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  1. Like the earlier posts stated; it depends on your case's air flow. I use the Thermaltake VA8000 case and the air flows from front to back with no side fan, so the Zalman 9500 works perfectly in that scenario. If you have a side fan on your case the TT Big Typhoon might work better for you.
  2. If you want smooth performance with BF2, you are going to want 2G of Ram. 4X512 or 2X1024 will make a serious difference in BF2.
  3. http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...7&enterthread=y This is good information concerning your questions.
  4. Loosen your timings and up your Ram voltage, are the two things that come to mind. What voltage is the Ram currently set at? Are you completing Memtest86 first, then trying Prime95, with each increase?
  5. http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/announcements.php Incase you hadn't heard, the long awaited 64bit version of Daemon Tools is now available. Windows x64 is an excellent OS, and the reasons to stay away from it are drying up. If you are using SCSI drives, you may have trouble with DT x64. If you have Nero 6, you will need to upgrade to Nero 7, for both DT and Nero to work properly.
  6. They make SATA or ATA 15K drives, other than SCSI? Must be a new product I'm not familiar with. And to get back on topic, my problems are officially fixed. 3 days and no lockups or crashes with the new Azureus, I couldn't be happier.
  7. "You" don't need 500Gb for storage, or "I" don't? You know exactly what I'm doing, how is that? I have other drives and an enclosure as well. Don't profess to know what another needs, what I do is more than storage, I need fast performance. You work with digital audio much?
  8. Problem solved, I have no ports open and I am running PG2 (yellow NAT error but works great regardless), Azureus ran all night while streaming media. Stoked! Almost 5 months I put up with this crashing routine.
  9. Borrow a stick of ram from your friend, if you get it running with his ram, go into bios and raise the ram volatage to 2.7V, then try your ram.
  10. Paying more than a $1 a gig is overkill in my opinion :shake: . Updating to Azureus from, seems to have fixed my problems. I will test it tonight, but so far it hasn't worked this well in months.
  11. No I don't think it is stupid for wanting 2 continuous 500G volume sets, I have my reasons. If you notice, one set is PATA and the other is SATA, what would be stupid is to mix those 4 drives in a Raid 0+1 and lose the speed benefit of SATA II. I replace my drives every year, do you think those drives will fail in a year? Do you know something I don't? Raid0 is for speed, thats why they are configured that way. Anyways, I will be installing the other drive with XP32 SP1 and testing this out over the next couple of days, I'll post back.
  12. I've tried with a port open and with all ports closed, same thing. I was frozen again this morning. I am tiring of this. I may leave another hard drive in my machine running XP32 SP1 to see if this fixes the damn problem.
  13. The new router has helped, I was able to d/l 6 torrents and stream media. This morning everything was going full speed for once. I did experience the same old lockup when d/l'ng 10 torrents upping 2 and browsing on the net. I am using Peerguardian, I am wondering if that is the problem now. Are you guys using PG2 or a similar blocker?
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