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    Little Help Here

    Used to have control over image sharpening, which I no longer have. There were video controls aplenty not just the two tabs I have now.
  2. Fanatic

    Little Help Here

    I have a Nvidia 8800 GTS ( yes the one in the sig) and I was wondering if there is a program available for tweaking the card above the customary options that come with the driver. I used to have a Nvidia produced program for overclocking and more tweaking for my 6800, but I can not remember the name or if it is even available for the 8800 GTS / Vista 64. If there is such a program what is it and what is your experience with it (good. bad or indifferent)?
  3. Fanatic

    Little Help Here

    iucking fdiot I am.....I was in the middle of a FC2 and thought idiot check Guru. Well it turns out what I was thinking of was cool bits and NVtweak together. The problem is it does not show as being Vistax64 compatible.
  4. Fanatic

    Little Help Here

    The program allowed the adjustment of video, picture quality clock speeds, temps etc..
  5. Fanatic

    Little Help Here

    this wasn't rivatuner. It was like NVtweak or something
  6. That's a nice rivet tool Nate, but the craftsman I bought will accept larger rivets by using alternate nose pieces.
  7. The rivet is two pieces. The head or nail and the flange. You drilled out the nail; now all you have to do is remove the flange. You can cut the back side of the rivet with a set of wire cutters or dykes (opposite the flange) and push the flange out. Try stepping your bit up to the next size. Normally when your situation occurs the drill is a bit undersized. I am betting you are using a 1/8" drill. I use a 3/16" drill to catch more of the flange. Almost every time the rivet flange ends up around my drill and not left in the case. Edit: I would post a couple pics of my deconstruction / recontruction, but sadly I can not figure out why they will not show up "sigh"
  8. Its your mod bud, but I agree with NRG. I broke my ENTIRE case down, taking pictures before so I could refer to for re-assembly). Not taking the cages out is just going to pi$$ you off later. Drill the center of the rivets out, paint and rivet back together. I can not stress how much more rewarding it will be. I am sure you would hate to get the clear stage and notice a lip on the bottom of the cage you missed or over spray on finished parts trying to completely paint the cage.
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    Occ Facepalm Smiley Poll V2.0 "revote"

    For all that is holy Fulton torpedos? Phil your embarrassing me.
  10. Fanatic

    Pi$$ed Off!!!

    Get a load of this crap...... Thank you for contacting back to us. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and we do regret the delay in processing your request. If you are having problems running a game, and you think it is related to compatibility with Windows Vista, you can try to get the game to work by running it in Compatibility Mode. Please make sure that you have downloaded all of the necessary updates to Windows Vista, including Service Pack 1. Right Click on the games desktop shortcut icon and choose Properties. In the Properties Panel, click the Compatibility tab. Place a check in the Compatibility Mode checkbox. Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2) In the mode box. Click Apply to save your changes. If you did not opt to have a desktop icon installed: Find the game icon listed in your Games directory. Right click on the game and click on Customize. This will bring up the customize menu. Select Play. Select Edit. This will bring up the Properties screen. Click the Compatibility tab. Check run in compatibility mode and then choose Windows XP (or whatever operating system the game was designed for). Press Apply then press OK. You will be back at the customize menu. Close the customize screen. Now the game is configured to run in Compatibility mode. Please note that this will only make the game run in Compatibility Mode if you click on the shortcut that you set compatibility mode for. All other shortcut icons (such as in your start menu) will have to have this changes made as well. If the game continues to fail, you may need to edit the run features of the game to override User Account Control features in Vista. Note: You will be altering OS security and Parental Controls when performing the steps below. Please be aware that if you follow these steps, you will need to contact Microsoft for further support. http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsVista...3.mspx?mfr=true Pay special attention to:
  11. Fanatic

    Pi$$ed Off!!!

    Where do I begin. I just finished Crysis and rushed out to buy warhead. All giddy and exicted I installed the game (which went smoothly) until I got to the damn Securom crap. Now it hangs on 30% and then tells me I do not have internet connection (An error has occured while checking the online release date). I follow the directions and uninstall and reinstall 4 times and still nothing. I shutdown all services through msconfig and restart. No firewalls, antivirues etc... still same thing. I went as far as to unplug my router and plug directly into my modem with services shutdown and still nothing. I download EA work around and it does not work. So I sent a trouble report to EA including the DXdiag.text file. This was 3 days agao and still nothing form them. what the heck I bought a game I can't play because I don't have an internet connection that I do have? Well in that case I have been paying far to much for Roadrunner that does not exist. Anyone else run into this and how did you fix it? Because obviously EA is no help to anyone. So I guess I have to go at it alone.
  12. Fanatic

    Pi$$ed Off!!!

    I just don't get it. EA has to be paying attention to what people are saying. Even in their own forums people are telling other people to pirate the game. http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?t...2&tstart=15 http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?t...58&tstart=0 Their forums are littered with stuff like that. How can they just turn a blind eye and expect everything to be OK?
  13. Fanatic

    Pi$$ed Off!!!

    I am not saying road runner is the best by any means, but it is not shabby either. It holds its own against most connections I have run across. BTW the paul.dll (wink) is already widely known and I have looked into it, However it is a matter of principals at this point. I still have the the other 2 installments of fear to play.
  14. Fanatic

    Pi$$ed Off!!!

