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  1. 1.4 - 1.5 is what ive been seing around after that your not gettin much of a gain, and raising temps through the roof, on just air of course. My sweet spot for volts is around 1.42, and 1.44, from 1.8 to 2.7 on a very small volt boost is most tres excellent.
  2. Not really a BIOS bug, considering opty isnt supported, but yeah there is a couple dividers that wont show up for me, leaves my mem screen overclock blank(shows timings and all still) But at least yours shows the right #of pins for your chip!
  3. I have been using avast for about a year, 32 bit, i like it alot better than the more mainstream virus protection around.
  4. I was reading about the opty and noticed something about only supporting pc2700 ram, this mean thats all the support fellas will help people out with, or will ocn your ram be luck of the draw getting it over ddr400?
  5. Ive had to install windows a BUNCH of times after getting into the lanparty ocing groove im in lol.
  6. I got a link from tech tv a year or two ago for the reg edit, went there the other day, and like its a different channel/site rofl, i didnt even see a picture of leo, just little tv punk rocker kids rofl.
  7. GCPUID, just tried it out, and yeah i like it a bit better than cpuid, couple extra tools like mentioned, and i do like the speed thing, didnt like the no memory thing though.
  8. I really love drilling the heck outta my 12-15 dollar cases, one day I'll have a set up i like, but i usually remember to do my holes and such after i have done my pant job >.<
  9. I grapped a pair of sheet meltal cutters the other day, and cut a hole in the mobo tray where the psu cables leave the psu it self(and covered the cuts with small rubber siding stuff i got at the hardware store for about a buck a few feet, couldnt find my dman rivet set), routed them through 3 different holes i cut to basically the point of where they need to be plugged in, dropped my pwmic and chipset down 4 degrees celcius, and i can see stuff in there now rofl
  10. Command per clock (CPC)= Enable Gonna have to disable this for 4x modules to run
  11. referring to post # 457, so if you do happen to bust a pin, the bugger will still actually work?
  12. Just making sure, you didnt have to run your vid card in the lower slot?
  13. shouldnt make much a diff at all, it would be the same as having a two settings to change the tenths and hundreths >shrug
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