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  1. are you guys CRAZY? Wow I know the PWMIC can take really high temps around 100, but mine doesn't go over 50 at all. Idles around 40. Load 49. In my house where the air is much cooler (no AC), I idle around 37 or so and load at 44.
  2. Dual channel for both. I'm runing VX in yellow too. AG uses yellow slots, so I dunno. It just depends on preference. I havent benched yellow vs OJ (too lazy). Anyone wanna throw some credible results out there?
  3. AngryGames says he uses yellow slots for all. I think it depends from person to person. I'll attempt a bench with Yellow vs Orange soon with my VX4000. I'm using yellow right now personally.
  4. Yes and GX uses BH-5. Some people prefer BH over CH.. just depends. My CH-5 runs flawlessly at 265.
  5. Yeah read the thread about getting MBM5 to work with NF4s. They also have links to getting NV/ATI cards to work on MBM5. Works fine on my 7800GT =)
  6. A lot of peopel have also used Vantec Iceberqs. They work pretty nicely. If you want a little more, get the Iceberq4. Iceberq4 Pro will NOT fit though. For the regular Iceberq4, while the holes don't line up exactly, the pins can go slightly slanted, and so I know people who have drilled new holes, and I know people who haven't (me + a few others). You will have to dremel a small (very small) bit of copper for clearance with a clock crystal. Other than that, the fan works great!
  7. rexian: I hear the 0521s and later aren't getting very good clocks. My 0522 is stable @ 2.64 w/ 1.55 volts I believe. I tried for days to stabilize 2.75 and when I finally got it to run for 12 hrs, someone shut off my comp, so I didn't try any further. Took about 1.65 or 1.66 volts to hit 2.75. Temps 42/42/42 for Cpu, PWMIC and Chipset @ 2.75 It just depends on your chip man.
  8. Wiping AS5 off with some Alcohol + Q-tips or bounty will definitely work if oyu dont want to buy ArctiClean. How does the testing with 1 stick work? No errors? Test each stick for about 8 hrs each. That's the general rule before you move onto both sticks. Try orange slots btw.
  9. Wonder if I can RMA although that would be a PITA to put everything back in and to lose my system for say a week...
  10. It's been about a month or so since I've had my system. I should thank everyone for their support here. I haven't had major problems, and mostly all my posts related to pre-build questions. Anyways, I had only 1 problem and that was NV Lan not working. I've tried 6.66 and the last 2 revisions as suggested by AG. No go. It obtains IP address for like 2 minutes before going to 167.blah.blah.blah. I hope my router isn't the issues (Linksys WRT54GS). Marvell lan works perfectly fine, but after all I did buy this board right? I should be getting dual gigabit ethernet and not just 1. Anyone having this problem? This isn't exactly a HUGE issue with me, but I would prefer to have a fully functioning board.
  11. I want to make a comment on this because I have a Seasonic 600W and a DFI Ultra-D board. So here was my problem when I first built on day 1: Plugged minimal in.. CPU, HSF + Fan, all 4 power connectors, floppy for BIOS flash, keyboard (no mouse). No boot. Even took the floppy out. No boot. Fans would power on for like 1/2 a sec and stop spinning soon enough. There would be none of this if I hit the power button again on the DFI board, so I cleared CMOS and it would do the 1/2 second thing again.. I moved things around, and it worked miraculously. Next time I moved stuff into my case, and this failed again. So you know what my problem was? My medium panaflo which draws about 0.3 amps, so like 4 watts or so could not be plugged into the CPU fan connector. I plug it into like another fan connector (not fan2) and it works flawlessly. Since I use a fan controller now, I don't have boot issues. My Seasonic 600W was purchased in late July 05 when Ewiz had the $106 deal. I'm sure some of you guys here also jumped into that deal. So yea, just my 2 cents.
  12. I already have a front intake although air hits the HDs first before going into the case. Some air rebounds out. I know for this I probably have more outtake than intake. Should I turn my rear fan into an intake as well? so I suck air in from both front and in? My medium panaflo on XP-120 moves a lot of air ^^ Temps are 38/41/41 on load (2.75 ghz).
  13. I've seen 255 2-2-2-5 @ Xtremesystems with 2 gigs of ram (4x512). You can do it too. Just at 2T, but with those blazing timings and frequency, you'll still be smoking away.
  14. Ok, you can't use the Intel strategy of RAM dividers and m ultiply divider by HTT. A64s don't work that way. http://math.gogar.com/athlon64.cgi?htt=280&showtable=1 That's your actual ram frequency. Lower latency will be better in your case I believe. Your dividers hold your RAm back significantly and with such high timings and low speeds you're double held back. Maybe you need to raise your vdimm.
  15. Yes yes =P I dont want tow aste 8 hours of having my PC sit at home doing nothing. i want to be able to prime test =P
  16. See how high you can get with 1.40. It's all testing. You need to know how much volts your machine likes. I'd say you need at least 1.5 at that level... Could be wrong though...
  17. I understand I can do that but I'm doing this via remote desktop. I need to be able to OC at work =P. Just wondering if anyone hit this bug too...
  18. I was trying OCing in Windows today, and setting 210 FSB would crash the system instantly. Like I hit set and the system restarts... Uhh I've primed like 24 hrs on 225 x 11. Moreover, I can easily hit at least 2.55 ghz with stock voltages.... Either my system hates clockgen or something. Anyways, I pumped the voltage in Clockgen and the changes aren't seen in CPUz or MBM5 or SmartGuardian. Why is this? Today I tried it earlier and CPUz registered instantly, but now Clockgen seems broken?
  19. BTW. DFI overvolts for RAM I believe. I can get "3.3" to 261 MHz without errors on VX. A meter showed my voltages were 3.41. Turned off the +0.03v boost and it dropped to 3.38. If I pick 3.4, measured coems out about 3.5. 3.5 measures about 3.6....
  20. Seasonic is QUIET and AWESOME. It has some incompatibilities though, so if it doesn't work.... You should be sad. I would be sad. That PSU is hella nice.... Great voltage regulation too (according to my meter)
  21. Mmmm I can run them at 3.4 all the way till 261 I think. However 3.4 in BIOS is about 3.5 using a meter =P. But still 3.5 all the way till 261 is nice. 262 is when errors kick in like mad. 265 can be done with 3.5 easily for me. But yes. Burning in DOES HELP. I originally got hella errors at 3.2 (3.22 on meter) at 250, but now I'm down to like 0.25 errors per pass on avg.
  22. Ok errors are GOOD for testing and burning in. You WANT errors. You want to get like 10 errors per pass and leave it on. You will see that after time the errors get fewer and fewer. The point is to burn in a nd TRAIN memory to use less voltage.
  23. AS5 is high quality. I recommend Arctic Ceramique. If you mess up it won't conduct electricity at least. You can squirt it all o ver your motherboard and stuff won't fry. If you do that with AS5, zap zap boom boom. I reserve AS5 for CPU only. GPU and Chipset get Ceramique. I ceramiqued the DFI fan and temps were around 40/41 load. I put on a vantec Iceberq4 copper cooler and it's still 40/41.
  24. Is it me or CPU-Z displays voltages in 0.016 increments. I had 1.600, 1.616, 1.632, and 1.648. Now it's jumping between 648 and 664. I hope this doesn't mean my voltage itself is jumping but rather the voltage is something between 1.648 and 1.664 so that it jumps back and forth..... I cant hold a meter for very long but apparently its 1.71 according to my meter.
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