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  1. I don't have a sound card I only have a the onboard sound.
  2. No I installed it about two weeks ago and it did it from the very begining
  3. I saw another post with the same problem but there were so many posts I didn't know what to do. Can you guys help me out this one time? Its the post where the blue windows bar at the boot screen goes by about 30 times.
  4. well I use itunes for my 1000+ songs and I dont think I hear it make any noise when windows starts.
  5. I just bought a set of logitech X-530 speakers. I can't get the center speaker to work though. I've updated my drivers and set windows to the 5.1 setup but still nothing. I used the nvidia test to see if sound could come through. It showed that it could and the sound came through on the test.
  6. Youre right, thats weird. Well it looks like their exactly the same.
  7. Is it possible that you need two Rosewill sticks and need to run them in dual channel. If that doesn't work try to get the same XMS sticks again.
  8. I have an 80 gig ATA 133 hard drive right now but I want a SATA. Is it possible to have my old hard drive save all its old files while still running a hard drive off of SATA 1.5?
  9. DFI NF3 250Gb motherboard OCZ 512MB Ram PC 3200 AMD 64 2800+ Geforce FX 5200 Western Digital 80 GB IDDE Hard Drive Stock CPU cooler 350 watt Antec PSU
  10. oh right I have to go find one. Still can you help me with this problem?
  11. that was funny. It's from Resident Evil. Can you help or not?
  12. I'd say upgrade the hard drives because it seems like you have plenty of memory and water cooling isn't a must.
  13. I Just got my new memory, cpu, and motherboard today but after I installed windows I shut it down and then startd it back up to redo the boot sequence. When I finished that it restarted and then I updated my computer with all the windows updates but when I shut it down I couldnt start it back up. There was a warning label on the memory aboutsomething with the LED's on the mobo. I through it away not thinking about it. Now I don't remember what it said. I dont get any response from my screen when i start my computer. Everything works except my screen doesnt come on. Two red LED's are now lit on my motherboard. I can't even get to my bios to fix it. Can anyone help me please?
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