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  1. 255x11= 2805mhz @1.53 vcore (32c Idle - 48c Load)
  2. those are the 2 recommended BIOSes so far, 510-2f and 623-2 , tried both. Same results with them.... @wbork, could u please post the Estimated mem bandwith memtest shows?? or the buffered test results of Sandra? Thanks!
  3. Snook, any reason on using the orange slots?? I´ve heard that all bioses ending in -2 are optimized for yellow slots and the ones ending on -3 are for the orange ones....
  4. if u have luck setting them stable at 250, call me... :nod:
  5. sorry for the OT wbork, but could u please post ur settings?? Thanks
  6. im using a probe at the heatsink, but that's no measure at all IMO, temps seems to high for me, but who cares, it's rock stable in prime95 and never gets past the 50c
  7. Well... based on my experience, your top exhaust it's really doing the job.... I've always done that on my setups.... the problem it's that I cant drill a blowhole on this beauty......
  8. that's right, but I dont think that any of us lives in Alaska nor the caribbean coast to get such different readings at the similar or sometimes same setup... btw... ambient temp would it be near 25 in my room. Case temp (mobo temp) reads 36c-38c through nvidia monitor or everest
  9. @loc.o , my rail was at 3.56v, u say I should try setting it up more?? I'm not sure but I think i've tried 3.6v also..... gonna check later My Tref its set at 1560 (200 3.9us), i will try running it at 1168, men I've never owned a RAM so picky than this one bfore....
  10. maybe I should start adding lots of fans in there.... Actual layout: 1x80mm front low side blowing to the other side (this crazy Vento layout...) 1x120mm back exhaust 1x120 side intake 1x120 cooling the Heatsink 1x80 blowing to the mosftets and ram (2 inches away)
  11. that temps are strange.... im running a xp120 with a panaflo at 12v and im getting load temps of 50c @1.53v..... where did u got those readings?
  12. rise, I have the same setup as u..... try getting the mems to 255mhz to reach a nice 2.8ghz, should be stable at that voltage.. Also, where did u got that temp readings??
  13. Well... now this is getting weird..... Yesterday I was playing with my DFI Ram settings to get them stable @250 (2-2-2-5),been using 2-2-3-5 till now... IF i use the 3.3v rail mod to get 3.43v to the mem, I got memtest errors finishing Test #5 If i use the 4v jumper to give 3.43v , I dont get errors in test#5 , but yes on Test #8 after 1 o 2 passes... and sometimes in test 6 after 2 passes or so.... anyone have an explication to that?? Thanks!
  14. Oh ok... didnt know that activating the 4v jumper would draw power from the 5v rail.... thanks! I´ll keep the rams cooled too... it seems it has lot of influence
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