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    I refer you to post # 139. Story missing.
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    Your cat loves it so your going to have a rough night? Not sure your telling us the full story here.
  3. ???? Doesn't sound good........lol
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    Road Rage Jeep

    Kinda funny how people run to the jepp, but not to the other car.
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    Wish I Could Of Seen This!

    Unfortunately they do not show the entire myth being explored. What Jamie and Adam actually did during the episode was "partially" destroy the bottom of the barrel prior to that clip. Even at that they could not get the myth to play out correctly, so they placed that wedge shape block to get the barrel to break. However the story follows the myth completely.
  6. By saving on account and lawyer fees. I am with you know Lo.
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    Vista Networking With Xp

    Turn the firewalls off! You are sitting behind a NAT router. I had the same issue until I uninstalled Comodo. Not sure what you mean by workgroup?
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    When Will The Recession End?

    Really? Have you looked at the numbers? Have you paid attention to the massive infusions of cash the American government is injecting into the economy? Have you noticed the sharply rising unemployment rates? Have you noticed the sharp increase in denied loans? Have you noticed the very large rate of foreclosures? Shall I keep going? The answer is no, you do not watch the news. So you can not see the country as a whole from Iowa. Queens: I was not in anyway suggesting you were being a jerk. I was trying to point out that from your situation alone you should have some understanding and it sounds like you do. That was not communicated very well in your first post, but i see what you are getting at. I somewhat disagree. The American people still have to make up their own minds about the situation at hand. I don't necessarily hold the mass media at fault. I have a little different view in the fact that someone from a high level banking position will publicly say that so and so has been downgraded to "minor profit" from "Major Profit" as soon as that is stated people sell that stock and move to another one all based on what someone in the finance sector says. I say look at the numbers before making that statement. I too am very familiar with Ohio's woes and will continue to keep an eye out for their situation. Just keep in mind that mass panic was also created by a radio reading from Mr. Orson Wells as well. So I do not know if it is neccessarily the media outlet or just the American peoples perspective.
  9. OK Lo, either your wavering or I am not following you anymore. People should be responsible for their own taxes, but they are too cumbersome and very easily misunderstood? I am not sure which side you arguing for now.
  10. Fanatic

    When Will The Recession End?

    I must be the only one here that works in the automotive industry. I can tell you when car company's are losing 30+% per quarter in sales, people are hurting. I do find it interesting that certain people are complaining about hearing about it, but also say they do not watch the news. You automatically assume the economy is not THAT bad because the news is carrying it all the time. The news is carrying it BECAUSE it is a real threat to a vast majority of people. 2008 was as bad as the depression FFS! Queens: You of all people should understand this. It was just a couple months ago you lost your job in reality because things were not selling.
  11. Actually Social Security came out of Roosevelt's New Deal package. I think it is safe to assume at its inception Social Security was actually a good idea. However it never evolved with the times. At the inception of Social Security the goverment could not perdict the vast waste that it would become. After all Social Securities main function was to protect the elderly and help keep unemployment down. I do not think you could foresee the baby boomer generation at its inception. I also do not think you could see how manipulative the laws could be at the time. Hence the vast waste (SSI overuse for drug addicts, unwed mothers to the degree we have now etc....) even though Social Security was set up for the above issues they never evolved the program to account for such wastefulness. Sure they have made amendments to it even when it was know as OASDI, but never enough to account for all that is now. It also gave hope to an entire country that was in a deep depression. So saving for their retirement at that point would have been impossible. However given today's population; they should not rely on SS to fund them when they retire. I have 40+ years before it is my time and I have been saving for my retirement for 11 years. That is just reality I pay into it and will probably never get anything out of it. When the ball started rolling in 1935 there was no way to turn back. How do you tell the taxpayer that in 20 years you will not receive SS, but you still have to pay? At the time SS was a great idea, but it was also a flawed one. I can not agree or disagree with the issue that SS made the American public complacent. It goes both ways. You have people on their own saving for retirement in 401K's, CD's, Mutual Funds, savings accounts, Roth's etc... If an employer offers a pension then they will attract more people. I think in my opinion the reason the American people do not save for retirement is circumstance's more than complacency. On the tax issue; I am still going to employ one of you CPA's to do my return. Filing tax returns can be very easily misunderstood and misreported. The IRS can decimate a person very easy for a simply mistake. After all law enforcement could not get Al Capone's illegal activity to stick, but the IRS could!
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    Epic Fail

    Drop ceiling. Light foam
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    It's Too Freaking Cold!!!

