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  1. Err like a replacement from DFI
  2. My chipset fan failed and I bought the motherboard this summer. Where can I go to get a new one?
  3. Have any of you guys ever gotten this problem? I leave my computer on 24/7 so it often goes 7+ days without shutting off. However, almost everytime, the temperature readings on Smart Guardian stop working after a few days. They are set @ one temperature and do not move anymore. Closing/opening ITE will not work either. So then I usually reboot, after I reboot, my CPU fan stops spinning and when I load into windows, ITE shows 128 degrees for all 3 readings. It also does not move nor change. At this point, I shut down however after windows and everything shuts off, there is just a blank screen while everything in the computer is still on. At this point, I need to turn off the power from the back and then do a cold start. Really weird, don't know what could be causing this, specs are in sig.
  4. The setup I got in my sig came out to $1621.35 shipped + tax. Overclocked the venice to 2.7ghz. BF2 @ 1280x1024 with settings max, 4 AA, 16 AF, runs silky smooth. Personally, I would go with either a X2 3800+ or a Venice 3000+. Also, wanna consider 2 gigs of ram.
  5. Well, I'm just pretty damn pissed off right now... What can I do?
  6. Well... I just did that and upon booting into windows, I am greeted with a BSOD.. :mad: :mad: :mad: Watch your language or take a vacation sir. RGone...
  7. How do I tell what version I have? I installed the ones on the cd and I *think* they are 6.14 from looking at 3dmark05 diagnostics. However, I think these are causing low 3dmark01 scores and I would like to update them. Btw, to clean/reinstall them, uninstall, safemode, driver clean, and then install right?
  8. Oh and a minor thing. I'm having the problem where everytime you reboot, windows performs a disk check before loading into windows. There was a setting in the registry or something but it has been a long time since I had this problem. Does anyone remember the solution?
  9. Hah, yep, I'm in 2x allright then :cool: I'll see about moving it to the top slot or just enabling SLI.
  10. Ok, so I should enable SLI mode even though I only have this one card in the second slot?
  11. Oh really? So the higher slot offers better performance?
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