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  1. Can anyone help me solve this puzzle: I built my signature system in July 2005 and lurked on the forums here until I could get the memory to work (big thanks to Mucker and Malachi!!). The system worked well until February 2006. Starting then, it gradually degraded and now applications fail every couple minutes (e.g. Firefox/Thunderbird/Windows services), and once or twice per day it generates a BSOD (message not up long enough to read it) and reboots. When it first started failing setting bank interleave to "disable" seemed to help, as did disabling CPC, but it continues to degrade (failure rate increasing, more BSOD). So two questions: How do I start to isolate the problem? Replace memory/CPU/MB one at a time, or are there diagnostics that will help? What can I relax in the BIOS to reduce the failure rate? Diagnostics to date: Last summer, Memtest and Prim95 ran for 24 hours each with no errors. OCCT ran for hours with no errors. Yesterday, Memtest 1.5 ran for eight hours with no errors, but prime95 failed in 30 seconds -- and then ran for an hour on the next try. Temperatures are 24/34/42 C for CPU/PWMIC/CHIPSET (idle, but it fails while idling) Voltages are within 1-2% of nominal -- note 2.9V is lowest voltage that boots Windows for my memory (haven't tried higher). BIOS settings: HTT 200 LDT x4 PCIex 100 LDT v = 1.3 Chipset v = 1.6 Vddr: 2.9v CPC: Enable [Now Disabled] Tcl: 2.5 Trcd: 3 Tras: 7 Trp: 3 Trc: 11 Trfc: 14 Trrd: 3 Twr: 3 Twtr: 2 Trtw: 3 Tref: 3072 (200MHz 3.9us) Twcl: 1 Bank int.: Enable [Now DISABLE] Skew control: 0 (increase) Drive strength: 7 Data strength: LEVEL 3 Max. Async: 7ns Read Preamble: 5ns Idle Cycle: AUTO (16) Dyn. Counter: disable R/W Bypass: 16x Bypass Max: 7x 32Bit Gran.: Disable Thanks, Physiker
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