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  1. I hope you're kidding about that second case...well, if not, to each their own, but it's fugly to me.
  2. Oh and I just dropped in the chip - didn't have to make any BIOS changes whatsoever.
  3. I just swapped out my Venice 3500+ for an FX55 from Newegg. I also moved my 7950 from an 8x PCIe slot to 16x PCIe slot, so I can't tell if it's only that but my benchmark in 3dmark 2006 went from a 5581 to 6400. I'm just playing around with OCing it but I've already got it at 2860mhz on the stock AMD heatsink from my old 3500+. MBM says it's running at 62C but prime95 is stable. Regardless, with a decent heatsink this is a nice upgrade if you're not already at an X2 4200 or aren't considering the jump to an Intel Core 2 Duo which owns EVERYTHING and will, until 2 weeks later and the Quadros come out. End of the day, gaming doesn't benefit from more cores, but the Core 2 and Quadro are so fast that even single threaded applications benefit.
  4. That would suck. OK, ok, I'm going shopping for a new one *now*.
  5. So I'm still in slot 2 but I switched the jumpers so that its running at 8x now. Benchmarks are hugely improved. PCIe 2x 3DMark2006 - 3359 PCIe 8x 3DMark2006 - 5581 PCIe 2x 3DMark2005 - 7235 PCIe 8x 3DMark2005 - 10440 I'll have to figure out something so I can use the first slot and PCIe 16x, but this'll do for now.
  6. I'm fairly confident that both the card and the cooler are installed correctly. Here's picture where you can see that the cooler is about 1-2mm too high. I guess I can try and shave it down, but that's kinda ghetto. Re: the aspire cooler - it was fine when I first put the system together. I ran just fine with an overclocked 3500+ and overclocked 7800 GTX. However, now with an SLI card like the 7950 it's probably barely enough to run everything stock. I'll be getting a replacement soon or adding a second unit perhaps. Thanks for the concern. And yeah, just about every book in the Dragonrider series. All true classics...
  7. I can't disagree with that. Got a recommendation on a VGA/motherboard chipset cooler that will do fit better? I just checked and I'm using the Evercool VC-RE Twinkling VGA Cooler mentioned by the OP. Despite the fact that it doesn't seem very high, the 7950 GX2 doesn't fit. I might have to go back to the original unit or something. Also, I happen to have 2 7950 GX2s...they shipped me a 2nd one by accident. I was thinking that it would be too difficult to try and run quad SLI (2 * 7950 GX2) - has anyone here had any luck with running quad SLI successfully?
  8. I did not. This probably has much to do with the reason why things are sucking right now - thanks!
  9. I've got a similar question/problem. Up until a few days ago I ran with a GeForce 7800 GTX in PCIe slot 1. At some point the DFI motherboard cooler fan died and I replaced it with the usual Powercolor VGA cooler. I recently purchased a GeForce 7950 GX2 - I tried to install it into slot 1 but due to the extra height of the motherboard chip cooler it wouldn't fit. I ended up installing it in slot 2 where it was tight but it worked. Now, I've had it for a couple of days and I've run a bunch of games with no problem but my 3DMark 2005 and 3DMark 2006 are awful - at least 30% worse than what I see for similar systems posted or reviewed online. Example: 3DMark 2005 nets me around a 7200 for the default benchmark but users with the same setup typically get scores over 10,000. When I removed the 7800 GTX I uninstalled the drivers and then after booting with the 7950 GX2 installed the latest WHQL drivers from nVidia. Although I've run things overclocked at times, right now my system is 100% at stock speeds and nothing is really tweaked in the BIOS nor have I messed with the jumpers. Could my performance problems relate to running in PCIe slot 2 and the 8x vs 16x slot speeds?
  10. I agree...it shouldn't be this difficult. I've been running RAID 0 for over a year now and I'll never go back. Maybe once Vista x64 is truly out and manufacturers have no choice but to create MS signed drivers then we'll experience less issues. Maybe.
  11. It depends upon the application. A friend of mine said that he experienced 10-15% better framerates on 64 bit in World of Warcraft. As more and more apps get 64 bit versions we will benefit from the additional resources.
  12. Updated to 6.69 and everything seems to be working like a charm. One thing to note is that I had 2 partitions. Second partition showed as unformatted, which was unfortunate because it had a lot of data on it. I formatted it and am now using Ontrack Easy Recovery to recover the data. Seems to be working fine. Again, thanks for all the help.
  13. I did. I was very careful to select the correct files and read all the way through the documentation you provided, so I'm not sure why it didn't work. F6 + 6.56 beta drivers got me into windows, so now I need to see if I can update to 6.69.
  14. Went to bed and when I woke up I looked at a beautiful sight. Windows ugly-butt desktop with the default resolution. It worked! Thanks for all the help guys.
  15. Found some information here and now I'm trying the F6 install with the 6.56 Guru3d drivers. Crossing fingers.
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