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  1. I've been using the Enermax All-In-One 535 Watt since July with no problems. I've also had an earlier 550 Watt Enermax in my other computer running fine for a few years now.
  2. I'm not sure what the ram would do as I haven't used DDR 500 yet, but I'd go into the bios first to see what it's auto setting is putting things at. Wow, that's a nice budget for the Cpu/ram/Motherboard. $1000.00 just on those 3 components? Nice! Hmm...The question is, what kind of person is your friend. If you're setting up his system I would guess that he's not really an overclocker tinkering kind of person. So..I wouldn't get the cutting edge Motherboard in that case. You want something stable (yet great). So perhaps an Ultra-D or the same board you have for the Mother board. Another question...Will he want to use Dual graphics? Obviously that influnces your choice. In terms of Ram that the OCZ Gold is a good choice, though with that budget I'd go for the OCZ Platinum 4000 Eb, 2x1 Gig definitely. In terms of the Cpu, as you know, the Opterons have more heat going on. That budget would support a Operton 170 I think. I'm happy with my 3800x2 Manchester but then again I am OCing it, so you might want to go higher up to a 4400/4800 or something depending on prices. I hope that helps...man what fun to be putting together a system with that kind of budget. :cool:
  3. I was using the 3700 Sandiego and really enjoyed that cpu on my DFI Ultra-D. However, I must agree with the general concensus about switching to dual core. I've put the Sandiego in my family computer (haha suckers!) and I'm now using the 3800x2 in my computer. I've only had it about a week and I'm really enjoying it. I can easily overclock to 2.6 and may try upping that in a little while. I must have a good stepping. If your friend does experience problems with games he can do the idea mentioned by another poster, set the cpu/game to use one core by doing Ctrl/alt/delete , right click the game name, go to process, set infinity to one core (core 0 ). A while back I was a little leery of the dual cores because of price and being overhyped, but now I'm a believer.
  4. About a week ago I put up a few posts saying how I was concerned about the revision of my 3800X2. It is an earlier revision, the BH-E4, and I had read that there were possible problems in games and using more memory (2 gigs). I still don't know about the memory, I haven't upgraded that yet, but I can report that this Cpu is great! Even overclocked at 2.5 it seems faster than my Sandiego 3700 did overclocked at 2.6 ... that dual core aspect seems to really make a difference (duh!)I can easily overclock to 2.550 Mhz with stable and reasonable temperatures. Perhaps patches such as Windows "Hot fix" cleared up any issues. I'm waiting to get a better heatsink before I push it up further. Now the problem is deciding what is the Heatsink to get for this system! :confused: Zalman 9500, Thermalright Si-120, Big typhoon...oh my aching head....
  5. Thunda, Thanks for the input. I'm probably worried over nothing. I found it strange to be given a cpu from the first few months of production (June 05 i think) having just ordered it last week. I don't know if that might mean it oc's better or not, but time will tell.
  6. Thunda, So your cpu did fine with 2 gigs of ram? Okay, so i'm guessing you pushed it to far and it "Blew up realllll good!"? I became concerned when I found out it was a BH-E4 revision. I had read in another post of problems people had had in games possibly with this revision, though I don't know if this was proven. Perhaps the problems have been solved through patches by now. As I mentioned I've only had this cpu just over a day now. So far so good...I'm just wondering if I should consider having it sent back (if I can) for a newer revision. If it's problems with gaming etc have been resolved I guess it doesn't matter... :confused:
  7. Hi, thanks for the replys. I was worried that because of the revision BH-E4, it meant I would have trouble running 2 gigs of Ram (and overclocking everything) in the future. Does this mean my cpu was made back in June 05 ish? What revision is your Cpu? I have pretty good temps right now, with Prime running the last few hours its getting up to 40 Celsius, this is with stock cooling (I will be upgrading). I've got 1.45 voltage on the cpu. I'm using Smart Guardian to check temps, I've confirmed those temps with Everest and Sisandra. As long as there're within a few celsius I suppose....
