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  1. hi, i have ramdom BSOD if i run dual channel(yellow slots). tried in orange slots even worst.... but once i just put 1 stick in(top yellow slot).... it's rock stable. using 704bta bios. any ideas? memtest both sticks to be stable. i mean it's no problem when i put either one of the stick to run single channel. so i am pretty sure it's the dual channel problem...
  2. if you want great support, go for ocz. if you want extreme overclock go for ballistix. one of the most common mistake people make is........."don't trust your instinct". go with your instinct my friend. that's why i choose ballistix over g.skill hz
  3. i am using that ram from newegg. awesome memory. the most important thing to me is trouble free. it works right out of the box. didn't give me single error so far. i plan to overclock soon. and i am confident about it because i have this bad boys
  4. currently running stock speed. gonna overclock soon. what i can expect the temp to be when i OC? let's say if i OC to 2.7? also about the airflow in my case, i have 2 120mm fans. 1 intake, 1 exhaust. my intake's CFM is around 70. and my exhaust's CFM is around 48. does it matter? or should i switch? thanks
  5. i installed the xp-90 + A S 5 last friday. now the temp is 38-39 idle, 44-45 full load. is it normal? as i am reading some posts. people idle at 32-33......isn't that i need to wait for my A S 5 to dry? then i'll get it lower???
  6. u may go with the card i have. the evga 7800gt co edition. it's the fastest 7800 gt according to reviews. plus it uses gtx's headsink/fan
  7. i bought the evga gt because it has higher clock speed. 470, 1100. i love it
  8. got the LCD and the whole system yesterday. totally in love with it! but how come it didn't come with a dvi cable??? it included the dvi cable in that review... anyway, it looks really sexy in person :angel:
  9. i bought the samsung syncmaster 940b from newegg tuesday. i think it's a new LCD from samsung. gonna be here either today or tomorrow. can't wait. i saw this review then decided to go for it. http://www.overclockersonline.com/index.ph...rticles&num=311
  10. thanks. it was funny that i've been planning to go with G.skill pc4000 2gig kit. but it was out of stock for a while yesterday. and then i told myself, hey, what da hell, just pay $50 more.....
  11. i would get the g.skill pc4000 hz 2gig kit instead. only $250 for 2 gig. that's what i was planning to get. but if you have the extra $50 to spend. go for ballistix 2gig like i did
  12. Just bought this new rig from newegg tonight! I am so excited :nod: the XP-90 from heatsinkfactory.com Hope everything get here by this week
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