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  1. Yeah, I did the wizard. It didn't make any difference. I just did some registry changes (set ShowAdvanced, ShowFirewall and createcenter to 1) I read and now I do get center sound, but I don't think it's a true center sound. I think it's just the other speaker all combined into the center, which is not what I want. In a true Dolby THX DVD, the center channel unsually just has dialog. I don't want a simulated sound. Also, with the registry mods I made, I don't know what thiungs to check off in the newly appearing options under NVmixer. I have the latest sound driver. Also, I noticed, I don't see any speaker set in the hardware device manager. Is that because the speakers aren't plug and play?
  2. I have the Logitech x-530 5.1 speakers. My nVidia setup shows 5.1 selected. I play a 5.1 movie through WinDVD and when I select 6 speakers, the voice is so low and muffled coming out of the center speaker it cannot be understood. I have to use 4 speaker setup so that the sound is played through all 4 speakers. I tried both the "center speaker and subwoofer connected to microphone" checked and unchechecked in Advanced controls for Master Volume. No changes. Searching the board didn't help me either. Can anyone suggest how to get sound to work correctly? As far as I know, all speakers are plugged into the proper place.
  3. What registry thing? I see on Google about a "Registry thing" but I have yet to see a mention of what needs to be done, either in Google or on this board.
  4. When I have the fanmate 2 plugged into the CPU fan, plugged into the CPU fan power on the m/b, as soon as the PC posts, the fan spins down and stops along with the LED light going off. No matter what setting on the fanmate 2 I sue, this happens. Without the fanmate 2 plugged in, it's not a problem, although the LED doe not light. If I switch the power (with tha Fanmate 2 plugged in) to the Fan 2 on the m/b, it words fine. It seems some sort of current or something does to the CPU fan sensor I guess and this causes the fan to spin down. Is this happening to anyone else? What do you think I should do? Skip the fanmate (then I don't get the LED), or swap the m.b plug with Fan 2? Do both thes m/b connectors supply the same voltage to the fans? I don't want to blow out my CPU fan.
  5. No, I only see the GPU core. I used the NiBiTor program and the "use temperature trick" is checked. I don't see anything about ambient temp in there. I think the eVga just does not have ambient, although someone way way back said they got it, "viewing it right now..." were the words they posted. Never got an answer back from that though. If it doesn't work it doesn't work. I'm fine with that. I would just like to hear it.
  6. Auto: No, it wasn't you. It was someone else, about 400 postings ago. I'll try Rivatuner. This thread is so long in time and length, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  7. No, no info there I haven't read already here. Files there match mine exactly. Someone here once said they had the ambient on the eVga but when I asked how he got it working, no response. I see a few people asking specifically about that card and no one has a definitve answer. Even a "it work work on that card" would suffice.
  8. Those threads only show how to get the CORE temp if it's not already there. I have not seen one single post ever mentioning how to get the ambient temp. Many many people are asking, but I havn't seen an answer yet other than links to other threads about CORE temperatures.
  9. I am using my speakers from my last pc as they are great sounding, the Logitech Z-540, but they don't quite retrofit to the number of outputs. Don't get me wrong, the sound is great, but with front, back and side speaker outputs, yet only two cables from the Logitech's I had to improvise. I am using the 7.1 sound, even though it's not quite correct. What speakers arep people using and are you using 5.1 or 7.1 sound? I'd like to get some ideas.
  10. OK sovled. Flog me. Listen to this, because it doesn't make total sense. I checked the connections and one of the cables into the soundcard (onboard) was not all the way in. Pushed it all the way in. Done. Now that is weird. I would think I would get no sound at all, not just not getting windows sounds. Makes me wonder. I know if I have a stereo headphones and put it only part way into an iPod or other music device, I get only one speaker, so I wonder if it's something like that. That is really nutty. Maybe Windows sounds are DirectSound instead of hardware playing and the cables are stereo and the first "notch" on the cable is for hardware and the second is for software? Who know, but I am glad it is working. Thank you all.
  11. Sound theme is already default. Hitting sounds samples gives me silence, even though with the equalizer up it shows green bars. Just no sound. I already have WOW effect off. DXDiag gives me no sound for DirectSound, but DirectMusic works fine. I have Logitech Z-540 speakers.
  12. No h/w change. Remeber though, I get all sounds except Windows System sounds. I can play MP3, WAV, AVI, etc. through media players and games, but no system sounds like beep on error, shutdown, startup, etc.
  13. Wow, I don't know what it is about this forum, but it seems I am the only one who ever experiences these problems as I never get a single response, or even a suggestion as to what to look for.
  14. Normally, I don't ask these questions because I figure them out myself, but this one has me stumped. A few days ago, sounds from the internet in Firefox have stopped, and some programs like Trillian and Windows games like pinball, etc. However WAV and MP3 files in iTunes and other audio programs work, as does MOV, MPG and AVI files in my media player (I don't use Windows media player). Also, big time games like Doom and the like all work. What should I look for? Also, in the Control Panel is I go to Sounds and click on the play sample button, I don't hear anything. I don't have a yellow question mark or red X on the device list. I am stumped. I thought it might be from a Windown Update, but I restored an old backup and same results. I know I had sound in Trillian about 2 weeks ago. Please help.
  15. NF4 SLI-DRI got a Casio Z-750 camera and when I plug it into one of the USB ports to copy down photos, it does 1 or 2 then it hangs and kills the battery that was fully charged on my camera. I pulled out the Secure SD card and put it in a different camera, same thing. I plugged into a different USB port, which seems to be 1.1 as it was much slower. Copied down no problem. Is there an updated driver for the USB ports? Not all USB ports are 2.0?
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