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  1. Well I guess that answers your question. Frankly I'm not quite sure why you are talking about overclocking when even on the default settings memtest is having errors, you never said anything about memtest having problems on the default settings, otherwise we could have helped you straight away. Well I am running the Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2PT, however a slightly older version, where intel chips are specified as 2-3-3-6 as default, and the AMD boards as 2.5-3-3-6, instead of the newer versions which run at 2-3-3-6 on all platforms, and I have no problem running at these latencies. To address your problem: You currently have 2 sticks of RAM. One (or both) of these may be faulty. Plug one of the sticks in, then run memtest for several hours to ensure that it is working properly. Do the same with the other stick of RAM. Once you have run both sets, compare the results, if errors came up for one stick, but not for the other, then one of your sticks is bad. If no errors came up then the RAM is fine (or possible isn't but didn't throw up any errors). Lastly if both sticks throw up errors, then either both sticks are faulty, or something else is causing the problem. Try this, and post back your results and we may be able to help further. But as I said if one stick fails, and another does not, then one of your sticks is back. Also make sure that you have your voltage set to the required value of 2.75v, as it says in the manufacturers guide. Good Luck
  2. You currently have 2 sticks of RAM. One (or both) of these may be faulty. Plug one of the sticks into the first orange slot furtherest from the CPU, then run memtest for several hours to ensure that it is working properly. Do the same with the other stick of RAM. Once you have run both sets, compare the results, if erros came up for one stick, but not for the other, then one of your sticks is bad. If no errors came up then the RAM is fine (or possible isn't but didn't throw up any errors). Lastly if both sticks throw up errors, then either both sticks are faulty, or something else is causing the problem. Good luck with your problem. Edit by RGone... >> incorrect >> closest to << furtherest from is correct... Thank You RGone
  3. The PSU for a DFI motherboard is a critical decision. DFI's are picky about power supply units, especially if you want to overclock. Here is the official list of PSU's that have been verified by the admins here to run perfectly with ALL DFI motherboards. Picking one from this list will gaurentee that you will not have any problems: Recommended PSU Also here is a great PSU calculator, type in what you want, and it tells you what rating you need: PSU Calculator Good luck and have fun.
  4. Arklab said it all, try with just the minimum (CPU, RAM (1 stick) and GPU), and referr back to the installation thread thats somewhere on here. Check all your power cables and the plugs to make sure that they are undamaged and properly seated. If not, then you may have just lost a great board, .
  5. Maybe I'm just being dense, but you are overclocking your RAM, yes. Which means that you RAM will eventually throw up errors when you have overclocked it too far. Reset the RAM settings to the default FOR YOUR RAM, then run memtest if any errors come up then you have a problem, but if you overclock your RAM and errors come up, that just means you've overclocked too far. Remember Google is your friend, there are some VERY extensive overclocking guides on the internet that will take you step by step through how to overclock, this will probably be the best thing for you to try to use.
  6. Well yes, these boards can be a bit nasty when coming down to the components. I'm sure most people here will agree that the power supply is probably the most problematic, and next maybe the RAM. after that I don't think there is very much else, but maybe someone can give you another problem area. To help with choosing a power supply unit, you DEFINITLY need to pick one from the following list, which have all been varified to provided sufficient and stable power for the motherboard: Recommended PSU Also you need to check your RAM, for this do a search of the forums, I'm not sure if there is a recommended RAM thread, but there are loads of threads that ask for help with RAM already. Hope this helsp, and have fun. Prometheous
  7. Well, I guess I'm sorry, I probably was too harsh. Mixing different types of ram causes loads of problems. The reason for your upgrade was to increase performance, but trying to use the 3GB sticks would have reduced your performance and caused possible instability. Currently games require no more than 2GB of ram, remember most people are still using 512MB and 1GB of ram. Its only applications like graphics design I believe that more ram would be usingful. But yeh, the best option is to use the 2x1GB modules, and either sell the old ram or store it incase your new ram fails on you in the future. Again, sorry for being too harsh. Prometheous
  8. Your signature says that you are using the Phoenix Ver 6.00 PG 11/14/2005 bios. But you said you updated the bios to the latest version, if so update your signature. Again we are back to the same problems. So I will try to simplify things: 2GB 2x1GB modules 1T command rate better performance better stability lower total ram size 3GB 2x1GB modules plus 2x512MB modules 2T command rate lower performance lower stability higher total ram size That is as simple as I can make it for you. I asked in the very first post here, do you specifically need 3GB of RAM and you have not answered. If the answer is yes I will be more than happy to try and help you, however if the answer is no, then its a pointless waste of time for me to be here. Except for a larger total amount of ram, unless you need that extra 1GB, the performance of your machine will drop. If you do need 3GB of ram, my suggestion would be to go and buy an identical set of modules as the 2x1GB's and use them, then you will have a total of 4GB. But anyway chucking several different types of ram at the motherboard is just going to cause problems. And unless you actually need it, then there are people here who need our help to just get their computer to POST not to install surplus ram, which is a better use of everybodies time. As I said, if you need that extra power, get a duplicate set of ram, if not, put that ram in storage. Hope this helps. Prometheous