  8. Hello ..This may have been covered but I haven't been able to find a definite answer to my question/situation....which is...I just bought a "New" AMD 64 X2 3800 Manchester Cpu. However, the Revision is BH-E4. Stepping info on the Cpu is: LDBHE 0543RPMW ADA3800DAA5BV I thought I had read that this Cpu revision may have a problem with using 2 gigs of ram (1 gig sticks) because of the memory controller.I've also read the post that talks of problems possibly with the BH-E4 revison, but it did not seem conclusive. Should I be worried about issues with games and possible future Ram upgrading problems enough to try to ask my retailer to take back the cpu? I've only been running the Cpu since yesterday so I haven't had a lot of time with it yet. It seems to overclock well and with good temps, I'm doing 2.450 with stock cooling and 27 C idle temp. I've played about 3 hours of games with no problems and run some OCCT and Prime 95 .
  9. I had problems getting my system up and running when I was using my older OCZ ram...timings 2 3 2 6 forget the exact model type, but 2x 512 3200 DDR. I used a stick of Samsung I had and it all set up fine after that. When I did an update to my bios I was able to use my OCZ ram. I later added the OCZ Plat 2 and haven't had any issues like that.
  10. Okay, thanks for the ocing tip...I only had it OC'ed a little before, but as you pointed out, it would have returned to factory setting now. 470 and 1.1
  11. Thanks for the replys. If there is a drop in performance it is only minimal. I had just wanted to confirm if I had done the right thing with the jumpers and to report that it probably is a good thing to move the Graphics card if ones temps are high on the Northbridge. Again, it is probably my case switch that is making the most difference in temps, but I don't know for sure. Now i'm wondering if I should do the Mod to make this a Sli board and get an extra 7800 Gt. I don't know where I can get a bridge though. Thanks!
  12. I have been concerned with how loud and hot my Northbridge Chipset/fan has been. I did a little research and found out that this is a pretty common thing with the Ultra-D when overclocking, so okay... and my temps weren't that bad; I was around 48 C . I wondered about moving the Graphics card to the second PCI-E slot so it wasn't right overtop the NB fan. At the same time I decided to switch my system to another case I have, it's an Antec (a copy actually) 21" tall with much better airflow. I was concerned that changing slots for the Graphics card would mean a hit to my graphics in terms of performance but I decided to try this out, moving the card to the second PCI-E slot and I put the jumpers from "normal" to Sli mode. I'm not sure I needed to move the jumpers, but I thought I did (feedback on this would be great). After running some tests I found that my scores in 3DMark 03 and 05 were a little lower, maybe about 3%. But, check this, my Northbridge temperatures have gone down about 12 Celsius! and the Cpu overclocked at 2650 is idleing at 27 C with the Northbridge now at 36 Celcius. I'm assuming that the case is mostly responsible for the system being much cooler, but moving the Graphics card must be helping too. Instead of being at maximum the Northbridge fan is running around 1520 rpm. So to sum up...A good case rocks! and...did I do the right thing with the jumpers given I've put the card in the 2nd PCI-E slot?
  13. Wangahrah, As others have said, welcome to DFI Street and to using PC computers in general. I was a big fan of Macs myself back in the 80's and 90's. I used them for music compositions and just everyday purposes. When it came time to really put out the money for my own system for music pursuits and gaming I realized how much more flexible and cheap PCs are. Overclocking them is very fun indeed and so far this obsession has been kind to me. However, a word of caution... do your homework! Your components for your current system seemed good. You've probably noticed from reading the forum here that one has to have a certain quality of components to do the job for overclocking, and to maintain that overclock. Power supplies, cpu, motherboard, ram etc. all play a role. Anyhoo.... have fun!
  14. I'm not using the 2x 1024 sticks of OCZ Plat. but 2x512s, so I don't know if this is helpful. I am using the Enermax psu that you're using though with the Ultra-D board. I did notice that before I updated my bios to 6/23 I couldn't use some OCZ ram that I had at the time. This was an older OCZ ram with 2,3,2,6 timings. I did get it all up and running with a stick of Samsung DDR 400 ram I had, did the bios update, then all my OCZ ram was useable and in fact very good.
  15. Hey, that's a good point, I forgot that initially my board wouldn't install windows on this board with the OCZ ram. I had to put a stick of my Samsung DDR 400 in to get the OS all loaded up. After that though things have been great. I've got my ram in slots 3 & 4.
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