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  1. The whole jumper/switch system from 3.3 to 5V rail is what causes complexity. If they feed the RAM solely off the 5V rail like in their old boards, we wouldnt have the problem. It's the entire jumper system that causes a mess. This is why the new XFire board and the new revision of the NF4 series feed directly off the 5V rail (plus the boards are better laid out). Makes me wanna sell my board on ebay.
  2. Well? Has anyone else changed the chipset cooler to something else? If you have, what do you do about the pad?
  3. Actually.... Yate Loons and Nexus fans are the new hype. Panaflos are a thing of the past. If you check out Silent PC Review, you will see. Panaflos are still good no doubt, and that's why I got one for my XP-120. For case fan though? Yate Loon. I like how the Yate Loon runs w/ scaled voltage. Panaflo isn't exactly super quiet even when you undervolt.
  4. You have a 3000+ which is a 1.8 GHz. You copied those settings and you're at 290 HTT?? 290 * 9 = 2610 MHz. What are you smoking!??!?!! You want your 3000+ to run at 2610 right out of the box? Start with 200 * 9. Go up to 210 * 9. Bench. You should be able to run this at 1.4 or 1.45 volts. Keep pushing it 10 mhz at a time until you hit about 250. Slow down as you may need more volts now.... The name of the game is patience. It's been 24 hours now and I'm still at 2.7 GHz with my 3700+.
  5. TruePower might be a little better than SmartPower...
  6. Hey when you put your Iceberq 4 on it, you no longer have the foam pad from the DFI cooler, so isn't that the equivalent of having a DFI cooler w/o the shim?? Which means the foam pad is not necessary??
  7. Well I've been benching and whatever for the last 24 hours... I left it on OCCT torture test after I saw it was good for 20 min.. Damnit. The power did go out. I hope it d idn't fry anything =(. Is this stuff THAT fragile? My other system that I've abused like hell is still quite alive with an inferior power supply. Both were on today and my new system had to go poof.
  8. I came home from work at lunch (hell I'm home right now) and my system is off. So is my other system. I guess someone shut them off or maybe the power went off. In either case I was pissed. I flipped both systems back on and my new s ystem REFUSED to boot. I hit power and 4 LEDs and it dies. PSU fan powers up for like 2 seconds and spins and stops. CPU fan never spins. I clear CMOS, power down my PSU, 1 RAM stick on OJ slot, unplug floppy and DVD drive. All 4 power plugs are in. No go. Same deal. I took out my Voodoo 3 and wow powered on like a miracle. Tried it a few times and still powered. Stuck the card back in, powered, died. Took card out, powered... failed. Cleared CMOS then powered on... works..... Uh is there some known issue here? I have no other PCI card and no PCIe card until my 7800GT ships out. I'm basically stuck here. But the problem here is that the weird boot still happens w/o Voodoo card sometimes too. When I first booted up my system.. same deal. What's up Update: Plugged CPU fan into a different fan plug (fan5) and it booted up WITH Voodoo. Any reason why? Drawing too much power? So Voodoo and FAN switched can make a difference. Does this have ANYTHING to do with teh PSU's 5v rail?
  9. I've determined that a little dremeling needs to be done on the side because of some blockage, but that's ok. I'm sure a file will do the trick, but I'm lazy so I want to dremel. I'm just wondering what to do about the foam pad from the stock cooler. The Vantec Iceberq 4 is just a flat copper bottom. That will be fine right? No zappage should happen right ><.
  10. The NEW NF4 Ultra-D/SLI-D® looks the same as the Crossfire board I believe. The RAM layout is all identical, and the RAM feeds off the 5V line ^^. No more cold boot hopefully and NO MORE RAM FRYAGE! Plus the PCIe x16 slots are double spaced =P Yay. Wait. I have the old board. Crap. Ebay?
  11. I would stay away from Thermaltake for PSUs. Antec, Fortron, OCZ, and Seasonic are my list of good PSUs. I shoul dwarn you beforehand that some Seasonics have trouble with DFI LP NF4s? My friend and I have the exact same PSU (Seasonic 600W) and he can't boot while I'm OCing happily right now.
  12. Tips that I learned from my build: Start with 1 stick of RAM on OJ slot (#2). Plug ALL 4 connectors in for power. If it doesn't boot, don't panic. Flip your PSU off, reset CMOS, etc. Try again. If you get a successful boot, try to up the voltages a bit for safety reasons and then FLASH BIOS ASAP! Once you get that you can try playing around with lower voltages to see if you can get back down to stock. Otherwise... Good luck! If you want to try OCing, have PATIENCE. I finished RAM testing last night even though I've had my system running since Monday. I just started CPU testing and I won't be benching 3D Mark till this weekend (on my friggn Voodoo 3). My 7800GT hopefully gets here next week so I can finish up all benchmarking and game by the end of next week. Be sure to burn in. You will be happy that you did.
