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  1. lol i threw on AS5 on my chipset about a month ago so it shoudlb e cured by now; used the spread method however it barely helped, if at all :/ still loads at ~ 52C which is annoying lol
  2. LOL sorry but this statement just sounds hilarious in this context :shake: :shake: :shake:
  3. i sort of did hte same thing u did to have mine over it, except i just strung mine off the CPUs fan, and it is tied on the other side to a rail on the top of hte case
  4. i have that exact slot blower [except under gfx card ] tho with the addition of htat my PWMIC temps dropped at least 5C under load [prolly cuz less hot air from chipset/gpu on the PWMIC area] and after that, i mounted a single 80mm fan over hte PWMIC area and that dropped it another 10 and now it loads about 42ish
  5. SLI-D... DR just has the extra 4 SATA ports [silicon raid controller, i believe]
  6. i stuck a small BGA heatsink on my PWMIC, and i have an 80mm blowin on my RAM (in addition to hte 120mm from teh XP-120 i have) and my PWMIC idles ~ 35C and never breaks 42ish
  7. ok, sorry for being a n00b just didnt seem plausible at all LOL
  8. masking it means putting tape on it while etching to protect the nonetched areas.. and yes, you get it sandblasted
  9. i don't understand how its possible at all to lap the CORE (not IHS) without destroying hte chip..
  10. yeah i noticed that who laps their CPU core :confused: btw, yes, we have april fools in teh US
  11. OK, I guess ill just lap the heatsink instead thanks for the quick replies everyone
  12. just wondering if ne1s done this with a good drop in temp? or is it better to lap the heatsink (XP-120) my sandy is already out of warranty as it was OEM too risky for me to take of the IHS, so i'm, just wonderin if lappin it will help at all if so, i guess i have a project for spring break lol
  13. Just install hte games on the 10k drive
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