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  1. I went ahead and reseated the CPU HS with fresh AS5 and the temps haven't changed. The old layer of AS5 was even without any evidence of air bubbles when I removed the CPU heatsink... And I'm certain that the HS is flat since I lapped it a while ago. I also placed an extra GPU RAM sink onto the PWMIC with the stock CPU HS fan from my 3700+ sitting over it. Currently CPU is at 40-42C and PWMIC 40C so I didn't get an improvement. Not feels hot to touch and the exhaust air still feels close to room temp. I'm at a loss here. :confused: Jim
  2. Actually I was just getting ready to shut down the system and reset the CPU HS and see what that did for the temp...But first I'm reading some posts about sticking a GPU RAM heatsink to the PWMIC. Thanks, Jim
  3. Cable management is as clean as is possible in the limited space in this case (Antec SuperLanboy) and I don't feel that it is the problem. As for getting out the hole saw or dremel, I've already done that to add the 120mm and 2x 80 mm fans in the side window of my case. As it stands I don't really think there is anymore room to add more fans to this case. So, is the there any hope of reducing temperatures without going to either a new case or water cooling? Thanks, Jim
  4. Cable management is as clean as is possible in the limited space in this case (Antec SuperLanboy) and I don't feel that it is the problem. As for getting out the hole saw or dremel, I've already done that to add the 120mm and 2x 80 mm fans in the side window of my case. As it stands I don't really think there is anymore room to add more fans to this case. So, is the only way to reduce temperatures is to get either water cooling or a new case? Thanks, Jim
  5. I'm running the rig in my sig and I'm a little concerned with my temps... My room ambient temp is ~ 25C. Comp T idle: CPU -- 41-45C PWMIC -- 41-45C Chipset -- 45+C GPU -- 47+C Comp T load: CPU -- 50-55C PWMIC -- 50-55C Chipset -- 58+C GPU -- 59+C The case is a Antec SuperLanboy with 1x120 mm intake over the CPU (w/Zalman 7000CU) and PWMIC, 1x80mm over the chipset (w/Evercool VC-RE), 1x80mm over the GPU (w/Zalman VF700), and 2 120mm Vantec Stealth fans. This is all running at stock speeds and voltages and I'm a little concerned about trying to overclock my 3700+. I assume part of my problem is the 4 HDD in RAID 0 but I'm drawing air across them with an exhaust fan instead of blowing the heat into the case. Any ideas on what to try to reduce the temps on my CPU? I'm comfortable with the GPU and mostly comfortable with the PWMIC and chipset temps. Thanks, Jim
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    I'm looking at getting a new APC UPS for my system since the one I have just won't cut it, so I was hoping to get a couple of questions answered... What is the minimum VA that I should be looking for in a UPS for the system in my rig? I'm figuring atleast 800VA which is ~540 W, but will that be enough or will the power supply draw too much current and not work? Thank, Jim
  7. I have a Antec SuperLanboy case currently and I'm considering getting a CM Stacker to replace it. My rational is that I want to put 4 HDDs in the comp and with the SuperLanboy that will completely block the intake fan in the front of the case and I like the added room that a full tower will have. I would also like to improve my airflow in the case. So what do ppl think about the CM Stacker will it be a good upgrade or am I fooling myself? Jim
  8. Well it ends up that my Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W PSU was slowly failing and that caused the boot issue. I was able to swap in another PSU and it booted without a hitch so I picked up a new Antec 550 NeoHE PSU and everything seems to be running fine. Jim
  9. Any ideas? I'm going to try flashing the bios just in case it's a corrupted bios but otherwise i don't know what to do... Jim
  10. No I'm still using 704-2BT which I've been using since BigTony made it available. This issue just started...If it is PSU related, any ideas what to check (i.e. what rails could be the problem)? Also I know that the problem isn't related to the switch b/c I have the same result if I use the power switch on the mobo. Should have mentioned this earlier...It has no problems when I do a warm/soft boot. It's only when the system is powered down and I have to hit the switch to start it back up. Thanks, Jim
  11. I just started having this problem yesterday and it's got me completely confused... Whenever I do a cold boot it takes atleast 30-60 seconds for the comp to boot after the power button is pressed. Only get the single diagnostic light indicating power to the mobo until the comp starts to boot and then it boots fine. I know it's not ram or cpu related. Is this a problem with the power supply or mobo? Any ideas? Thanks, Jim
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    Msmolt, The HJT Log is a text log created by HijackThis when you run it on your machine. You need to go to the first link that I posted and download HijackThis...When you run HijackThis it gives you the option to save a HJT log and then checks your system. Cut this log from either the text file or directly from the program and paste into the Analyzer. The analyzer will then give you information about every app running on your comp. It will also color code each line to give you an idea of whether you need to concern yourself with it or not. HijackThis is a freeware program that will help you clean some of the persistent pests that get on a machine. I have been using it in conjunction with Spybot S&D for years and these two have helped me clean many problems. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions about HijackThis (fyi...I'm in no way involved with the program just a user). HTH, Jim
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    There is also HijackThis and there are websites that will analyze the results for you. HijackThis: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3155.html Analyzer: http://hjt.iamnotageek.com/ Jim