  13. QFT. Or you can be like me and try every plug out until I hear something on speakers =P
  14. WHy not a 2nd PCI Express card? From a money standpoint I can understand, but from a technical perspective I don't see why...
  15. Ok you guys all need to use a meter before you complain about overvolting. I see undervolting in BIOS actually. If I set 3.3, a multimeter will read 3.41. If I turn off the +0.03, it drops to 3.37. I was benching my OCZ VX at 3.3 and I wondered why I could hit 260 so easily, and so apparently my board does overvolt the memory. As for Vcore, I find the BIOS settings to be quite inline with my voltage readings on a meter. NEVER TRUST THE SOFTWARE. CPUz tells me 1.36 Vcore when I'm at 1.404. That's why I hate it when people post CPUz screenshots w/o more info because I still can't figure out what the real voltage is.
  16. Umm your colors aren't very good for a sig. I have to strain my eyes to read that. It's like putting yellow on white bg.... Gosh. Dont make me go blind :nod: Yea and I think we should also give some suggestions besides telling him to make a sig. AS5/Cing the NB cooler could do you some good. If you really want a new solution, a Vantec Iceberq would fit. Iceberq4 needs a slight dremel work (I will be doing this tonight)
  17. I cant get my NV Lan to work on 6.66 and 6.53. I can't get it to work period basically. The hardware is installed but the IP address doesn't get obtained. Marvell on the other hand works....
  18. 5V rail: Set 3.3 in BIOS, apparently the +0.03v boost was left on. I noticed I could hit 260 2-2-2-5 and 261 with like 1 or 2 errors per pass and 262 with 4 errors per pass. My memory must be way to good to do this at 3.3 so I took a voltmeter out and I got a reading of 3.4. Turned off the +0.03 boost and voltmeter read 3.37. Switched dram voltage to 3.4 this morning and voltmeter reads 3.48 3.49. Anyone getting this?
  19. Ok, before you guys yell at incorrect vcore.. I'll say this NEVER TRUST SOFTWARE READINGS. REPEAT AFTER ME: NEVER TRUST SOFTWARE READINGS. Go grab a $10 multimeter and MEASURE! I'm a t 1.35 * 1.04 which gives you 1.404. MBM reads 1.36. BIOS reads that too. Multimeter reads 1.40. =) Similarly. Vdimm is 3.4 right now but multimeter reads 3.48.... BIOS reads 3.46. No wonder I can hit 264mhz with almost no errors and 265 with well under 5 errors per pass in memtest.
  20. I think he's wondering like You can get 1.400 from 1.400 * 100% Or you could do... 1.275 * 110% = 1.4025 or I use 1.35 * 104% = 1.404 THey'r epretty much 1.4 volts but whats the difference? Why not just set 1.400 * 100%
  21. Can you tell us how many LEDs are on? Try booting with 1 stick of RAM.
  22. A lot of people claim that audio is so easy to tell apart. If you configure Karajan and Audigy 2 in the right manner, I bet like 80% of us would be like wow... you can't really tell. Pepsi Challenge? Iono, but unless you're a true audiophile, I say its pretty damn good already.
  23. I'm using 623-3. Actually I'm not sure if I hit cold boot. Cold boot is when you power on but Vmem only is like 2.6? I didn't have that. Power on and it hit 3.3. I guess my problem was that Vmem was being applied prior to a power up. I heard this was the cause for ram fryage..
  24. So I guess this links to cold boot and what not, but I think after took apart my motherboard to ceramique the NB fan, I plugged it in and a boot failed. Not wanting to clear CMOS so fast, I powered off my Seasonic and powered it back on. I stuck the meter in and it was reading 2.4V for Vdimm. Powered on and it jumped to 3.3V and I booted up. Ummm any explanations why Vdimm/Vmem is being applied prior to bootup. Also I have gotten a boot before where Vdimm registers 3.3v but no screen display. Moreover I can't power off using the power button on the motherboard and so I'm forced to hit the switch on PSU
  25. Raptors are overrated. The 36gb ones are not even that good anymore. The 74s get outperformed by 16mb cache drives in some real life tests. The 10k RPM helps in many synthetic tests, but honestly if regular SATA drives can come so close, I would rather wait for the next generation raptors rumored to come out in November and grab a Seagate 7200.9 or WD SATA drive right now
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