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  1. Link 15.4" TRUBRITE™ Widescreen Display Mobility meets affordability • 512MB memory • 80GB hard drive Model A105-S2051 749.99 Regular Price - 70.00 Instant Savings = 679.99 In Store Price - 200.00 OD Mail-In Savings = $479.99 After Instant & Mail-In Savings #169153
  2. I've got my D805 with a Zalman 9500 Its 2.8 And rarely gets over 50C. I had it OCed higher but I fold at home with it 24/7 and it would get into the 60"s C. It kept my room way to hot. It is a furnace
  3. Yea sorry about that. I just changed it. Got a newborn at home. I don't get much sleep anymore. Messing with the computer inbetween diaper changes and feedings. I need to go back to work.
  4. Thats right there with mine. I don't wory about the temp now. I've had it over a year now. Running strong and started folding at home 24/7 now. No problems. Also its alot lower temps than my D805, now that thing stays hot.
  5. I added a 1gb stick of ran to 2 X 512 sticks and had to lower my FSB to 235 from the 245 from eailier. its still 2.35Ghz. I have a total of 2gb of ram now how do I post my cpu-z reading?
  6. well I did 220 but wouldn't boot up the first time but did the second time. Went to 225 and the same again. It will boot up the second time! Thats a %12.5 increase. I'm running prime 95 and s&m to see how she does. I'm getting happy. Oh I did set my v up to 2.7 I think.
  7. Im only able to do 215 when I try 220 it gets real unstable. I just updated to the 5/4 bios and will try 220 again. Hope all goes well!!!!
  8. This site is usually realy good with replies but being that it's getting late I guess its getting slow. But I know someone will ask you to post what you have. the mobo, processor power suply ram ect.ect.ect... You might want to post all of that now so the guruus can take an educated guess. Good luck dude
  9. Man I have always had cooling problems with my computer. Starts at 40 deg. C And would go up to 57 deg C. When I had it in my computer cabinet it would turn off from temps being to hi. Well I updated the bios and it started at 34 deg C. I'm running prim 95 and s&m and its around 48deg C. Thats 10 below what it used to be. So does the update alow it to run cooler or just fixes a glitch with the temp sensor? Eaither way I'm happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I noticed a big diffrence when I went from i gig to 2 gigs! I play battlefield 2 alot!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for the link. I actually understood that abit. More so that Scalable Link Interface. That sounded like a new fish scaling board that I would buy from The PRO BASS SHOP. Thanks for the help dudes!
  12. I'm iliderate yess I am. What is the sli or what does it mean. I want to make a multi media server, and wondering if the sli is something I may want on my board. thanks for any replies naturalite
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