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  1. The results people are getting over at XS (mostly on engineering samples but some have retail already) have been quite promising and I am thinking of jumping to conroe soon. Also the fact that early kentsfield chips are running in current conroe boards is kind of nice (though kentsfield is likely to be quite expensive when it comes out.) I think a conroe runing somewhere around 4ghz (looking possible on air so might happen on my water setup) will work quite nicely until either kentsfield or quad core k8l reach a reasonable price (about $500 for the chip).
  2. As whether I have all my 6 fans at full speed (118cfm) or about half my temperature remains constant so it isint a radiator issue.
  3. nomad, ambeint is around 22C, I suspect I may have to remount my block as I had a little trouble with the moutning and it may not be perfectly flush or my as5 may not have been aplied perfectly (had a lot of trouble screwing it in and ultimately had to compress the springs with a pair of pliers while another person screwed it in)
  4. What problems have people had with clockgen? Ie crashing/hardware failure or just not getting the same overclocks you can get out of the bios? I have been using clockgen (just for fsb changing, as it cant handle voltage changes) for testing and now that I think i have a maximum stable overclock at reasoanble voltage I am going to set it in the bios tomorrow, wonder if i will be able to get past where I currently am? (1.55 volts, 2.65ghz on an x24400 at 46C dual prime load)
  5. Currently running my x2 4400 at 2.6 with 1.5 volts, temp under load is 44C (with my swiftech storm) how far can I safely (ie chip will last a few years) bump up the voltage (ie 1.6, 1.7) I know the board can go over 2.0 but that would require phasechange, so what is a good safety point for water? I have found that every .05 volts increases my temps by 1-2 C under dual prime load.
  6. acetone will work (though it may take a couple of applications and you need to be carefull as certain components on the board dont like getting an acetone bath) use a small painbrush or some qtips to put it on
  7. got the replacement board. Processor was fine, board was just broken. Unfortunatly it looks like my graphics card may be dead as well. After booting I ran prime95 and saw no prolems then ran 3dmark and it was realy slow (about 4fpm in the first benchmark), reboted and got artifacts, then nothing. Going to try some stuff tomorrow, but I may have to rma it, which means another week before I can realy test this system out.
  8. THe voltage at 1.42 is just the motherboard having a small overvolt, it is not due to your action and as such is not likely to void the warranty. As for overclocking, the only way they can tell, and the only time they are likely to complain is if there are burn marks. Also while it is likely that they could figure out why the processor died it would be far more expensive to do that then to just ship anotherone, so they probably will just make sure they got something in the box then throw it away, the time/money involved in testing it to determine what caused the error is simply not worth it.
  9. How long did you have the chip? If it was les then a month it is possible that it was just a problem with the chip that took a while to manafest. ALso shouldnt it still be under warranty from amd? If it is they will most likely replace it (unless it has burn marks or cracks, which I would guess it doenst since you didnt mention them).
  10. interesting, pretty sure the processor is still working (hope I dont have to warranty it as well) will know more when the new board gets in (I am guessing Monday).
  11. how could your rma times be up already? most of those parts have multiple year waranties, sure you might not be able to go through the store but amd/dfi... would replace them under warranty.
  12. RMA sent in, two extra chips ordered from Tmod, hopefully the replacement will be in early next week
  13. thanks for the suggestion. It could very well be a corrupted bios chip, however I suspect rmaing it through newegg will be faster then having dfi reflash it. Probably will order a second bios chip (i know someone on this forum will flash them) just in case it happens again.
  14. do you have all 4 power plugs in (24pin,4 pin, flopy, hard drive)? Have you tried running onboard memtest to see if it is a memory issue? What temperatures are you getting (chipset and processor specificaly, graphics may also prove usefull)?
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