    Yes COD4 is under Activision. The problem with PC games is simply the lack of innovation and single player. I went through this before with EA, so it is old hat to me (even though I am not happy with it by any stretch of the imagination). The same things were said back in the day "just don't buy EA stuff" it was said then and is still said today, but its not slowing down a lackluster developer. PC games lack luster, true enough, but they have a little thing they added to bring people in and that is the engine and the tools to mod it. This I never understood. I want to play the game not sit around and code for 3 weeks to add a new map. However that is just my opinion. People are still buying the game for whatever reason; whether to be to mod, advertising or just that one change that makes it appear new. I agree with almost all the statements brought forth thus far. The question is as a consumer how do we make them stop? Don't buy the game? that hasn't worked yet and does not appear that it is ever going to.
  15. Fanatic

    Pi$$ed Off!!!

    First off let me start off by saying the game was legally purchased at my local Wal-mart. I have only installed it on the rig in my sig. Second this is not the first time I have been unhappy with EA. I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but EA release retail copies of Battlefield Vietnam that was actually a beta release and then they promised to support it to "make it right" then turned around and dropped Vietnam for BF2. I am not up to speed on the whole copyright thing. I have never had trouble with any other maker (and I have a whole shelf of PC games) wehter it be Activision hell even Venvdi(sp). The thing that irritates the hell out of me is the fact that I spent money to buy their game. I have an issue and report it through their website and I have yet to hear anything from them. To them it appears as though their customers do not exist. That is was gets under my skin and drives me crazy. The problem really comes into focus when there are so few game distributors, so most title come out under EA. I hate consoles, so why can't I just have a game without all the BS and get support as though I actually exist to them as a customer?
  16. Fanatic

    Pi$$ed Off!!!

    Me too, or it will be the last time I purchase am EA game. I thought I learned after the whole Battlefield Vietnam thing, but NO I went out and bought another one. Stupid me.
  17. Fanatic

    Computer Keeps Freezing..

    It needs CAFFEINE!!!!!
  18. Fanatic

    Wait, What?

    Ordered 2 of the 46". My Amazon account shows $38 for each. I went to check and the price had been changed to $1287. I can't wait to see how this turns out.
  19. Fanatic

    Looking For A Drive

    I have quite a quandary on my hands. When I bought my vid card I got a copy of Crysis. Well the last couple of days I have been trying to make it work. I install the disc in the drive and I hear the drive trying to access the disc then a click. This repeats over and over. Until I eject the disk. I thought well maybe my drive is going bad, so I slap in another game and boom no problem reading the disc. I thought well maybe its the disk. I then proceeded downstairs to my other rig and installed the disk. It took right off. Now there is some issue between my drive and the disc. I had another great idea.. I grabbed a DVD and went back downstairs to my other rig and tried to burn a back up to see if it would play (and yes I have a legit key code for the game). Well the disk was not big enough. Trying to make this simple as possible I thought well hell now what? I certainly have never had any luck with the whole ISO imaging thing. So my wheels started turning. It just so happens I have been looking for Nero 8 (since it is the only one that will run on Vista), but waiting to either find a good deal or the price to drop. Neither one of those is happening. So I thought I could buy another burner drive relatively cheap bundled with Nero 8. I pay the price for a drive and virtually get Nero 8 for free (YAY). However this is proving quite harder than I anticipated. I find a bunch of drives bundled with Nero, but it is version 7. Now I am stuck, I do not want to pay more than $40 shipped, but I can not locate what I am looking for. I am looking for a decent drive (not a lite on) for under $40 shipped. If anyone runs across a deal or knows of one let me know. Maybe I am just too tired and am overlooking the drive. I really want to play the game and having a shiny new game and no way of accessing it is (&^()*(* me off. Also before it is mentioned: I can not swap the drives. One is SATA and the other is IDE and my wife would kill me since I gave her the rig.
  20. Fanatic

    Looking For A Drive

    SATA is what I need. I would use my network, but I'll be damned if I can VNC to the one downstairs. Something about the one upstairs running Vista and wired an the one downstairs running XP and wireless. I have not yet been able to find out how to make them work together. So that left me with a couple options and getting a new drive was the best of the two. By the way, I could not find anything that said Nero7 would work with Vista, but Nero 8 would.
  21. Fanatic

    Mugshot Thread!

    Heres one of me playing a didgeridoo: I have no idea what a didgeridoo is, but it sure looks like something else.....lol.....of course I can't see a flame in your right hand....lol....no offense :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
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    How Long Ago Did You Create Your Account?

    <<<<<<<<<< That long ago
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    [update]planning To Connect A/c To Pc

    http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...air+conditioner Its been done many times before.
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    .bin File

    Same thing for with Vista 64. I just uninstalled and re-installed and updated. Works fine now.
  25. Fanatic

    Upside Down Hard Drive

    Just my two cents.... I don't know if it would hurt, but I would think there would be a larger effect on the platters and not the head. I would think over a long period of time and heat build up the platters would start to "sag" and possibly cause a head crash?? I dunno just my thoughts.