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  1. The max resolution on the HIS is lower than the Sapphire and that is something that I need to concern myself with since if everything works out correctly in the next few months I'll be looking into a large widescreen monitor and I wanted to leave my options open (if I can swing it I might get either a Mac or Dell 30"). At the same time or shortly after the monitor purchase I will also be building a new system in which I'll run crossfire. Jim
  2. I think I've decided to go with this Sapphire X1900XT -- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102025 Is the Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 the best air cooling for this card? Will I hinder this card with the 3700+ @ 2805MHz? If anyone sees any problems let me know...I'll be placing the order tomorrow morning. Thanks, Jim
  3. Problem is I'm on the fence about this...I've always like nVidia GPUs and I can't decide if I should go the route of buying an X1900XT/X or just purchase a 7900GT/X or maybe even a 7950GX2. I have the money to make the purchase now but I'm just not certain which is the better buy since I have seen various benchmarks go either way when comparing them. Currently this card will go into the rig in my sig but once Core 2 Duo comes out I'm going to build a new system either with Core 2 Duo or a dual core Opty with a large widescreen display. Jim
  4. I'm thinking about taking the plunge and buying a x1900xtx and wanted some advice and which brands to look at? This will be my first Radeon GPU and thus I don't know which brands are recommend...Also am I thinking right by considering to buy a x1900xtx over a 7900GTX? Thanks, Jim
  5. Hmm, don't know where you are getting the 512MB video memory requirement when on Window's on site the requirement for a 'Premium Ready' machine is only 128MB for 1,310,720 to 2,304,000 pixels and 256MB of video RAM for resolutions above 2,304,000 pixels to be able to take full advantage of Vista... System looks nice but you might consider a stronger PSU just for future proofing since this is a picture editing machine the odds are that you will upgrade the graphics down the road and you'll want the added power at that time. Why the 3800X2 instead of an Opty 165 btw? Jim
  6. If I was working with a $1000 budget I would seriously look at this Lenovo on NewEgg... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16834146154 Jim
  7. I'm planning on attending Law School this fall and one of the requirements is a laptop and right now I'm sort of on the fence with what to get... I'm currently looking at Fujitsu machines b/c of the quality of components, quality of build, and price. I was also looking at Sony and I had actually picked up a SZ270P/B but there was a serious screen issue (horizontal lines flicker across the screen at -45deg which seems to relate to the angle of the polarizer in the TFT display) that I have since noticed on several others as well and thus I'm not to pleased with the currently quality of the screens I have seen. I can get a great deal on IBM/Lenovo laptops but I'm not too intrigued with the RAM configuration. I will not touch HP, Compaq, Dell, or Gateway and I prefer to stay away from no names because of concern of build quality... The current systems that I'm looking at are the S7110 and T4020D. Both have all the features that I will need: S7110: Warranty One-year International Limited warranty Operating System and Productivity Software Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Microsoft® Works 8.5 Optical Drive Modular Dual-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer Display 14.1" SXGA+ display Processor Intel® CoreTM Duo Processor T2400 (1.83 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB) System Memory 512 MB DDR2 667 MHz (Dual Channel; 2 x 256 MB) Security Integrated Fujitsu Security/Application Panel, Smart Card ready , embedded TPM 1.2, and Fingerprint Sensor Pointing Device Dual pointing with integrated touchpad and quick point Hard Drive 80 GB hard drive Communication Modem, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (Tri-mode 802.11a/b/g), and Bluetooth wireless T4020D -- Tablet PC: Warranty One-year International Limited Warranty Main Memory (first memory slot) 256 MB memory module Operating System and Productivity Software Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 with Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2003 Display 12.1" XGA TFT indoor display with greater than 160° viewing angles with FSC badge Processor Intel® Pentium® M Processor 760 (2 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB) Security Fingerprint Sensor Media Drive Modular Dual-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer Extended Memory (second memory slot) 256 MB memory module Hard Drive 60 GB hard drive Communication Internal modem, 10/100/1000 Base-T/Tx Ethernet, and Atheros Super AG® Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g) with Bluetooth wireless PAN v1.2 I will purchase 2GB of RAM from Newegg instead of paying the ridiculous premium and the integrated graphics is not a concern since the laptop will only be used in classrooms and for tests (I will have my desktop for playing games, watching movies, and what not). I like the additional functionality of the TablePC but I will be losing out in processor speed and slightly in screen size. So, it boils down to the question of which to buy -- a Single Core Tablet PC or a Dual Core Traditional Laptop. What are ppls opinions about this? Thanks for any input, Jim
  8. The reason that a smooth surface is so desired is that the thermal conductivity of Copper is ~50 times greater than the thermal conductivity of AS5 and thus the heat transfer isn't as effecient through the AS5. Thus the better polished the surface is the less void space the AS5 needs to fill. In a system at equilibrium this wouldn't matter but since we are drawing heat from the processor it would be ideal if we didn't need any TIM and both surfaces were atomical smooth and meshed perfectly.
