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  1. My Board is bad so I will have to RMA it. I have my back up rigs (4400X2 w/same baord and a FX57 w/an ASUS board I had before these two) and a new back up board on the way. Redundency is good
  2. I don't know about you but I think this is how a PC flips off someone I still can;t get this thing to work...alright I will take it out and get it prepped for RMA since I don't have a choice.
  3. mine says reset CPU frequency after a CMOS reset. I just press f1 to load defaults.
  4. Since we are getting the same issue I would say that it is not a power issue. On my system I have the PC power and Cooling 850SSI. I got plenty of juice for my rig.
  5. I was Oced to 2.75Ghz 72Hrs Prime95 stable with 24 of memtest. I ran 3dmark 03 and 05 on my system and everything was green. I forced the shut down to reboot and this happens :sad:
  6. I noticed that too my PC had frozen during BF2 so I forced a t shutdown and it has been like this ever since. Not even boot and nuke can run on my system. Something is way off the mark.
  7. Bingo. Argh this sucks I have to get this up before friday.
  8. I have everything at stock at the moment... you can see the history of the errors I am speaking of in this thread.
  9. Even after flashing the BIOS successfully I still can't install windows since it hangs...every 5 out of 6 reboots fails (after splah screen there is nothing but a blank screen with a blinking cursor) I know it is not my grpahics card(s) either. I tried two 6800Ultras in SLI and single mode, 7800GTXs in SLI and single mode, a x850 xt pe and a x800 xt pe. no difference...where do I get my RMA number from?
  10. depends on what you buy. Crucial has ballistix at PC4000 for example.
  11. I would love to try them but I can't seem to install windows...it keeps halting.
  12. I always unplugg my power cord before I reset the CMOS (red jumper above the battery) Problem is after the splash screen if I press delete I get a blank screen with a cursor blinking.
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