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  1. Hi, There are (as you know) 4 SATA ports on the board. Ports 1 and 2 seem to be supported by the nF3 chipset. It is the other two ports i am worried about. Do I need to install drivers to get them to work? If so where do I find the drivers? roystont5038
  2. Hi, I have the DFI Lanparty UT Ultra D motherboard, with Nvidia nForce 3 Ultra chipset. I would like to fit a new SATA II HDD to the SATA 1 port on the motherboard. I will use this new drive to hold the Vista operating system I am going to install. Please tell me what drivers I will need in order to be able to use the new SATA II HDD, and where I should look for them. If it is not too much trouble please also give me a step by step procedure in order to fit and use the the new SATA drive. (In case this is of any help - there is no Raid or SCSI device showing in my Device Manager. OS is WinXP Pro SP2) (The DFI Users Manual lists the two SATA ports 1 and 2 as "Two Serial ATA ports supported by Marvell SATA PHY"). Many thanks, roystont5038
  3. OldGuy Hi, The SATA drive I have does not do anything related to the operating system. it simply holds the game files. Do you consider that it is interfering with the booting up into windows? I can very easily disconnect it if it is causing trouble. If it is not too much trouble, please give me the settings of your RAM in the bios. Do you think that there are any critical settings in the bios I am missing which may be causing the blue screens? Many Thanks roystont5038
  4. Hi, I too got exactly the same blue screens AbsoLoot mentions. Has anyone successfully run the C19 bios with a Venice CPU? Please post here. many thanks roystont5038
  5. Hi, I am reading this thread with interest since I have been having difficulty with the C19 bios. I have installed the C19 bios 4 times, using different bios flashing methods. Each time the bios was flashed successfully. I did always clear the CMOS, and set optimised settings, both before and after the flashing. But the computer would not boot into windows. Every time there was a blue screen, giving mostly different reasons for appearing. So reluctantly I had to go back to the 711 bios, which has been rock solid and reliable for nearly one year. The reason I want to flash the bios is because I want to upgrade my CPU to, possibly, the X2 4800+. Can anyone tell me whether there are any settings I can make in the C19 bios immediately after flashing (and optimising), so that the computer may boot into windows XP. One characteristic of the C19 bios was that it set the RAM at 1T. My computer has never been able to run at 1T, so I changed the bios to 2T. But it still did not enable WinXP to run. Perhaps there may be one or two other settings I need to make? Many thanks roystont5038.
  6. Hi, and thanks. Your comments are appreciated. I have been pointed in the right direction. Roystont5038
  7. Hi, I now propose to upgrade my CPU to the AMD Athlon X2 dual core 4800+ CPU. I believe that much more is involved than simply pulling out the existing single core CPU, dropping in the double core CPU - and good to go. I think files, drivers, fixes, and clean installing Windows XP may be needed, amongst others. Will you please give me a procedure, or a link, for upgrading to a dual core processor on my DFI LP nF3 UT Ultra-D motherboard. Many thanks roystont5038.
  8. Hi, Many thanks. Did'nt know that. I had tried to update to the C19 Bios, it installed, but the computer would not run on it. I also tried to update to the 824 bios and still the computer would not run on it. I had done all the clearing of CMOS, and loading of optimised defaults etc. Seems like I can only run the 711 bios on which it is rock solid. That is why I am interested in TMOD CD just in case it may be able to help me update the bios so that I can confidently upgrade the CPU to the X2 4800+. Roystont5038.
  9. Hi, I have read such good things about Tmod's CD, that I would like to use it. So I downloaded ver 7.0, unrared it, burned the iso file to a CD. When I opened the CD, I found .BM1, .EZB, .IMA, .IMG files, and a few others. The .txt file was blank. My problem is that I do not know how to put those files into use. Clicking on them only brings up a message that windows cannot open them. Please tell me what I have to do to open those files so that I can use them. Particularly those dealing with BIOSes for the DFI Lanparty nF3 Ultra-D. Many thanks roystont5038
  10. Hi, I have tried on four separate ocassions to run the C19 bios, but had to abort because it would not boot windows. Variously worded blue screens always intervened. I am now back on 711, which runs rock solid and totally reliable. I wanted to have the C19, because I wanted to upgrade to the X2 4800+ CPU (or better). Please post whether you have managed to run the C19 bios reliably, and how you did it. roystont5038 roystont5038
  11. Sorry. Typing error in above post. Pressed the wrong key. Anyway, I was going to say that I have actully tried to run Bios 19/12 about 4 separate times. Each time i had to abort (with great difficulty) because windows would not boot. Variously worded blue screens intervened. So I am still with Bios 711, and still in two minds whether it is worth spending a fair amount of money to try to upgrade to the X2 4800+. roystont5038 What do I do if the 711 Bios does not recognise the 4800+?
  12. Hi, Has anyone a ctually installed an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ dual 2400 MHZ CPU on a DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D motherboard running the 711 BIOS? Please share your experience. Roystont5038
  13. Hi, If you have successfully installed an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Dual 2400MHz CPU on an DFI nF3 Lanparty UT Ultra-D motherboard with the 711 BIOS, please share your total experience with me (and the readers of this forum). Thank you roystont5038.
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