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  1. I tried setting manually and I get almost into windows, then I get a BSOD. Probably just wait and get some better RAM before trying to overclock.
  2. I recently got a NForce 3 Ultra-D with a Venice 3500+/ Thermalright XP-90 pairing and AS5 as the thermal paste. I am running raid 0 from the NVraid controller (ports 3&4) which I believe are the locked ones. I am running Kingmax PC3200 2 x 512MB sticks which I used with my P4 2.4C for 2 years. In that setup I overclocked the bejesus out of the P4 and used tthe 3:2 diver as the memory couldn't handle being overclocked too much. Now with my current DFI board if I keep the ratio 1:1 I can't go past 207 without my PC reseting during Windows, even if I drop the RAM back to 166MHZ I can't go past 207MHZ for the FSB. I know MB temps are not accurate but its not indicating anymore then 39C. I haven't tried running my RAM in single channel yet but my PC runs great in dual channel when no tweaking is done. Does anyone think it may be the RAM or maybe even a flakey BIOS? Its the original one that was on the board but I dont know the number as I am at work. And just wanna make sure, the SATA ports right under the CPU socket are the locked ones? Thanks.
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