  14. Ever thought of Neverwinter Nights? It's an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons based game that has been out for a few years that is still being updated and heavily played. There are no monthly fees and it has a builder set so there are a ridiculous number of modules for single player and even more online worlds that others have built that are persistent. There are the base character classes of rogue, fighter, sorceress, wizard, bard, cleric, bard, paladin, ranger and then a number of special classes that build on the base ones. This sort of system allows a lot of variablity and creativity when it comes to designing your character. There are worlds that are set up specifically for hack'n'slash, role play, pvp, and combinations of the above mentioned. I personally play on a persistent world that has a loose tie into the Princess Bride with places and non player characters. To top it off Neverwinter Nights 2 is supposedly coming out eventually and there is a large following so you know it will last for quite some time. Jim
  15. What it means is that the billing and shipping information has sent electronically to UPS (or USPS which ever) but the package hasn't been actually been picked up...It's a normal msg that means that your package is still sitting on the loading dock or someone's desk at the vendor waiting to be picked up. Jim
  16. I believe the waranty for the Redline HP3200's is 2.9V (not for sure), but I do know that they aren't warantied as high as the XP4000's. You would probably be best off going to the Mushkin Forums to find out about the waranty. Jim
  17. The O.C., I was using a set of the Mushkin Redline HP3200's before I went to the Patriot. They were working flawlessly until I killed them with too much voltage (ran it up to 3.5V). Make note that the HP3200's aren't waranteed for high voltages so be carefull. I had them perfectly stable at ~240MHz and 3.2V and 2-3-2-6 and everything else on auto. Search for a username Thasp...He has the same RAM (and a very similar setup) and is currently working on overclocking it so he can probably help you too. Jim
  18. Sharp you might consider putting the Mushkin Redline HP3200's in your list... From what I've been able to find it uses the UTT CH-5 same as the Redlines and it's known to OC very well with voltages ~3.2-3.5. Mushkin Redline HP3200 (UTT CH-5) 2-3-2-6 @ 2.7V Partnumber: 991436 http://www.mushkin.com/doc/products/memory_detail.asp?ID=192 Jim
  19. Just thought I'd post this...I was in Fry's today and the 36.7GB Raptors are $99.99 plus a $30.00 Mail-In-Rebate and the 74GB Raptors are also on sale with a $50.00 rebate... Jim
  20. I've got this case and I like it. It is a micro tower so it will be rather tight but everything fits. I've modded mine with a 120mm intake fan in the side window blowing on the chipset so that it now has (2) 120 mm fans for intake and one 120mm and the PSU fans for exhaust and everything runs nice and cool. Jim
  21. I have the Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W and I have no complaints about it...It runs with clean power at specs. Jim
  22. Well, I have the Antec Smartpower 2.0 and it gives nice clean power at specs so I don't see any reason to try to turn ppl off from it... My Mushkin Redline HP3200's are running great on this board @ 243MHz and I haven't really had the time to play with them to see if they can go higher. Alot of ppl on here will tell you to get a xp90 but I like the Zalman 7000 and it cools suffeciently for my system. As for not overclocking...You are only kidding yourself. I didn't plan to try overclocking my system when I bought but after seeing how easy it is to do with these boards I had to dive in and try a little. I haven't really spent enough tweaking it but I'm happy with it right now and when I want more I know that I can always try to squeeze a bit more. Jim
  23. To the original poster... You need to be a little more careful when you compare units of measure between different countries. The British standard units of measure aren’t always the same as the American standard units. Two examples are the ton and the gallon. The British Imperial Gallon is ~4.55 L whereas the American Gallon is only 3.79L and thus the mpg for the various models of Ford Focus's aren't as bad as you made them sound. As for the gas prices and alternatives… I'd love to see the US start producing the same grade diesel as Europe and American cars start using the same diesel engines here as we ship overseas. You would see a significant increase in gas mileage but the diesel would be significantly more expensive than what we currently have available here in the states because it is much more highly refined. The EPA has gotten way out of hand when it comes to fuel refinery...just read up about what sort of steps are required to upgrade a refinery (it gets ridiculously expensive). It is practically impossible for companies to build new ones or upgrade the old ones. If the oil industry was allowed to drill at more locations a lot of our problems would be remedied, but I fear that we won’t see this happen for quite a long time considering that the tree-huggers are very good at lobbying. As for the bio-diesel, I used to live in Boulder, CO and it was fairly common for people to make bio-diesel. It requires a bit of processing of the frying grease that is used and you never want to get behind someone using it. The exhaust smells like McDonald's (I hate that smell) and it lingers for quite a while. Jim
  24. If you aren't making a raid array you don't need to F6 sata drivers to load x64. Jim
  25. That particular Mushkin model was just released so currently the best place to get them is directly from Mushkin (might be the only place at this time till stores get them in stock). Considering that the Mushkin's are 3-4-3-8 @ $339.00 whereas the Crucials are 3-4-4-8 @ $399.99 I think the Mushkin's are a steal. Another 2x1GB DDR500 is the OCZ Gold @ $374.25 on NewEgg. Here is a thread that is sort of discussing the Mushkin's at PC Perspective and several of the ppl have bought them so there should be results soon: http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=400051 I've got a set of Mushkin Redline HP3200 2x512MB. All I had to do was up the voltage to get them to run at 243MHz at rated timings and I haven't even gotten around to really trying to find their max yet. If the XP4000 2x1GB had been available when I built my system I probably would have gone with them. Jim
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