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  1. Hi Guys Just a quick update on the progress. The system is running well I have hit 250FSB with relative ease and hopefully can do more. This board seems to clock really well and has plenty of options to tweak. Pleased so far at the systems stability so lets hope with a few more tweaks I can plough further on :nod:
  2. Hi Folks Just to update you all i am now up and running. Managed to get system to boot up with and old athlon 1100 and a stick of pc2100 ram. Then relised my mobile processor might not be working as i had cut some bridges trying to get it to work with an old asus a7v. I returned the bridges back to normal and she then booted up ok. I am now running with my spec below ok with XP loaded. Going to let the system run for a little bit then ramp up the fsb and see what i can achieve. So the two leds 1 and 2 on somehow pointed to the cpu hope this helps others out with similar problems. Thanks for everyones input.
  3. Yeah I am attempting to boot up with just cpu video card and 1 stick of ram and it jumps to the usual leds 1 and 2 on. No joy so far :sad:
  4. Thanks for the replies guys Shinobi your picture of the led order above is correct and how they are marked on my board. I have the board outside of a case havent even fitted it in yet as i was wanting to try out the ez touch switches on the board to test it before fitting. I am booting up with minimum equipment but no lights on keyboard at switch on which is strange (checked keyboard in my othersystem and it is working fine. A mouse plugged in lights up though. I thought even if there was no keyboard plugged in it should still post and then halt with a keyboard error. So still no post screen for me yet and just leds 1 and 2 ON on the diagnostic leds. Struggling for other things to try now nearing time to send it back :confused:
  5. I just nicked out and purchased a cheap stick of ddr pc2100. Have tried this in all three slots and still get no post screen and diagnostic leds showing leds 1 and 2 ON Do you need to flash the original bios to support mobile athlons or are they dare I say it plug and play.
  6. Thanks for the reply Shinobi Tried the J8 jumper trick and same as before leds 1 and 2 ON Thanks for the link on the processors I managed to dig out the info I had previously found out about the processor and I have the AMD Athlon XP-M Model Mainstream, 45W. This gives me a 133 FSB. Do these two leds point to somewhere?
  7. No joy with the Athlon 1100 this morning. So i placed back in the Athlon XP - M 1600 to see what would happen. It is now back to starting up and the diagnostic leds jumping to 1 and 2 ON with no post screen. Does anyone have any other suggestions
  8. I remembered i had an athlon 1100 sitting in a box so decided to plug that in and see what happened. System starts up no post screen and all four diagnostic leds are ON. I have chucked it for tonight and left the battery out and the cmos clear jumper on to clear will try tomorrow but am starting to go crazy working on this :drool:
  9. Hi everyone I have just received a Lanparty Ultra II B motherboard this is for my second system. I unpacked it and plugged in the components located in my signature below and tried to boot up. The sytem powers up and i get the red led at the bootom of the board for power and the red led next to the memory. I get no post screen up and the diagnostic leds sit with a constant 1 and 2 ON. Can anyone expand on the manuals explanation of of leds 1 and 2 ON. Thanks