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  1. I am quite sure. I RMA'ed my proc, my memory, replaced the mobo, RMA'ed primary OS hdd, got new 680 watt 24pin power supply, removed audio card, and swapped video cards with a friend. Every variable except the keyboard and mouse was moved. I replaced the dinovo set with a G15 keyboard and perfectly stable. The only time the dinovo set was stable was when I overvolted my chipset to 1.8, if I didn't do that I would either get a bluescreen, or the ethernet controler's wouldn't be on when I got to windows. Seems the power draw of the dinovo set was greater than that which the chipset could provide. Any way to switch where USB gets power?
  2. After 8 months of diagnosis and having every part of my pc rma'ed I finally found what has been causing my pc to be unstable. It was my keyboard and mouse. Specificly I started this pc off with Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse, and after an RMA or two (those keyboards just can't take too much wear) I ended up with a dinovo bluetooth set. All the time my system was incredibly unstable and unless my chipset was overvolted to 1.8, wouldn't even boot into windows. I unplugged the set one day when I was out of batteries and every instability issue went away. No more chipset overvolt, no more degraded memory timings. System is perfectly stable. I emailed logitech on it and they claim their device is perfect, and that I should go to DFI looking for a fix, so here I am. I have tried everything from the shipping bios back in feburary to the 6/23 stable bios and nothing will allow me to use this kb and mouse set without having havoc errupt with system stability. Do the later DFI beta bios's offer an improved USB core? Is there any hope of me using my lovely keyboard and mouse set again? Thanks
  3. I measured stability of a given configuration by seing if it passed first one run through memtest, then getting into windows, then firing up prime95 and running its test while copying about 200gb from my network into the drive while running ati tool in spinning cube mode to have the 3d card working and playing a endless loop of season 4 of family guy in media player. I measured the time it took for a system to crash doing this. System 1 managed to pass 24 hours, but something is obiously still not right. System 2 can not pass more than 2 hours of this test. System 2 on the Asus board so far is up to 12 hours of doing this without a glitch As for trying ram that isn't Corsair, it is alot cheeper to buy new motherboards than new ram, if the offical word is that this motherboard is incompabile with my RAM, the motherboard is going to go. Fact is that the most unstable system, system 2, is running perfect inside the asus board without moving anything from automatic concerning the ram. I'll test with some Giel DDR400 I can get my hands on when I can. In the mean time, anyone wanna buy two DFI NF4 Ultra-D's? If you have VX ram, they are perfect
  4. I am having a bit of problem with two near-identical systems I have built. System #1 DFI NF4 Ultra-D Motherboard 3500+ Winchester 2x512MB Corsair 4400C25 PC4400 Ram ATi Radeon X850XT 256MB Antec TruPower 550W 20pin PS OS Drive: 1x WD Raptor 74GB System #2 DFI NF4 Ultra-D Motherboard 3500+ Winchester 2x512MB Corsair 4400C25 PC4400 Ram ATi Radeon X850XT 256MB Thermalright 600W 24pin PS OS Drive: 2x WD Raptor in Raid0 Both of these systems have the 6/23 bios loaded. The problem is that I can't get the systems to be stable at stock speeds. I have tried the shipping bios, the 310-1 bios, the 6/23 offical and -1 bios, I have tried retarding the timings, chainging the Tref, overvolting the CPU and the Memory, RMA'ed the memory on both systems, RMA'ed the processor on system 1, and I can't get the systems to be stable. System 1 is the most stable system passing a 24 hour Prime95, but in games like Half-Life 2 I persist in getting random lockups and Memory errors that dump me to desktop, in addition to random physics bugs. System 2 on the other hand outright refused to install windows in dual channel mode, and with only one stick of ram. I had to set a divider to DDR333 and disable T1 and Bank Interleave just to get windows to install correctly, and once in windows I can put the memory in dual channel configuration. Despite 2 days of trial and error once in windows with every bios, memory timing, and voltage that I can think of I can not get this thing stable at stock. Now, what really gets me, I went out and purchased an Asus nforce4 ultra motherboard and dumped the innards of system 2 into it. Booted perfect, installed windows perfect, passed 24hours memtest perfect, and is currently 12 of 24 hours into a Prime95 run. What am I doing wrong? What is with my memory, my cpu, and the DFI motherboard that just does not mix? What timings must I apply so I can get stable at stock speeds. Is it impossible to get a stable system at default voltages and memory timings on this DFI Board?
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