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    SATA problem

    Er, I finally did some more reading (searched for 'SATA 133' instead of 'Raptor 133' and got better results. I saw the thread telling you to check your device manager SATA controller settings. I'm getting a sustained speed of 60, burst of 112, theoretical 150. How does that stack up? :>
  2. Hi all, Thanks to the help of techs here and techs at DFI, I appear to have a pretty stable system up now. This may or may not be an issue, but here goes: After POST, when the system detects attached SATA drives, it's picking up my SATA-150 Raptor (74GB) as an ATA-133 drive with no S.M.A.R.T. functionality. I don't recall there being an option in the BIOS to enhance this, does anyone know of a workaround? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the advice - I just spoke with a guy named Frank at DFI who told me something along those lines. He had me reset CMOS and put everything back at auto, only raising ram voltage to 2.8V on my ram. So far that seems to be doing the trick, even in dual channel, with everything (including CPC) set back to Auto. I'll let you know how things progress. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Okay, so I just flashed to 6/23-3 and used the settings Sharp gave to another 3200C2PT user, and now even with only one DIMM the system halts at the third LED. Why would it not be detecting my CPU? I have double checked that all fan and power connections have been made, and I believe I'm using an approved power supply for non-SLI configurations. Please, help me out. :
  5. Hi friends, First post on the forums, just finished unpacking and installing my new lanparty board. Specs are in the signature, I'm running the default BIOS which came on the board. I am, of course, another unfortunate corsair 3200C2PT user. I have two 512mb sticks (TwinX matched pair) being auto-detected at 2.5-3-3-8 at 2.7V. I'm considering forcing the DRAM timings to their factory defaults of 2.5-3-3-6 at 2.7V. Either way, here's the real problem: First system boot ever: Boots up, I get into bios, everything's gravy. Reboot, nothing. Stuck at the DRAM detected LED (2). Both dimms are in the orange slots. System appears to work fine with one dimm removed, but not the other. I assume this has something to do with the CPC bug other users have discovered. But, my BIOS does not have the option to force 2T cpc. The option is missing. If i reboot the system enough times, it eventually posts and goes back into memtest86, where it passes every single test. I'm running it right now, and everything is passing in dual channel. I am boggled. Can anyone offer me some advice here? I'm going to try updating to bios 6/23-3 right now to see if it helps my problem. Many thanks!