    I did not know it was important for me to list my locale.
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    It's Too Freaking Cold!!!

  15. Fanatic

    It's Too Freaking Cold!!!

    Got 9F here with feels like -7F. Wind chill advisory until Saturday of -25F. No worries though I love snow!!!!!
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    Looking For Something!!

    The second link should do the job quite nicely actually. Thank you for the link. Yes I am going to mod my dash for a thumb drive so I play audio files via usb.
  17. I am looking for an item of which I do not have a name for. I know they exist; I have seen them. So I have hit a wall with Google, because frankly I am out of ideas to throw in the search box. But here goes the explaination. If you are familiar with amp connectors then you have a idea about what I am on about. I am looking for a USB connecting device. This device is a mounting plug in for a USB if you will. One side of the plug has a standard USB in that a cable can be run to. The other side is a port that allows you to plug in a USB device, such as a thumb drive. Normally these come with trim rings or mounting plates. Essentially what I am looking for is something that I can mount in a dash board and plug a USB thumb drive into. I do not know what its called, so if you could throw me some ideas that would be great. If you could throw me a link that would be awesome. Thank you
  18. Fanatic

    Looking For Something!!

    Very close, but I didn't really want to have to make it. That would work if I cut the motherboard connector off and solder on a regular usb plug. That is the part I did not want to do. I am trying to save time (hopefully) by purchasing one.
  19. Fanatic

    Looking For Something!!

    In its singular forum. All I have been able to find is hubs. Nothing I can mount remotely and thats what I am looking for a remote USB port that I can mount.
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    Looking For Something!!

    http://forums.overclockersclub.com/style_i.../attach_add.png This is it, what the hell do you call them? This is what I am looking for, but do not have a name.
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    Looking For Something!!

    No its not a hub. Andrew is on the right line of thought. No I can not draw...lol. I will see if I can find a picture.
  22. Fanatic

    Looking For Something!!

    Sorry 1 port A series male, so the thuumb drive will plug into it, and as small as possible.
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    Been Awhile

    I do not know your full situation, so advice is somewhat limited. However this is just my thoughts if I were in that situation: 1. Its my Mom - No matter who's right or wrong its my Mom. I would be looking out for her best interest. I don't think I could leave my mom alone knowing that he might be either in harms way or financial destitute. Of course my Mom and I have a very tight bond. I would still feel obligated to look out for her. 2. If you can see the situation ie..." Despite all of this, there's also no way that my mother can afford our farm without my step-dad working on the side (he's an electrician), and she's unable to get a job elsewhere due to health and time reasons. There's no way either of the two can keep the farm by themselves, only together. I'm sure there's some sort of symbolism there". Then I am sure they can too. If not then sit them down and explain it to them and push for them to work it out. If that means counseling then so be it. 3. If number 2 does not work then, well its only a farm and happiness is far more important than a hardship or tradition. Sell the farm and go separate ways. As I stated in # 1 my heart would lay at my Mom's feet and I would make sure her needs are met the best I could. My parents divorced when I was 8 and I remember everything. My Mom took both my brother and me and worked very hard to provide for our needs. Making sure hers are met is the least I could do. However it all boils down to what YOU feel not someone on a forum. So look inward and see what's truly there before you take anyone's advice. I hope this makes sense to you and you find it helpful.
  24. Fanatic

    Most Anticipated Fps Games For 2009?

    I will play a game completely through one time (no matter what I think of it) after all I payed for it. If I like the game I will play it 2 or 3 more times. The issue I have is struggling to find a FPS that makes me want to multiplay. That is my crossroads at the moment. I was a huge fan of the mech warrior series and onlined the hell out of it. Same with BF 1942, BF Vietnam and BF2. Since then there has been nothing drawing me into the multiplayer setting, but at the same time I am getting tired of just playing single player. I guess the thing that had me hooked on the multiplayer was the clan thing. Since the BF series I have been unsuccessful in locating a "clan" that I can play with that does not annoy me in a game I like. I dunno a bit off subject, but still looking for a game that multiplayes well with a nice "clan" feature in a military setting. F.E.A.R. 2 will be awesome, but I long for the days of Joint Operations.
  25. I found it necessary. Your welcome Bosco.