  9. Please could you provide us with more information. The forum rules state that your signature must contain the specifications of your computer, which will make it easier for us to help you. You need to do something similar to what I have done in my signature below, also you need to state which bios you are using and any overclocking settings that you are currently using. Currently you are trying to use 3GB of RAM, which is a bit excessive. At the moment 2GB of RAM is sufficient to do just about anything that you may need to do. Unless you have a specific reason to use 3GB instead of 2GB, I would just use the 2x1GB modules as you system will be more stable and perform better (to use the whole 3GB you will need to change the Command Per Clock to 2T instead of 1T and therefore reducing your performance). However if you are determined to use 3GB, then try placing the 2x1GB modules in DIMM 2 and 4, and the 2x512MB modules in DIMM 1 and 3, then adjust the Command Per Clock to 2T and the DRAM Voltage Control to 2.8V. Also you could try flashing you bios to the latest version from the DFI website, this may help you.
  10. Thanks for the help, I thought that it could be done, but yeh it may be better to remove the whole board, I'll think about it. Kind Regards Prometheous
  11. Just out of curiosity, for those people that already have the motherboard mounted in the case, is it possible to simply cut the white plugs in half, pull the cooler off, and push the remaining heads through the board and then they will simply slide down and drop out the bottom the motherboard. Then you can easily just insert the VC-RE into place after cleaning the chipset, all without having to unplug and remove you motherboard. I don't see anything wrong with doing that, but maybe I am just missing something. Kind Regards Prometheous
  12. Well I live in the UK, and have been looking around for a UK Evercool VC-RE retailer for ages. After a bit of searching I contacted a UK website, and after a bit of poking they agreed to stock the Evercool VC-RE, and sent me an email last week, they now sell the Evercool VC-RE in the UK. Great news for us UK DFI lovers. Here is the website: http://www.shinyhardware.co.uk and look under chipset coolers. As always, legal mumbo jumbo to protect my posterior, I can't be held responsible for any fraud, viruses, defects or alien attacks resulting from your purchase. Hopes this helps some UK DFI owners out, have fun.
  13. I agree with you, sometimes companies will try to avoid helping you out, as it costs them money. However the sooner you do it to the time when you bought the drive, then they can see that it was not working from the start, and its not anything that you did to it. Not to worry, you will have some kind of warrenty for the drive directly with the manufacturer. Obviously shipping the drive to them will cost money, so do it as a last resort, but if the ticking stops, and you have no other problems them I guess leave it, although it is always best to find out the cause of any problem, otherwise it may occur again. Good Luck and Happy Easter.
  14. Safest bios? Well that would be the offical DFI bios from their website. If anything goes wrong with the motherboard and you are using the official bios, then you are covered. However if you use a beta or mod bios then your warrenty is voided. Maybe someone with an Expert can recommend a bios they find "good", however the problem is that different computer configurations will find that some bios's work better with their computers than with others. The onyl thing that you can really do is flash to each bios, and check each one to see how they work for you. WARNING it is generally recommended to limit the number of times you flash a bios. If anything goes wrong during the flash, then your motherboard may compeltely stop working. And obviously the more you flash the more likely something will go wrong, and if you are using a non official bios then your warrenty is void. But if your computer is stable then there should be no problems.
  15. Thats excellant. If everything on your hard drive has been backed up, maybe delete the partition that is causing problems, and recreate it, and do a full windows format. Or possibly do as vivaladan recommended and use the Hitachi tool, as that would be completely compatible with the drive. Another suggestion would be to check the drive for disk errors, follow Microsofts recommendations here and check the entire disk if you havn;'t already done so, you will likely have to reboot your computer to allow the check disk full access to the drive to check it properly. Who knows maybe this will find something. If not, you could either RMA it, or just continue on, and keep regular back ups. If anything happens in the future then maybe you could RMA it then. However bare in mind that the sooner you RMA the drive the better if you are going to RMA it. Less questions will be asked, and generally the companies will be more likely to do it without any problems. Good Luck, if you get any more problems (or hopefully a fix) please post back.
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