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  1. No way. ATX 2.0 specs call for +/- 5%. Low would be 11.4V or 12.6V. Those are your limits. 11.89 is very good. My old Antec SmartPower 1.0 gave me 11.89 despite a heavily loaded rail. My Seasonic 600W gives me 11.77 on idle on my old rig. Even if I loaded it, I doubt even half the wattage would be used =P. By the way, make sure you're measuring with a voltmeter, and not using software readings. Software readings are totally inaccurate and can be WAY off. Software tells me I'm at 11.65 while my voltmeter reads 11.77.
  2. You will probably be getting the best speeds with Crucial Ballistix, but the Mushkin ones are definitely a great pick. I've seen people push the Mushkin sticks to 240 250 even, but if you want really high clocks with decent latency, Ballistix will get you there (quite a cost).
  3. Can someone explain to me how CPU VID Special control works? I understand setting VID, but the %??? Is this just like CPU voltage * 104%? I don't understand why this is here. Can't you just bump the actual voltage up yourself? Why bother with this %%% thing? Edit: Also I should flash to 623-2? I thought lots of ppl said 704-2 was much better and one of the most stable ones... or is it a good idea to stick with official bios?
  4. You need to mod to run 8x. Otherwise, it's 2x
  5. Try booting from a CD. Works the same way as you boot from a floppy.
  6. Ok another one.. If I'm to burn my memory in at 250 2-2-2-8 @ 3.3v.......... What about the CPU? Memtest burning in should be done overnight right? Preferably 24 hrs even, so I should run at like 9 x 250 or something? or use a divider? Or should I just test my CPU then too cuz I'm sure it would be able to do 11x250 with an XP-120 unless I get some total POS stepping/
  7. Some are screwed in, but others are like built in, meaning you need to tear it off (shouldn't be hard).
  8. Wow thanks a lot!!! But will I have to plug in my floppy's power if I already plug the 4 pin connector to the motherboard?
  9. Pre-build questions. So here I have compiled a list of questions I have to ask. My rig is under construction (sig). What I have as things to do (correct me if I'm wrong): 1) I plug all the 4 power cables into the motherboard even if I'm running a PCI (not PCIe) graphics card (Refer to sig below.. I'm running a V3 until I can get my hands on a 7800GT). 2) Turn on comp, flash to newer bios (follow the CMOS reset guide by AngryGames) 3) Burn in mem for a good 12 hours if not 24 hours (the problem is whether I can wait this long... I'm so eager to use the new comp). 4) Setup Windows XP w/ SP2 integrated a. I will have latest NV Chipset drivers on a CD-RW, latest 3dfx stuff (lol) b. Tweak programs.. MBM, A64 TWeaker, Clockgen, Smartguardian c. Prime/Bench away 5) Reformat and and run at a stable OC (not too high) and then setup for regular daily use.. possible dual boot with 64-bit XP. Questions. 1) LAN a. I use the NV port right? Not the Marvell port? b. Better to turn the secondary lan on or off? c. If off, do I need to bother to install drivers in Windows? d. Firewall on or off? I have a router, will use SP2 firewall already, and Norton Systemworks seems to defend as a half firewall 2) Hard drives a. I have a PATA hard drive, but it is recommended that I DO NOT plug it in for Windows install right? My SATA drive is the primary drive. 3) North Bridge cooler a. It's not too hard to remove right? Pinch the pins on the back? Warm it up a bit so it loosens? b. I plan to use an Iceberq4 (Vantec) which is like a Spire cooler or Revoltech. c. File/dremel one small edge off and it's good to mount right? 4) PCI slots a. I thought I read something about new bios not being able to support PCI cards??? I have to use my Voodoo 3 for a month at least! 5) OCZ VX burnin a. 250 MHz @ 2-2-2 @ 3.3v right? (this requires 5V jumper?) b. http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....19&postcount=91 c. ^^ is that good settings? Anything you would change? d. I know that is for stability reasons but LDT can be 5x right? e. Lets not assume my ram will give me hell and all that, but for optimal settings, is this fine? f. I would prefer to know optimum settings like what you overclockers like to set at... 6) CPU Voltage a. Can someone explain to me how CPU VID Special control works? I understand setting VID, but the %??? Thank you very much! To bad I'll be in LA this weekend. My CPU and mobo and all other important parts are coming in Thursday, but I will be gone by then (sniff). I'm sitting here staring at my sticks of VX still in their package and my XP-120 cooler which is without a motherboard to plug into.... I'll be sure to share pictures and overclocking results/benches. Just don't expect my 3D Mark to be anything nice with this pathetic Voodoo 3 (I wouldn't be surprised if my laptop slaughtered my desktop with a Radeon 9000).
  10. There was a benchmark (I forgot was it Neoseeker?) It showed LDT beeing dropped from 1000 to 800 to 600 to 400 to 200, and the performance is negligible. It's not even like PCIe 16x all the way down to 1x. I remember the performance of LDT dropping was exactly the same (maybe 1 or 2 3dmarks difference). I recommend you keep it below 1000. There's no reason it needs to be high. IF you're using anything above 210 just drop it to 3x.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong then... Assuming I plug all 4 things in.... 1) I won't need to plug the 4 pin power thing into my floppy drive, and only use the FDD cable as that supplies power. Anything else? What about hard drives? What does the 4-pin molex allow me to do?
  12. Done, but my system isn't even half here yet. These are just pre-build questions. I want installation to be as smooth as possible. I haven't built in 4.5 years and I remember reinstalling windows like 6 times before I got a very sexy rig up and running.
  13. You should be running 2-2-2-5, 250 @ 3.2 to burn in your VX.
  14. Thank you!. 7800GT, not GTX. I originally planned for an X800XL, but seeing the next gen coming up closer and closer, it wuold be a waste of money to put down $300 and to get something that's about to fall off a cliff. So yes, August 11th is the big date for me when the 7800GT launches. However, if prices dont drop fast enough I might just have to grab a cheap 6800GT.
  15. I have a 3dfx card actually. I'm serious. Dead serious. I'm running my Voodoo 3 2000 on a brand new computer until the 7800GT is out. Bleh if only I could use my AGP card. Hmm there's a way to integrate SP2 right? I have an old XP disk so... yea. NLite or something?
  16. Ok, so I'm about to build a new comp with 3700+ SD and Ultra-D and an SATA drive w/ PATA as secondary. I've never worked with SATA drives but I've seen a friend use a boot disk for installation of Windows. I'm wondering if I will need to use a boot disk also? Since I'm a fan of the latest/updated drivers (I prefer installing new drivers over installing old ones first and then upgrading), I like to burn myself a CD-RW filled with the latest stuff using my laptop and then once Windows loads on the comp being setup, then I can copy all the drivers over. Forceware should cover everything right? Will there be other things I need to setup for the dual ethernet and the secondary SATA controller, audio, etc?? Thanks!
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