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  1. True there can infact be only one voltage; did some more research. This voltage is set to the whole socket: meaning the two cores. And the fact that one core is weaker then the other is most of the time because he gests to mutch heat of the other core.
  2. idd the readings have to come from somewhere! Because if don't have a dual core it only shows 1 voltage. And it can't be the voltage of the chipset!
  3. This is more than intresting! But if it is true the is only one core that takes more voltage I do not understand that there are peaple who are able to push there dual core to 3+GHz even with extreem cooling :s Or would AMD build in a system that the second core only takes X% of the voltage?
  4. I have possibly found a problem with themobo and/or CPU: In the program speedfan I can examine the voltages of each core. In the bios I've set the voltage to 1.45V and now Smartguardian shows 1.4V and speedfan [ b]Vcore1 1.41V[/b ] (I gues this will be the 1.4V of Smartguardian) and [ b]Vcore2 [ u]only[/u ] 1.26V.[/b ] Is this normal? Have other people the same thing with dual cores? Or would this be cause why one of my cores don't like to be overclocked when i thes them with prime95? If this is a problem is this in the waranty? Or is this just a bios problem or does the readings show some other voltage?
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