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  1. Nessus

    front panel audio question

    I just solved the same problem: the FRONT pin is the return pin. the other is to your front panel(mine says EAR R or EAR L, and RETURN R and RETURN L go to the FRONT pin.)
  2. [RESOLVED] Used a SP1 intstall disc, refer to mouskin's link. Thanks all.
  3. reformatting. again. please post on instruction for next try. (Be back in half an hour or so, I'm starving, and I havn't eaten all day because I'm working on this. I just realized it was 8:00PM)
  4. No, XP SP2, as I said earlier. There is NO FAT error, i excluded that. And now my HD doesnt work. Windows intstall, after the reformat will not find the HD, BIOS finds it fine. My first Windows install was fresh, my second is SP1.
  5. Well, Windows has decided only to let us know that 127GB of my 250GB Seagate HD exists. in the Bios, all 250 GB, all cylinders, and all heads register. Windows only registers 16709 cyn's and 255 heads. hurr. I have updated to SP2, so it is not a FAT error(though I have SATA). I've tried searching here and the i-net, to no avail for my particular problem. MY BRAIN HURTS. please help me. I'm currently reformatting the Hard Drive to see if that will help. will update in however long that takes. +++++++++ Great. I reformatted, and now it can't find the FREAKING HD. :eek:NOW WHAT?!
  6. well noone has taken a look at the aspire. it seems to be decent. and whats up with the ultra x posts? i wasnt going to shoot for them. bending of capacitors, i heard. EDIT: oh! i dont really like Tom, but he had a reweiw on the bugger here,http://www.tomshardware.com/howto/20050228..._supply-35.html, and i wont be going up to the full 520 W, I will only prolyl be using 430W or so. Oh and here, to compare it to other PSU's http://www17.tomshardware.com/howto/200502..._supply-37.html
  7. Im considering the Aspire ATX-AS520W 520W PSU for: GeForce 7800 GTX OC (BFG) LANPARTY UT Nf-4 Ultra-d 250GB Seagate SATA 1.5 HD 1 floppy drive CASE FANS: 2 120 mm fans 1 60 mm fan 1 DVD-RW drive 2 cold cathodes 2 lengths of EL wire here is a link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817148008 if you decide that one totally sucks how aobut his one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817103937 if you think the first should be sufficent, let me know, i'd much rather have that one, matches case and all.