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  1. When I boot my computer into XP the Found New Hardware Wizard always comes up saying it's found a hardware called NetTrans but I can't find any drivers for it.


    Does anyone know what this is? or where I could find the drivers for it?

    or better yet how to stop it from reappearing each time I reboot?

  2. Ok so far so good...

    I've flashed the bios to 623-3, set the CAS to 2-2-2-5 & bumped the dram voltage to 2.70.

    I also enabled that option that you mentioned BlackDragon24 :)

    In the bios it says the dram is running at 2.77v so that should be more than enough.

    ATM I'm running Memtest from the bios, very handy having it built in :) I've got 5 Passes 1 hour 50 minutes & no errors so far.

    Thanks to everyone that helped out.

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