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  1. dude you can use the vids. the bug is that the %vid is applied before the vid do if you are using 1.55v then load 1.30v + 123% it will boot with 1.90v and kill 90nm cpu. But if you boot with 1.30v (WITH NO VID%) and then load bios and load 123% it will be fine and load 1.60v and will run fine. So get the origional 703 bios and try that.
  2. nope its not fixed... I was fine for ages after the jumper... and now its back again for no reason. I haven't restarted or anything and its doing it again. I tried puttin a 92mm 60ish cfm fan on mosfet/ram and they are now COLD, no heat felt at all. AND ITS STILL DOING IT! Arrrgh. I think I'll just get a freeking abit. GOD DAMN IT!
  3. Also try changing the SPDIF jumper to NF4 SPDIF, if you are having audio probolems in games, I got freezing and stutterig in CS:S and changing this jumper fixed the probolems. Page 8 of the NF4 manual.
  4. I fixed it. For all the people having probolems with playing music/movies on DFI NF4 Ultra-D move the jumper Just above the Karajan Audio Module (the on next the capacitor that jammes against the white Audio clip) To the lower position. This will change SPDIF output to NF4 chipset instead of realtek ALC850. Even if you do not use SPDIF this fixes the probolem. I have not tested CS:S for freezing yet but I'm sure that its fine seems MP3's work now. Thanks to trop who told me how to fix this. The jumper is on page 8 of the Motherboard manual. Its a biach to get on, I used plyers and then pressed down in the capacitorto squash it into the audio module, then pushed the jumper on with my finger, took me about 30mins to get it on. DFI please don't make a jumper placment like this again please.
  5. i've already tried, realtek drivers and nvidia drivers 6.37 and 6.53 versions all no go.
  6. My DFI NF4 Ultra-D is getting worse and worse. I started having issues with it with a CAA2C clawhammer @ 2.5Ghz, using the 5v jumper. And they have steadily goten worse over time, even after changing to 3000+ Week 17 venice. What happens is.. CS:S would be running fine at ~100fps, then it would loop sound for a while and then go back to running at 100fps again. So eg. The sound would go fli...fli..fli...fli...fli...fli..ck and the screen would freeze while this was happening. After a while and changing to venice cpu, I got a endless loop of fli..fli...fli etc. and it screen stayes frozen. Now even the 5v jumper off (ie. set to 3.3v setting), I get a small loop of sound and then no sound and a frozen screen. I have tried changing ram to 150 divider instead of 166 divider, to give ram = 229Mhz 3.2v ( It can do 240Mhz at this setting) And itunes crashes when playing mp3's and change applications, ie. changing from firefix window to itunes window. And the sound loops continue, this is with 3.3v jumper too. I looped prime95 and stressCPU for 12h each, and 1 pass of OCCT at 2754Mhz 1.44v ram @ 250 3.33v and no errors. I have also memtested for 3h with DDR500 settings, and no errors. The video card has had new AS5 thermal paste to it and is running at stock but has no airflow around it, but opening the case made no diffrence. I also tried disabling the realtek AC' 97 driver in device manager so there is no sound at all, and CSS still froze. With 5v jumper adn DDR500 settings. I think I have described everythign I can, and I really hopw somebody knows how to fix this probolem. Thanks in advance for your help.
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