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  1. Well I'm going to try to max out my OC on an XP-120 and so I just hope I don't run into any chipset/LDT problems ...
  2. What do you guys keep it at? If I run 200 HTT x 5 = 1000 LDT, then what's a good voltage? When do I need to start raising it from 1.2V? What about chipset voltage? I know this will vary from case to case, but I just want a general sense I guess.
  3. How exactly do PSU sensors work? I k now they have a 3 pin fan plug to plug into the board, but what exactly dos that do? (Seasonic 600W)
  4. I turned off NV Firewall to begin with....
  5. Anyone know which points I need to touch? Pics would be nice so I can use my voltmeter. Thanks!
  6. I installed Windows XP. Then: 1) Chipset Drivers 6.66 from NV's s ite... reboot 2) 3dfx drivers (rofl... amigasport 3.0).. reboot NV Lan fails to work. I enable Marvell in my BIOS a nd then I install their drivers and the Marvell port works.. NV Lan will show up in the Network Connections in CPanel, but if I plug a port in, and try to obtain ip from my router, it fails after like 2 min. Marvel obtains like at a usual speed meaning it DHCP has succeeded, but NV port is weird??? I dunno. I would like to use the NV port and disable the Marvell port as I believe the NV Port has lower overhead. Plus, rather just have 1 active because I only need one... Anyone can help? Thanks! Edit: NV Firewall is off (never turned it on)
  7. Ok, so do you guys spread it or put a dot on the chipset? I mean with CPUs you put a small dot and you let the HSF spread it, but clearly you don't get that kind of pressure with the DFI fan or even if you put something else on it. I'm planning to take off the NB fan today and put some AS Ceramique on it (I don't trust my clumsy self with AS5 because I think I'll make a mess and zap zap fry fry).
  8. I recommend you to get the High Speed panaflo at least unless your fan controller can go down to 0V. The high speed = 12V, but 7V = medium and 5V = low speed. You can get 3 different panaflos that way. Now the ultra high speed will be even faster, and so I don't know how low you have to drop it for decent noise. I recommend you go PCI-e so you can get a DFI LP NF4 Ultra-D. You would rather be able touse your PCIe gfx card in the future if you upgrade again than to be stuck at a dead end with AGP. I still prefer the P160 over the P180 due to price and all that. I think the 180 is not as worth it. I'd rather get a stronger PSU and a cheaper case.
  9. Oh yea. I definitely do try to read Anand. THat's probably my main source actually. I do like how Xbit has a really nice thermal comparison for CPUs, and they do some weird benches most people don't do like a 21 x 160gb hard drive roundup last summer. I used to read THG after reading an Anand article, but I found their reviews to be pathetic. I just remember they slammed Abit's IS7-G which was one of the best and fastest 865PE boards out there that even kicked the crap out of half the 875 boards. Hexus is a really nice site too. But the most surefire way to get a good review is to read the review itself and head over to forums to see the experiences of the users w/ the product.
  10. What do you guys think about Anand then?
  11. Seasonic is not bad. It's just some incompatibility issue with Seasonic and DFI. The Seasonic PSUs are very good. I have not had an issue with mine on both my old system and my new one under construction. I did a 5v and 12v check today w/ multimeter at idle. 5.01v and 11.98v respectively.
  12. The AMD rendered like 4x as much as the Intel system for video also. It was hilarious to watch. If THG did a coverup of the Intel crashes that wuold've been even more funny...
  13. Well, I ordered my Seasonic 600W like 2 weeks ago when Ewiz had that crazy $106 sale. I've used it on my old system and my new system just booted yesterday. Flawless. I love this PSU so far.
  14. Awesome system. I agree with Angry about SDs over Venices. The 1mb cache is always nice. I would've gone with a diff graphics card, but since you got it already, that's ok.
  15. how come this seems so vaguely familiar to http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=71194 Just get hte SLI then. Maybe SLI-DR if you need an additional 4 SATA ports.
  16. Let's not get all mad about this. I know it's been said 1 billion times, but let's just say it again. Plug all 4 connectors in for power.
  17. Yup yup. Iceberq4!!! Just got one. Hmm.. well the mod in your sig is an Iceberq4 Pro. I didn't get the Pro vers cuz it's too large and I know it has issues. I will have to see how the Iceberq4 fits.
  18. It's ok. +/- 2% on SPCR. I would be more worried about the noise on that PSU. It makes a whining sound...
  19. Ahh... ok thanks! But I thought I should test in orange? Or just start with yellows?
  20. Oh... it's a problem when I leave all my boxes unopened =P. I guess I should've taken a closer look http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16821104103 Hehe, yea I see the port to hook it up with FDD. Heh, so I guess it'll be the same then. Thanks!
  21. These are rather expensive, but they are killers. I have seen the TCCD chips clock to 640 on XS. I think you would have to wait on availability for these. If you're looking for UTT chips, I would recommend OCZ's VX, Mushkin's Redline of the Geil One. I'm not as familiar with TCCDs, as I'm a bigger fan of tighter timings ^^. Unless you're really going to hit such high HTT speeds, I suggest sticking with UTT. Not everyone is going to run at like 310 HTT and DDR620. Plus, you need REALLY fast TCCD chips to overcome the latency deficiency. I prefer OCZ's VX where the tight timings and relatively high clocks can help it beat most TCCDs. Now of course, going UTT also brings about cold boot issues which have given many people hell. I however am willing to take that risk, and who knows.. maybe I'll be pulling hair out when I build in 3 days.
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