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  1. Hi, do you guy know if vantec iceberg series will work on NF4 ultra-d?
  2. did you try with only one stick? for RMA, goto Newegg if you still can. Crucial won't replace Tracers anymore. They'll downgrade you to Z503, regular ballistix. DDR500 1GB tracers have been discontinued. I didn't find out until they shipped it back to me last week. it's the last time i'll deal with them.
  3. I've been running stable at 280mhz with 6/23-3 bios ever since I received them. They're on orange slots using default 6/23-3 setting. I can boot to windows XP pro @ 290, but not Prime95 stable. Anything tighter than the auto 3-3-3-8 at 280 won't work either. I've been fiddling with these to either go higher or tighter at 280... no luck so far. My sticks are two single 1gb black tracers, not the dual channel kit.
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