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  1. Would this driver work ok on the Ultra-D motherboard? I've never used the x16 driver before. http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_wi...2_x16_6.85.html
  2. That article applies to Windows ME, 98 and 95 not XP. But it still doesn't explain the problem I'm having.
  3. When I boot my computer into XP the Found New Hardware Wizard always comes up saying it's found a hardware called NetTrans but I can't find any drivers for it. Does anyone know what this is? or where I could find the drivers for it? or better yet how to stop it from reappearing each time I reboot?
  4. In the Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT) I have Communications Port (COM1). What is it used it for? And is it safe to disable?
  5. Sorry to bring this back up again.. but I only just noticed this in the device manager too. Is it safe to disable it? Will XP work ok without it?
  6. Can these be installed over the 6.66 or do I need to uninstall them first?
  7. I tested version (this one is needed for dual core anyway) and it seems to work ok.
  8. Has anyone tried Cool'n'Quiet with the X2 cpus? and does it work ok? And why doesn't the DFI website have the latest version of the Cool'n'Quiet drivers? DFI website = AMD website = Which one would be best to use?
  9. I plan on having 2 SATA Hitachi HDs in my computer but my question is when installing XP will I need to press F6 to install any SATA drivers or will it work fine without doing that? And secondly do I need to change any settings in the bios, if so what? I don't plan on using Raid.
  10. Ok so far so good... I've flashed the bios to 623-3, set the CAS to 2-2-2-5 & bumped the dram voltage to 2.70. I also enabled that option that you mentioned BlackDragon24 In the bios it says the dram is running at 2.77v so that should be more than enough. ATM I'm running Memtest from the bios, very handy having it built in I've got 5 Passes 1 hour 50 minutes & no errors so far. Thanks to everyone that helped out.
  11. That was a quick reply I've updated my sig & I'll give that a go. Thanks.
  12. On the ocz website it says that this type of memory needs to be running at 2.75v but the problem is that in the bios it doesn't have a 2.75 setting, it only goes up in 0.10 like 2.60, 2.70, 2.80 etc.. So what would be a safe setting to set it as? At the moment I have it at 2.60v.
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