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  1. Sorry for the lack of update guys, been so busy with work and visting the girl friend. I seem to have reached the limit of my CPU OC with the heat and volts at a limit i'm happy with, running SuperPI anyway. Its peaking at 39-42 CPU, 45 PWMIC and 36-80 Chipset when running SuperPi, heres a shot so far, shows the heat starting to drop off, straight after SuperPi completed. I'm now tweaking the volts and OC to get dual Prime95 stable. PIC HERE Still a little sorting of the wires to do, as well as fitting a cutsom built fan controller to balance the cooling with the noise levels (more pictures of the completed case to come) Andy
  2. It was nice when i left this morning, heading back home. But by the time i got to the city its looking alittle cloudy Andy
  3. After a little bit of tweaking and running superPi and 2 instances of Prime95, i added a fan to ahe Ram mainly becasue the air seems to hit the PWMIC nicely and bring the temps down from around 50 to 41-43 with my current OC testing. Heres where the PWMIC chip is as far as i can tell from the threads on here with a OCZ ram sink i fitted to it as you can see in the pic. Once a fan is added to the ram, it cools the ram and the air out the side takes some of the PWMIC Andy
  4. Heres where the PWMIC chip is as far as i can tell from the threads on here and when and air is directed on it the temp goes down, i've fitted an OCZ ram sink to it as you can see in the pic. Once a fan is added to the ram, it cools the ram and the air out the side take anything up to 10 degee's off the PWMIC: I hope this helps Andy
  5. I got two nickel coated barbs (part number 3045-12-1/4) from a local Hydraulics and Pneumatics place or any good DIY store. The thread for the MSI block is 1/4" BSPP i went up to 12mm barb to fit the 1/2" tygon. If you have probs getting them i can always get some more for you, there under £4 Andy
  6. You could fit a MSI chipset block its made jsut for the DFI NF4 for SLI setups : http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Mips/DFIFreezer Heres it mounted on mine : Andy
  7. Though i've running watercooling i've noticed the PWMIC was running a little hot aorund 50-52 when i'm running superPi and or 2 instances of Prime95, I've put a ram sink on the chip (just next to the power connectors, i belive this to be the right place according to threads on here). Then i've added a fan to the memory modules, this seems to blow air out across the PWMIC and brings it down to around 40, I can nab some pics if it helps. Andy
  8. The tubes go to the top of the radiator, i've got it mounted in the front of the case , i'll be adding some pictures of the that light up soon too. If you got some holes already mayber you could go dual rad, the twin in the bottom and a single or another dual in the top. I look forward to seeing your thread on your build, i've built a lot of PC's and servers over the years, but this has been a whole new experince and made it fun again Andy
  9. I just bought a couple of whole saws for the drill, they were not that much really, and got through the steel ok . Id take a large square out behind the motherboard next time to give a little more room and it would make attaching the water blocks easier as the Chipset block was a real pain. Here’s a few snaps of the system in the dark, still some cables to tidy in the main area and run out of the way. Also the cables in the top of the case need sorting too. Then just got to adjust the UV's and put the LEDs into the water block on the CPU, a little carbon fibre to cover some of the exposed metal and get the sides on. I've been running the system in also and screens with temps and OC to follow. Andy
  10. Thanks, the man hours must be a few working days at least, i'll post a price total when i have been through all my e-mail recipts. Andy
  11. Would be happy to mod it for you, but a bit of a long haul lol , as for dust getting in, the case has filters fitted to the front panels that i have now reffited since putting the water cooling in place, I'll have some pics of the outside up soon too. Andy
  12. I'm hoping to nab a few pics this week, i just need to solder the LED an Resistor to some wires and run them, a little more tiding up in the case and then i take some really high res pictures and some in the dark too Andy
  13. Sorry this has been a while coming and things have progressed quite a bit too, I missed some photos along the way as I lent someone the camera. I got the graphics cards and tested the board out of the case first. One of the cards was DOA so is on its way back It was a little scary stripping down the card, but I know that motherboards, etc are pretty study really with the right treatment, here’s the card half way through having the OCZ ram sinks applied. Once I was happy with the card being stripped and the heat sinks in place, I put the water cooling together and leak tested it, I managed some snaps of the system just before I started fitting the components to the coolers ready for the next leak test. The wiring still needs to be plugged in and the pull tabs removed from the IDE and Floppy cables. I wouldn’t use the clamps I used here again, they seem pretty permanent and a pain to tighten up once there on, as I found with the first few leaks. Also though the Tygon hose is very good quality, its quite limiting to how much you can route and bend it, even with the boiling it first. More pictures to come of it once I’ve got the last of the cables out of the way and the UV in place. I need to run the power to the CPU DD block to as I added a red LED mod to it also. Then I need to sort out the bits of case that can be seen through the window, nothing that some carbon fibre film shouldn’t sort out. At least it’s up and running now as far as windows, I just need to run all the tests to make sure it’s all stable before I start my path down the dark side of overclocking Andy
  14. I did indeed press F6 and install the drivers as per Angry's guide, i'll check the settings under SCSI Thanks Andy
  15. Thanks guys , BIOS is now updated, i'll be sure to start playing with the settings, once i've finished running all the stablitity testing. Now i must go and sort out all the pictures and update the build diary. Andy
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