 stick...
  13. My terrible hearing mixed with my love for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, now its to late to change my name on every forum I belong to. It goes "Shakezula the mic rula the old schoola" what I heard "SHakezilla the mic thrilla the old schoola"
  14. the timings on the DDR333 are 2.5-3-3-7 What do you mean does it post by itself without the 512? I have never tried to use the two of them together should I?
  15. Ok thanks, hmm what I ment was if I return my ram then I would only spend like 40 over what I had spent on it so like $120 after I returned the Ram. But would this work, since me and my friend built the exact same thing could we purchase the 2x1gig and then split it up so we each had a 1 gig stick? Also when he comes over tomorrow is computer boots up with the mushkin 1gig stick like mine originaly did before I RMAed the ram. So if mine does not boot with his what can/should I do? What could be wrong if that happens? I have nero and burnatonce. For Cd burning.
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