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  1. What are they? Mine is hovering around 55C... is this normal? I'm guessing it's too high.
  2. I am thinking about replaceing the NB chipset fan on my LanParty nF4 Ultra-D with a passive heatsink due to the noise. But to make sure that the new heatsink is doing it's job, I want to see temps from before & after, but I have no idea how to check the NB temps. Can someone show me how? :dog:
  3. So I noticed that this motherboard has a 2nd slot for a video card... Can that be used for the PRIMARY video card? (I ask this, because I noticed that the chipset fan is located right underneath the other one...)
  4. Oh yeah, so have I tried clearing BIOS. Quad-checked all the connections.
  5. Hi there I just got a new case (Lian-Li V1000) and a new PSU (Seasonic S12 500W). Now it won't boot. What the heck? I get all four LEDs up. Please help!
  6. Hi there. I have the same memory as you, but nF4 Ultra-D mobo. And I'm having the EXACT same problems as you. Please let me know if you found any solutions!
  7. Hi there First off, I want to say it's great to have a dedicated forum for DFI products. I'm very glad to see a strong community! Well onto the issue... I recently bought a LanParty nF4, along with a 3200+ Venice. I still had good memory, a pair of OCZ PC3200 Platinum Rev2 (512x2) so I decided to carry that portion over. I've had some initial glitches during the first time, but eventually got around them and had Windows XP installed. Prime95 was run to check stability, and it failed over & over again... within 15 minutes. Temperatures were checking in fine--CPU idles at 32C, and maxes to 40C on load. Curious, I ran some Memtest86 sessions, I found some errors: Failing Address: 0003a3e1ce4 (931.0MB) Good: 9971ed17 Bad: 9971ed1f Err-Bits: 00000009 Count: 16 I actually had two different failing addresses, but going from the "yellow slots" into "orange slots" seem to have narrowed it down to one. Things that I have tried: - increasing & decreasing DRAM voltage (covered 2.5V - 2.9V) - loosening the timing (despite OCZ's 2-2-2-5 rating, which worked fine on my last board) - tried increasing CPU & chipset voltages, hopefully, trying to get prime95 to get going for more than 15 minutes, but no luck - updating the BIOS to the latest one - CMOS clear - loading of optimzed settings - bought a new 450W Antec PSU At first, I thought maybe my OCZ memory has gone to .. So I installed them on my other motherboard, and it ran MemTest86 for 8 hours without errors. Then I knew the memory was not the issue. During that 8 hours, I put the other comp's memory into my nF4--a humble OCZ Premium PC3200 512MB single stick (2.5-3-3-7). Then I ran Prime95 for those 8 hours and it chewed thru it without any errors. There seems to be some kind of issues with my OCZ PlatRev2 & nF4 Ultra-D board! What can I do to resolve this?
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