  9. Mack27 you have been using ImageShack so most likely that is where your pop ups are coming from...Just look at your post in this link http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=55219 . Jim
  10. How are you determining that the FSB is limited to 800MHz? I've got practically the same chip as you and yes from everything that I have been able to find it is a Toledo core and thus is a dual core with one core disabled. IHS off my chip Naked Core -- Looks the same as a naked dual core. Screen shot of AMD64 TCaseMax - v1.19 showing that this is a Toledo Core. As you can see mine is also a CCBWE 3700+ and so far I've only gotten it to 2.8GHz (2.8 took no tweaking at all and I haven't had the time to work on clocking it more). Jim
  11. jm76

    A64 Info Program

    Hmm, interesting...It doesn't like my core. The program reads my core as üÿÿÿ and it also can't determine the revision or process of my chip. Jim
  12. Well, I must of goofed when installing the Big Typhoon...I removed it and it looked like it tilted during mounting yesterday. I remounted it out of the case and now I have it running Prime95 TT and I'm still getting interesting results to say the least. My idle temp is still ~39C but now my load temp is only max of 43C and it averages 41C. I can actually play with the settings now. Is that small of a delta between idle and load common? Jim
  13. Actually you can generate electricity by creating a delta T across a peltier element...Would it be enough to power the lights in you case, probably not. But hey if you wanted to try, yes you can use the heat generated by your system in theory to generate electricity. Jim
  14. In the directions for the Big Typhoon that I just installed the directions quite plainly state in red letters to not remove the back plate. Of course I was too lazy to pull out my original stock back plate so I just used the one from my Zalman 7000Cu. Out of curiosity, did ppl put the HS on while the mobo was in the case or out? I put it on while it was in the case with quite some difficulty and plan to take the mobo out and reseat it. (You need to have tiny hands, which I don't, and still be a contortionist to be able to screw it down in a Antec SuperLanboy. Jim
  15. The stock fans on front and back have been replaced with Vantec Stealths. I'm still fooling around with case flow...On the side panel I have 2 80mm fans blowing on the GPU and Chipset and a 120mm fan slight staggered to the front of the case blowing on the Big Typhoon and PWMIC region. The front intake (grill removed) has been reversed to be an exhaust so that the HDD heat is being removed from the system instead of blowing it through the system. The stock exhaust in the back has had the grill removed and it has quite a bit of flow through it. And of course there is the 80mm exhaust in my Neo HE 550. The stock HS that came with the CPU is the same that comes with other AMD64 and thus is not one of the fancy ones that you got with your Opti and to top it off I'm not going to try to put a clip on style HS back on since I have removed the IHS (I do stupid things at times but I'd rather not crack the chip ) Right now the room is a bit warm (ca. 81F) and I've seen an increase in my idle temp of approximately 2C. I'm pretty certain that the HS is mounted flush and it has only minimal AS5 on it (I've remounted several times and the temperature has been consistent). Thanks, Jim
  16. IHS off my chip Naked Core Note the awfull stock application of TIM on the core. Needless to say I am highly confused...I would really like to get my temps down a little so I know I have a safety margin with the coming summer and OCing. Thanks, Jim
  17. Sorry, should have mentioned this...The case is a Antec SuperLanboy with the side window cut up. I have 2x 80mm and 1x 120mm as intake and 1x 80mm (PSU fan) and 2x120mm as exhaust. The exhaust air temp feels relatively close to room temp air. For example my 7600GT is running at 47C, chipset @ 44C, and PWMIC @ 44C. Restratserif, There is no mistake about the stepping, I've got the IHS right in front of me and it definitely states ADA3700DKA5CF CCBWE 0551VPMW. As I stated in my first post CPUZ says it is a San Diego but other tools see it as a Toledo core. (From what I've been able to find it appears that this chip is a dual core with one core disabled. Jim
  18. Hopefully someone can help me figure out how to get this thing down to a more respectful temperature... It runs 39-40C at idle no matter what HS I have on this thing (Zalman 7000-Cu, 64 Freezer Pro, and TT Big Typhoon). All HS have been lapped. Also changing CPU voltages doesn't have a significant effect on temperature (maybe a few degrees at most). Removing the IHS didn't drop the temperature one iota either. The load temperature is consistently 10C above idle (i.e. ~50C). I also haven't seen an increase in idle or load temperature from a mild OC of ~2.6GHz (11x240). The core is denoted as a San Diego in CPUZ but is showing up as a Toledo in GCPUID and A64 MaxTemp. Also in A64 MaxTemp I get a TCaseMax of 61C and TDP of 55.9W. Anyone have any ideas? Temperatures are going to start rising here in Texas and I'm a bit scared to see what my idle temp will become when summer roles around. Thanks, Jim
  19. Hopefully someone can give me some insight here... I popped the IHS off and mounted my Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu heatsink directly to the naked core with a thin layer of AS5 and my temps haven't changed. Should I be looking into a new CPU heatsink (i.e. is this the lowest that I'll get it with the 7000). Thanks, Jim
  20. Yes, thermal throttling and cool 'n' quiet are both disabled. CPU fan is set to go max at 30C so that is not the culprit either. I just checked another system in the same room and it is also at ca. 39C at idle with 3700+ in a Sonata II case with the stock HS. Jim
  21. Well, it's a little late to send this CPU back for RMA since it was recieved on 4/21...Just now getting around to trouble shooting things. I wonder if IHS removal would help with the temps since the only one I'm actually concerned about is the CPU temp. Jim
  22. Voltages as set in bios are: CPU 1.482 (1.425*1.04) LDT 1.4 Chipset 1.70 Nothing too high...I was running more voltage with my 3000+ and still had lower temps. Jim
  23. bios temps are all the same except CPU which is 49C Jim
  24. Temps don't change with the side panel off... Jim
  25. MBM5 following the setup here on the forum.
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