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  1. ...well finally got a break from work and tried the memory timing changes suggested by CPDMF, I also changed the delay for HDD from 1 to 0 sec. So far everything seems to be fine now with now booting issues! Thanks to all the posted to my thread! Kevin
  2. ...sorry I haven't been able to either post or work on my comp (to many work hours)... ....hope to get a chance to work on it this long weekend... ...again, thanks to everybody that answered my cry for help!! Kevin
  3. ...although I really do appreciate the responces, based the trouble-shooting advice that i've seen posted in these forums, I was hoping for something a little more definitive. To any others reading this plea for help, I really don't think that this is a hardware issue, once the system boots into Windows I can stress the system for hours and hours (games, benchmarks, etc.). I think that it's just some sort of BIOS/memory timing thing related to my new RAM (which tests fine with Memtest).... I read in another post this morning (by ExRoadie) about a proper clear CMOS procedure from a "No-boot" condition, and although I did clear the CMOS (as stated inmy first post) when I changed the RAM, I'll give that a try. Thanks to all that have or will respond! Kevin
  4. Hey All, Recently upgraded my memory package from 1 to 2 GB using the prescribed method: 1. Saved my working BIOS set-up to one of the save slots 2.Load defaults...save/exit...power-down unplug PSU...discharge with power button 3.. Clear CMOS with jumper...remove battery 4. Install new RAM (Orange slots) 5. Move jumper back...install battery 6. Power-up...back into BIOS...load defaults...save and exit 7. Back into BIOS...make appropriate settings changes...save and reboot 8. Run Memory test (was feeling lucky so I ran both sticks, no failures for 8hours) ...and here's where the problem begins: If I tell Windows to restart (reBoot), it shuts-down and then won't Post until I reset with the Power button. If the system is powered down and I turn it on, the BIOS will freeze at the first Boot screen (shows only the CPU info), until I power-off/power-on using the power button. This morning, I could not get it to Boot, until I unpluged the P/S, discharged, and powered on again. After reading some posts here, I'm now terrified to shut down because of possible BIOS corruption. I want to add that once I'm in Windows, I have absolutly no problems. I've been playing Gothic 3 with no problems and the system benchs fine with 3DMark06. I got the memory settings from this link: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....971&postcount=3 ..as it pertains to my mobo and memory, although I am running the memory at 200MHz only with NO OC to the CPU or memory. I have previously run the system for about a year with 2-512MB OCZ 4800 Plat. Elites with "no" problems (mainly due to this forums excellant info base that helped me set-up this computer...many thanks!) Help...please!! Is BIOS corruption something I should be worried about, and what could be causing my Boot issues? ...one other thing: when I saved my previous BIOS setting, this was the first time that I had used this BIOS option, could this have anything to do with my ongoing problems? RGone, oh DFI guru devine, please help this unworthy follower....
  5. ...as I'm about to upgrade to SLI'd 7900GTs and I too am very much into Oblivion, I've seen alot of posts on various forums about SLi woes and Oblivion. It would seem that SLi does not give the boost in performance that one might expect. Also the "green bar" apparantly does not display in Oblivion. If you want to be sure that Oblivion hardware setup has detected your SLI, take a look in the "My DocumentsMy GamesOblivion" directory, and look at the RendererInfo.txt. There's a line in there that will state if your running in SLI mode or not. Hope this helps! Kevin
  6. ...no one have an answer??? ...and yes, I did search the forums for past posts... Kevin
  7. Hey All, Finially decided to upgrade my system to SLI (2-BFG 7900GTs), but I have some questions....? Having read RGone's excellant step-by-step procedure for enabling SLi on an "Expert" board, I see no mention of the BIOS setting "Dual 6600GT Card Support Enable/Disable". I don't mean to sound like a n00b but, I do need to change this, don't I? Also, the lane transfer BIOS option is greyed out in my BIOS, will I have access to this after I change the jumpers on the mobo? I have so far run both cards individually, as a pre-test (just in case I have to trouble-shoot later), and have found these boards to excellatnt overclockers! They come stock @ 475/680 and I've been playing Oblivion @ 539/800 with stock cooling (non on the VRAM)! Thanks for any Help! Kevin
  8. ...Microsoft has this to say about debugging after receiving this type of error: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....0cb07a6.xml.asp http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;818501 ...good luck! Kevin
  9. Hey All, Been dealing with some new build issues this last week with my 7800GTX which had caused me to reformat and reinstall XP Pro. Turned out to be the dreaded "cold-bug". Anyway during the reformatting one of my Raptors (Non-RAIDed pair) was not accessable during the Window reinstall and was "flacky" in the BIOS detection. So I figured it was maybe a bad SATA cable and just disconnected completely and then just formatted the other. Back into XP, fixed the 7800 problem and everything seems ok...except now I notice that my 76GB drive is only listed as 69.23GB, and windows boot-up seems to take alot longer than before. From searching the forum I'v found that I may need to disable a few options in windows , under the disk controller in the device manager. But why did I not have the problem before the reformat. ...and yes, CMOS was cleared before the reformat and MemCheck86 was allowed to run over night with ) errors. Please forgive me if this is just my Noob ignorance.... I know that some space is reserved for the Boot sector, but 6 GB!?! Since the Raptor was previously formatted and had a boot sector, is there anyway to "completely" (like new) wipe the drive. I know that you could in the DOS days with FDISK, but not so sure now. Thanks for Your Help and Thoughts Kevin :shake:
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