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  1. Thanks i think this will do the job its not the exact one I was looking for, but it has a section on what things i should not install from the chipset drivers.
  2. I promise, ive used the search function. All I want is for someone to link me to the OS install guide if it still exists. Ive searched and couldnt find it for the life of me.
  3. Yah thats what i presumed, shouldnt it be impossible for it to boot at those volts the components should be starved. Nevertheless my graphics card has been unable to boot and I feel it might have something to do with it (i have already tried other pci-e cards to no avail). I know that the source of all my problems both the card and volt readings must be either my psu or mobo ive tried everything else, I mean EVERYTHING. Anyhow thanks for all the help, I'll check my local stores.
  4. Ill give that a shot ,but how would MBM5 be any more accurate than everest or smart guardian? Even BIOS suggests the volts on the 3.3V line are below spec.
  5. Do local stores have multi-meters to test psu's or is there any place I could borrow a multi-meter without buying one?
  6. I can never find the nf4 UT series boards in the list of compatible boards for MBM5. Im sure if more than 1 software/sensor based reading indicates an undervolt then its probably not a misreading.
  7. I just downloaded everest and checked the voltage on the 3.3V however its still below normal. Any other advice?
  8. Smart Guardian is reporting that my 3.3 volt line is undervolting (currently between 1.77-2.00 instead of 3.3). What should I test first my PSU or my motherboard. The reason I ask is because I have a powerstream 520w and all of the indicator lights are green which indicates its fine. Is it possible that a capicitor on the mobo is dead or something? Is it even possible for a motherboard to undervolt itself? I dont have a multi-meter at hand, do local computer shops test psu's? Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. I just replaced the old x800xl with a new one to no avail. Its either the motherboard or the PSU (it must be ive isolated everything else). If it's the board should i send it in for replacement or is their some sort of local repair that would suffice. Also is their any possibility the BIOS is just misreporting the voltage. When i was running the 310p BIOS my volts were all fine.
  10. I have tried the second pci-e slot and it does boot however artifacts like crazy and is hardly leggible (still functional though) as i mentioned before. This leads me to believe the card may not be fried, but it puzzles me because i've reTIMed it many times following the instructions to the letter, so I dont think its an contact/overheating issue. Anyone know where I could attain a voltimiter or buy/borrow a cheap one for that matter? Again thanks alot for the help.
  11. Thanks Guys, do you really believe 100% that dropping 100+ bucks on a 480W or greater PSU will cure my "undervolting"? And that enermax you listed RGone, are the lines fairly stable? UPDATE: Now my volts on the aformentioned line are listed as 1.88 its lowest was 1.66. Why the change? Is the undervolting of the +3.3V rail a common indicator of an under spec psu or just in this instance?
  12. Well if i absolutely have to spend money. Whats the most stable (as in volt regulation) 480W PSU I can get for at or under 100 dollars? Also why is it that the DFI board requires 480W standard w/o any peripherals thats a ton of power? most boards can operate easily with 250-300W psu's.
  13. Does anyone know the solution to my problem i've been waiting all day im sorry if I sound impatient, I just see other threads recieved 10-20 replies in few hours, i've waited all day and have yet to recieve more than 1 reply. Are my posts to long?
  14. I am experiencing problems myself however I would not consider myself a newb. Ive put nearly 2 years of research into my system before purchasing the parts, I think its ignorant to call people who are having problems with a board with minimal instructions and thousands of quirks a "newb". No offense intended, but this is a help thread, what do you expect the posts to be about?
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