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  1. When it to the winter Im hoping to cross the 3.2ghz threshold on my opty. Ther are much easier to OC.
  2. Yep thats about right, I get about 52c on mine after some time usage. Check my siggy on how much punishment it sees
  3. Upgrading my rig with an Opteron 170 and loading Vista as the OS. Is there a build compatible for both? If not, any other system monitoring software out there that will monitor my cpu? Thanks!
  4. Interested in you Opteron chip. Little confused with your posting wether if youve done OCing with the chip or not. If you have, how high were ya able to get stablely? Thanks!
  5. Looking for one that "can" be OCed and looking for at least 2.5ghz. Please PM me or reply with price tags. Thanks!
  6. This is the big question that I would like answered but cannot do it untill Nvidia releases SLI support for the 7950. Only the scores will tell but in the mean time 7950 is a waste and people should wait a few months to see who this platform works. I popped on of these in my rig and did not see the difference, cause the games do not support dual core VGA cards...
  7. The 7950 is a mixed blessing deal. My problem with it is 3 things: 1. Just one of these will consume 300watts under load. This means in SLI, 600watts will be consumed! Not practical. 2. Just one of these will consume some good chunk of PCIe bandwidth. Most of us have mobos that will splite the PCIe bus to x8 in SLI which will propose a problem for those that want to eventually SLI the 7950. 3. GPU and RAM have been downclocked, caused my limitations to technology and trying to keep the cooling soulutions to SLI reference. Would like to see this with AC adaters to plug into the product. Its a great idea BUT there is very limited support for this particular product and is about 8 months ahead of its time. Well need to see PCIe mobos with dedicated x16 per slot in SLI and 1kw PSUs is mainstay before this product will see betters takes. This could explain why the 7950 is on par with $$ with the 7900gtx.
  8. The deal fell through so I am relisting this chip. Bump.
  9. CPUZ app should reveal your core ID. Look at the Core ID section of it to find out.
  10. Im thinking of selling my BFG Geforce 7800GTXOC for a 7900GTX. Would like 350.00 for it. Reply of PM me if interested. Thanks.
  11. First thing to do is run memtest for a couple of hours. Also can you put put your RAM timmings, Vcore, and Vdimm settings into your sig. Are you overclocking the CPU yet? Tried any other PC game yet? BF2 is inherriantly unstable and poor tester for system stability.
  12. Nope, Crossfire is propriatary to ATI chipsets and dont see ATI ever releasing thay instruction set anytime soon. So pick your path: Do I go all Nvidia? Do I go all ATI?
  13. Drop your HTT:CPU multiplier to 9 and up the HTT to see what happends.
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