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  1. Honestly I am a bit shocked at the quality of actual items these boards are eaher shipping with or are designed for. User manual ? It is the worse booklet I have ever seen and here is why..If this is the top breed board with more options then god had to create the earth why is the booklet the least comprehensive manual in all the world ? You have bios options NO OTHER MAKES has,,but zero explaniation as to there workings and affects they have on the system.. The boards are said to require only TOP of the line components for operation..Yet they release an Expert board that somehow dont like proven high performance TCCD ram ? This eludes me to such an extent that I am speechless to even suggest what i think of it. HAd the release been for socked M2 ok then lets learn all the new quality ram options BUT ya get thousands to buy the SLI/DR and then Release the upgrade only to make the TOP QUALITY parts the user had to run the SLI/DR useless in the expert ? ? ? ? ? ? ? You sell a board thet requires ON LINE support,,,With out it ya are left with a manual of useless proportions..But imagine if the user is depending on this new board to get him on line ? LMAO now what ? no manual of any use and no on line supoport... I don't know what the answer is,DFI people seam to blame the users and user hardware.Yet release items with real poor documentation..Then when a user BUYS only the best hardware money can buy there next board released refuses to work with the top of the line items already on hand . . My suggestion to DFI would be to produce consistant winners with better documentation,If you have 13 ram settings and other board makers all have 4 it is YOUR responsibility to provide detailed WRITTEN explanations of these additional 9 settings.As it should be your responsibility to LIST in the manual EXACTLY what products have been approved to run in the main board in question by PRINTING the manufactures you have tested and approved for your main boards.. To me a top of the line board starts with clear concise documentation filled with warrnings,tips,and explaniations..not 4 languages of the least basic items required to install hardware..
  2. diehrd

    DEAD BOARD ? or CPU ?

    I did test PSU in anopther rig and did a line check on it that shows it to be good..And as far as a bios chip I dont have the tool to replace it and from early on within a week or so of getting this board I lost the floppy drive connectivity but decided to live with that because it is such a pain in the back side to pull it all down for something i never needed any way,,Floppy connectors and drives should be remmoved from main boards in my opinion any way,, Ok I will get chip tested , AMD was happy to offer that to me with free return shipping paid by them second day service..Once I get it back i wil try to post again and if not RMA this to DFI
  3. Was turning on my marvel lan in the bios when the rig froze hard..I had to turn off the poer on my Powerstream 520 to shut down. Powered back up and all i get is the 4 lights on the board in the lower right corner. Tried to clear cmos but no matter what I still only get those 4 power lled test lights no beeps , no nothing. Let rig sit 8 hours with no battery and power disconnected same result.Let it sit 24 hours same result.Tried to power up hoding insert key (PS2 keyboard) same result. SO can any one suggest what there gut feelning or experence is in this situation ? Board dead ? CPU ? both ?
  4. diehrd

    Expert Help

    BUMP for help if any one can offer it ..
  5. diehrd

    Expert Help

    Can any one please explain dram strength and data data strength and how those different settings work is 1 strong or is 4 ? Is 1 or 15 the strong setting or better yet what do they do principally and what do i loook for when setting these
  6. diehrd

    Ultra-D Problems

    Ummm dubm question..what if you power up and the 4 lights never go off and the rig just sits there ? ? Is that a bad cpu ? ?
  7. My board does that 2..I put Ram Sinks and a fan on the power chips by the CPU socket and it toned it down,,,
  8. Ya know people every one jumping in here will not help get an answer..You can post it does this and that, it was made that way bla bla bla whatever. The topic was posted repied to and I followed up for a specific answer on the 4v jumper if we all have the same concern STOP ADDING TO THE THREAD untill Angry answers it..Then when he does if there is some question left to ask ASK IT THEN . I am only looking for a clear answer just like the rest of you And really it dont need to be asked 10 different ways does it ?
  9. LETS please allow the sites admin to answer the topics question with out adding side track topics..Thnks guys..
  10. Thats correct I clearly understand OCZ ,Mushkin ect on this posistion...However the question is clearly directed to DFI not the makers of memory. So what is the Posistion of DFI where a user has used this option ? Will a main board be covered for replacement (RMA) if the end used has opted to employ this voltage option and at some point the board fails for whatever reason even a fried capicator or chip that allows for this type of power out put ? ? ? ?
  11. I would pull the system down.UN-DO any mods. Then I would install only those items i needed to run it,Ram , Video Card THAT IS NOT FLASHED,processor and a drive.re-Test it . If you are getting same issue use win flash and install an older bios and or a bios for the specific ram you are using,,TCCD BH5 (Whatever) In my opinion it may be the trace mod that has caused an issue .
  12. diehrd

    i am tired of it

    I have a similar issue with drive booting..If you have a few drives on that board when you post next time hit ESC and tell the board to boot from a different drive,,I had to swap boot order to get it to run my Raptor after a month and a half of no issues...It is weird and I will reload O/S nect week but quite strange if you ask me. In a nut shell i tell it to boot from the 80 Gig maxtor and it boots to the 74 gig raptor,,tell it to boot from raptor and it wont boot ..Now this was not an issue at all it just started to happen this week....
  13. diehrd

    AMD X2 Problems

    What are temps on the chip ?
  14. enable it in bios if it is not already
  15. diehrd

    SCSI card advice

    Hi all i have the SLI-DR board and hope to run U320 drives in it in a raid 0 set up.. Any one have any suggestions for a controller card ? I obviously want to avoid using the basic PCI slots as there most likley 32/33 slots .