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  1. ok,to finish with this thread..i changed my PSU,bought that Powerline 650W..great PSU..now my cpu is oc'ed to 3.2ghz...could go higher i think but i'm new with intel so i dont wanna mess with voltages...ty all for replies
  2. memory is fine,that's for sure..when i think about it i loan this mobo and cpu before to use it until he get's mobo..it worked with 4 gigs of ram.hm...here where i live i can take 650w PSU.doesnt look bad huh ? i know..it's not some brand but it's available now. http://www.pl-power.eu/data_powerline6502.html everything is on stock in BIOS..just turned off FDD
  3. hey boys and girls i have question for u... i have new rig but also i have new problem..it freezes and i get BSOD's AND it's pretty slow for this config. i have this : MSI NEO2 FR INTEL Q6600 2 X 1GB KINGSTON 800MHZ EVGA 8800GTX 80GB SATA2 HITACHI 8MB 320GB SATA2 WD 16MB ZALMAN 9500SOME ASUS DVD RW ENERMAX LIBERTY 500W it's not OC'ed..i'm suspicious that i dont have enough power...i disconected all "unnecessary" fans,cathods and stuff..but still when i run 3d mark or i play games everything goes to hell...ty in advance.i also flashed BIOS to newest version
  4. i guess that's only solution :S i RMA rig yesterday cuz i dont have spare parts to test anything..guess i figured out ram problem,it's on them to see what's wrong with SLI..ty all
  5. gpu's r same type,evga 8800gtx..it's not problem that i dont see 4gb in windows it's problem cuz it crashes...i tried xp and vista 64bit,same thing..i't work ok with 2 sticks i was mixing up sticks and in different slots and they r ok,i also RMA sticks cuz i thought they r crappy and i got new one,same thing..about drivers..i allways take care for that so it's all latest drivers
  6. i'm sorry guess i missed that..4 x 1gb kingmax 800mhz ram...
  7. hey boys and girls..i think i wrote to u about this problem,i'm not sure cuz i dont know who i asked for opinon anymore.. :S got this intel rig in my sig..and it works pretty crappy...i installed vista 64 bit to feel dx10 but nope..it's not ok..in crysis i have bout 25-30fps..in xp i have random BSOD,games doesnt work ok like they should..gears of war works better with 1 gpu than in SLI...with 4gb ram i have BSOD,i rma ram they gave me new one... same thing..with 2gb it's "ok"...everything is on defaults..on auto settings..any sugesstions ? pls someone gove me some interesting comment..i'm sick of stupid comments :S i'm new with intel so i dont know ....u know the feeling when u know that something doesn't work like it should ??? i'm having it right now..i payed this too expenssive to look it like this :S help pls
  8. thank u all..no my 4-th stick is'n ok..it's broken..have to RMA it..but still rig is fast as hell i'l OC asap..
  9. xp 32bit and vista 32 bit..i solve all my problems..thank u all had to flash bios ..now everything works cool..have to check 4-th memory stick today again...
  10. i can live with memory lost..i found that one of my sticks sucks badly...other thinf what is wrong now is this SLI thing...as soon as i connect my phone on comp i'll upload pic how problem looks like..i managed to get into windows..dunno how..but i cant run 3dmark getting flickering..then i run some games (on SLI platform 2 x 8800GTX) and they dont work smoothly :S (Loki,Bioshock etc..) someone told me "delete and install mobo drivers.." now i have to repair windows..:mad::mad::mad::mad:
  11. sry misstyped letter..i meant SLI and u forgot again..it's new rig..not in my sig..word is about EVGA 680i SLI
  12. ye i know that..it is on 2t..i still didnt had a chance to test memory..testing GPU for now..now i'm having 1 more problem..when i enable slik i got flickering screen..cant boot in windows after restart cuz flickering..
  13. well think i found problem..i was running 3dmark06 loop test with one 8800gtx for 2h and no problems..then i put the other one and run again 3dmark2006 with both cards for 3h with no problems..BUT with 2gb of ram..think other 2gb r making a problem..
  14. i was asking for cpu optimizer for q6600 and for the rig i have problems with not venice one where do i see if i'm running SLI?on wich conectors do i put sli bridge??sry i'm noob with intel and sli stuff.. :S when i run 3dmark 2006 my rig freezes..
  15. so everything it's ok with my memory??do i have to download some cpu optimizer or what?when i wanna play rainbow six vegas system tester says that my cpu isn't enought for minimal requrements...i'm getting BSOD-s whenever i wanna play game
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