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  1. :confused: So does WOL not mean "Wake On Lan"? I assumed it did because when I enabled WOL in my BIOS, I could magically Wake On Lan when I couldn't before...
  2. Yea...that's where I've been looking...but it's not there... I did end up finding it however on page 99. It was hard to find because it just says WOL. Here's what the manual says for others that may be searching in the future. Under the Power Management area-
  3. Umm yup...I have...and just did again Yet I still see absolutely no mention of Wake-on-LAN, all I see is the wake option for keyboard/mouse.
  4. I need to know this too The manual offers no help on where to find this option and all I can find in the BIOS is Wake On Keyboard, Mouse, and Button. Where do I enable this option at? Lanparty SLI DR
  5. yea....i've had some scary chipset temps w/o any overclocking and my 7800gtx's in sli...here's what i did though: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...7742#post217742
  6. Wonderful link, thanks alot. But I'm curious...at the current temps I'm getting, would there be any reason for me to actually take off my chipset fan and do this? Or are my temps now within an acceptable range? What would be the advantage of getting my temps lower under load? Does it really matter? Thanks.
  7. Well, if you're in SLI w/a DFI LANPARTY SLI DR like me (can't speak for the other boards), then you've probably noticed the horrendous placement of the chipset fan that does nothing but breath the extremely hot air from your vid cards. My chipset would get up to 68+ when in BF2, and sometimes even lock the computer. And yes, my air circulation is fine b/c I had had a Asus SLI board in here before and never had these problems. Anyways, after months scouring the internet for something that would solve this, I think I've found a pretty good solution and I thought I'd pass it along. I made a trip to the local Fry's and I found a piece that looked like it was made for my problem: the Zalman FB123 ( http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/view.asp?idx=15&code=016 ). Here were the before pics of the problem: http://cs.baylor.edu/~hickeyw/images/chipset1.jpg http://cs.baylor.edu/~hickeyw/images/chipset2.jpg Here's what it looks like installed now: http://cs.baylor.edu/~hickeyw/images/chipset_fixed.jpg Before Temps: CHIPSET IDLE: 51-53 CHIPSET LOAD: 68 (highest value that I actually checked, computer locked sometimes and I'm assuming it was b/c of this) After Temps: CHIPSET IDLE: 44 CHIPSET LOAD: 55 I couldn't be happier. :angel:
  8. To my knowledge, only the 7200.8 supports NCQ. Should I then move the other SATAs to the other slots?
  9. Since my chipset can almost reach 70c when stressed b/c of the genius board layout for people running SLI setups...would it make a difference if I used SiI's SATAs 5-8 instead of the chipset's SATAs 1-4? Currently, I have 1 DVD burner and 3 hard drives going to the chipset's SATA ports. In fact, is it "better" to connect the SATA to the SiI ports instead of the nf4 ports?
  10. Same setup here...same temps as u. I almost schnat my pants when I first saw my chipset hit 68c when stressing the rig.
  11. I had thought that these were 16x slots? But accroding to my nvidia Graphics card info screen, my Bus is PCI Express x8. Um....why? (Forceware 77.76 and the latest DFI BIOS)
  12. Mkay...AS5 may lower my temp by 5c...burrowing a hole in the side of my case to add another side fan to blow on my chipset may help a couple degrees....yadda yadda.... But this just absoloutly blows my mind....I bought this DFI board b/c I've always heard that they are the best of the best...I put aside the extra cash, saved the money....yet their top of the line board can't properly hand what's it's supposed to (SLI)? This just doesn't make sense to me...
  13. SWEET! Just played some HDR Far Cry for about 20 minutes....minimized....and my chipset was at 68c!?!?!?!!??!?! Dear DFI, wtf? Are these temps safe?
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