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  1. Have edit signature to show changes to my system. Dont want to remove side panel if i can help it !! Have done it and put fan blowing onto video card chipset area and helps it a bit. Whats considered hot for those temps ?? edit... have 2 120mm fans extracting hot air with another coming to draw in at front.
  2. Hi. My temps for my board are... Idle.. CPU 35degc PWMIC 45degc Chipset 50degc Vid Card 56degc Load, they get up to... CPU 45degc PWMIC 53degc Chipset 58degc Vid Card 86degc Are these to high ?? and i have a problem with pc freezing up when gaming sometimes, sound still works just locks up. Can this be from heat on the chipset ??? any opions would be appriciated. :confused:
  3. Sorry, forgot to put it down, INIT DISPLAY FIRST OPTIONS ARE.....PCI SLOT OR PCIEX
  4. Hi, Can someone tell me what this does in the bios and what setting i should have it on ?? thanks
  5. Hi, I currently have a DFI NF4 SLI DR with bios 6-18 and will be putting in a 4400 X2 CPU and would like some info on what bios to use ??? Can i still use the 6-18 or should i use something else. cheers
  6. Hi all, Looking for a topic i read somewhere in this forum and it had pictures of Battlefield 2 and HL2, the poster was talking about some changes he made to a 7800gtx and was showing them with pictures of game with a screen shot. Can anyone think of where it is, ive tried searching and com up with zip....anyone else remember this thread ???
  7. Hi, Want to add another WD Raptor to my set up and have never done this before, can someone give me there time to help out or give me a link to some how to guides for it thanks. cheers
  8. Ok, Just installed new board and is fine. PWM temp is now 38degc and fan is spinning. Must have been a faulty temp die. Anyway im back in business.... :shake:
  9. Hi, What is the cool n quite on my board for ???? sorry very newbieish....... :confused:
  10. Ok, Did all the bios flash again etc etc but temp is still stuck at -55 degc, sending back for exchange one...thank Rgone Can someone tell me what cool and quite does in the bios when you enable it ???
  11. in bios temps are cpu 38degc PWM area (-) 55degc chip set 46degc is that negative 55 degc
  12. ok, checked voltage at pins and got 4.2v on fan 2 and 12v on fan 4. So something is adjusting voltage to fan 2 connector? fan probley wont spin at low a voltage. It there anything on board where the temp of something controls fan 2 ??? PWM ???
  13. fan 3 in the manual, fan 2 is next to cpu fan connetor
  14. How do i get MBM to read temps off my board, when i install MBM theres no support for my model motherboard ?
  15. on the board there is the cpu, fan 2, fan 3 fan 4 connector, u dont need molex connector for these........plug straight into board. eg. power, ground and sensing
  16. its not hooked up through a molex connector, straight on board. and yes there is a power supply fitted...haha
  17. Hi all, Just got my system up and running and noticed the Fan 2 not working. Checked fan at another connection and is ok. Checked in bios and it reports it spining at 0 rpm. Its related to PWN temp, PWN temp in bios looks like this.. (-) 54degc Know i know its not that cool in here ??? Anyone know anything on this ??? am i missing something ??? :confused:
  18. its a fresh install on new motherboard, default settings
  19. Can someone please lend a hand to solve this problem thanks. Done a fresh install of windows 2nit and keeps coming up with this error when booting.....NTLDR is missing...... Its got something to do with when it boots and looks for something. I reinstalled windows and that didnt make a difference either. I have three hard drives on this set up. Please help......... :confused:
  20. How would i go about putting the dfi bios onto this cd ???
  21. Thanks heaps, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel know...thank you very much. Your a :angel:
  22. Hi, Thanks but im a bit confused as to how to do it and how to make boot cd ?? I know the links everyone has sent me show this but i find it hard to understand... :confused: If someone has the time could they in newbie english tell me how to do both thanks. Why is there so many diff bios ??? eg. 510, 618, 623 ???? which one do i use ??? 623.3 is the latest on DFI website but whats with all the 310 etc etc sorry for being newbie :confused:
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