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  1. INternet Explorer itself if an integral part of WinXP. IE cannot be removed from XP...period. The problem you had is easily remedied using the repair option form install. BETA3 works fine for me. FIxed all the issues I had with beta2.
  2. my opteron 170 scales much better than my 4400+ Persoanlly, I's take the 4400+ for the higher multi.
  3. System responiveness, for me. going from 4x to 5x dropped huge times off of start-up, mostly due to the Crossfire driver start-up being much faster. For times when you are truly using your system, you'll find that load times will be a fair bit shorter. Only helps when bus is congested, like running 2 videocard, phys-X, and X-FI in one game, as well as network traffic. This LDT speed, 3ghz, is part of a future Hypertransport spec, as there are places where it's needed. It's just like how my 2gb of ram has almost the same bandwidth as your 1gb, although @ much looser timings and speed(due to bank interleave). It's might not seem like much, but all together it makes for a much faster system. Inch by inch...
  4. Just for you: Not concerned with 4xLDT screenies...just the 5x.
  5. I get the same bandwidth with 2x1gb @ 1t 3-3-2-5 as i have seen others with 2x512mb @ 250 2-2-2-5. The extra bandwidth is had by bank interleave. Something to keep in mind.
  6. I got a 170 and 148, both @ 3ghz..just working on the OCDB entries when i get time.
  7. He's jsut trying to get stock stable even. Tref is way weird.
  8. relaxing the timings will not help 3d stability. Most 2d programs plain and simple, don't use alot of ram, and hence the stability. play with voltage and drive strength together.
  9. the shakes are PSU related. Enermax 620w liberty..no shakes.. i had the same behavior as spajdr...once switching to Thermaltake unit. The behavior only happens when some sort of analogue device is conencted to the mastercard. Somehow the card is creating this interference when paired with the right psu...switched back to the enermax unit, and everything was hunky dorey. Only problem is that hte enermax unit is not powerful enough to support my system w/ dualcore @ 3ghz, dual x1900. RMa'ed my mastercard...new card has different components...still same behavior.
  10. a while ago, there was winbond, making chips for infineon. Kingston was infineon's major customer. Winbond stuck a deal direct with kingston, after infineon reneged on an order, and the ensuing battle ended up seeing the Dramurai raising prices by 500%, while thier cost got lower and lower. typically when companies make thier production line better, they pass the savings on to consumer, but this time they simply stuffed thier pockets. Anyway, in order to not be in such conflict, the dramurai agreed to sell chips @ the same price...a raised price...and the price fixing was set in stone. Before ever going to court on this, Samsung set aside a large chunk of cash...and when they walked out of the couirtroom the final day of thier trial, they paid that exact amount they had set aside earlier. Corruption at it's finest.
  11. set the PLL to highspeed. MAL/RP are Max Async Latency and Read Preamble. You can give NMOS, PMOS 31 and reciever impedance 10...or at least that's what works for me.
  12. Yes, they will work. Apparantly there is an issue with Nforce4 chipsets and ATI cards, to which ATI have released a driver that fixes the issue. I've had no issues myself tho.
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